Saturday, January 06, 2007

sat night

went shopping all day with my buddy here in AR, although I pretty much didn't want to buy anything since I'm planning to go to NY soon. ha
I decided today that I'd like to try and find Steve Keene studio in Brooklyn. I have a friend who always brings my a painting from there when he visits NY once a year. So i'd like to go and buy some stuff myself and have it shipped to OKC. He does tons of small cheap pop art type of stuff.

My bud, J. and I had a good guys weekend, drank some beer with our dinner last night at a real nice place that he always takes his wife to. and then rented Talledegah nights, tonight, dumb funny guy movie, then his wife got back from her trip at about 9pm. ANyway, as we arrived back at his place this evening, my pickup had a flat tire pasenger rear, so we put dinner off an hour, I took off the tire, replaced with spare and then he went with me to walmart to buy a new one, (it couldn't be repaired the hole was in the sidewall). then he make some homemade pizza and roasted carrots for dinner with Italian soda. They are extremely conservative with spending and have kids and future planned to a tee, so it was fun today he was actually spending money on some sale items, and taking my advice on what looked good etc... we also discussed our plans for working out this spring and what goals we have set. he takes long breaks from working out and does lots of cardio which I don't understand because I have to work out constantly or I shrink immidiately, and of course I always do cardio in between days, which some guys tell me not to do so much cardio and I'd grow more muscle... anyway I'll come up with a plan this next couple weeks as i start to hit the gym hard in prep for the NY trip.

oh yeah, I think my lawyer buddy in Florida that I met last spring break and have spoken to weekly since might be talked into meeting me in NY the same weekend. I'm keeping my hopes u that he will spend the money for a change and just GO, so we can split rooms....not sure....

also I think I might get a cingular cell phone and will discuss next week with my parents getting on with them as a family plan, which would be cheaper, my bud J. here says he only pays $10 monthly for the service etc etc... so I just might join the cell phone crowd sooner rather than later. ah yeah...

I have to admit I sure miss DX tonight, knowing if I had been home in OKC this weekend we'd be cuddling in my bed or his... ahh well. I'd like to try and sleep with him tomorrow night when I get back but on a work night is out of the question for me. hope everyone's having a good weekend. later.

thanks all for the comments. If i continue to see DX anymore I will be going out more and checking new places in OKC.... although I don't see it turning into anything at all because he gets stoned and that's sort of something we are completely different about....regardless how hot he is, just not my scene.

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Anonymous said...

May I suggest, as a Cingular employee in OKC-been reading your posts for a while now, a few issues you should first consider before using your folks' family plan to get service. This is especially so in light of your choice to stay closeted.

Your dad, mom, wicked step-mother, whomever, as primary account holder will have unfettered access to all of the calls, text messages, im's, picture messages, and data transfers sent to and from your phone since they will be receiving the bill either online or by mail. The content of these transactions will generally not be available, only dates, times, sizes, and sometimes locations of these transmissions. Although it's unlikely this person would be such an asshole, he would have complete dominion over your service being able to restrict service to your phone, determine which features you will have and those you will not, and even the ability to eliminate your service at the time of his choosing. Futhermore, in the event of a service interruption, should you choose to contact customer service, there may be account verification problems which would render you unable to access the account at that time.

My advice is to go it on your own. Have your own acount over which you have sole control and Cingular may extend to you its guarantees-such as they are or aren't-of privacy.

Do not sign a 2 yrs. contract. Doing so will provide a cheaper price on the phone of your choice now, but will prohibit any type of upgrade for the next 23 months. I hope this information helps you in your decision to get connected.