Thursday, March 01, 2007

more new york the armory 2007 and this weekend...

there was a lot of war inspired art at the armory from different countries, very cool, these are the ones I most appreciated, 2 paintings and a rug....(once again my apologies for not having the names or titles)

I'm almost at the weekend. it feels good to stay in town this weekend, get stuff done around the house that I missed last week, place is a bomb right now clothes everywhere, single guy live alone just come home and undress and drop it wherever. i know sounds bad, but it never gets too bad really I clean it up every weekend. I'm going to a jazz show/art exhibit at untitled artspace tomorrow night, this girl at work invited me so that should be intersting, after wards I'll be meeting up with a drinking buddy, and then later that night I plan to meet up with my bud RR from dallas who is in town with his friend ( the one he jsut cuddles with that I mention before, supposedly he's hot) anyway, I HAVE to give him this graphic novel I jsut finished reading called "Fun Home" was written by this lesbian author about her growing up with a gay dad that she never realized was gay til during college etc... very cool book. He's working on his own sort of graphic novel about growing up in an extremely conservative churchy atmosphere and being abused some as a kid etc etc, so I know he'll like reading this one.

volunteer work this weekend downtown and maybe a movie sat night. anyone got something intersting planned this weekend?

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Anonymous said...

I read "Fun Home" about two weeks ago. It was amazing. I love graphic novels, and that was one of the best I've ever read. Seriously, nice rec.