Wednesday, April 04, 2007

getting through the week......

hot ups guy at the gym today actually was in the steam room at the same time I was and not sure but maybe I was getting a signal....hmm
I made it a new years resolution to not do anything suspicious at the gym any more, and take in some steam for 10 minutes tops, relax and go, and basically just talking to guys makes it easier to be normal and makes them quit cruising you after you've broken the mystery and act like a normal guy. anyway, the UPS guy is a whole nother story. I was glancing back and forth at him some and just hoping my towel didn't move below the waist any. ha.
today was just run laps day and stretch and do abs day anyway.
I am considering joining a "stock club". A coworker asked me today if I'd like to join (also was my 7th grade teacher how weird). anyway she meets with a group every first monday of the month at a local bank with an advisor from the bank, and they all pay $50 each meeting and discuss what stock to invest in and apparently have been running "long" in their investments. So i'm interested just to get involved with something new and learn more about stocks and bonds in general. I'd also enjoy the discusion of ethics in investing, for example investing in mining companies that profit in Sudan where the govt benefits and then funds the Janjaweed army there etc etc. Only thing is I work nights, so I might wait until this summer when I can take off a night every now and then. may be cool.
I just got finished taking sheets and blankets outside to cover the plants, we are on frost alert tonight. hope any blog readers are having a good week.

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