Tuesday, January 02, 2007

last night of winter break......:(

well I barely survived last night, OU lost to Boise State...ahh well.
It was made for tv football, some great great plays and long runs, anyway I guess Boise state just had more "heart" in the end. but gee whiz, I mean i was watching right up til overtime, and the tie, and then boise makes a fake pass and goes for it with this ultimate winning play... oh man!
Also Nebraska and Arkansas lost and I was rooting for both! anyway I'm more a college football guy then NFL, I'll admit.

ran today at the gym and worked legs, what sucked is forgetting my socks at the gym and getting a little blister on the bottom of my right foot from running in them barefoot. i don't recomend it. next I'll just look like a dork and wear my dress-socks if I have to. ha. I hit my legs hard, cheap thrill today was when the red head kid who always works out same time as me asked for spot on the bench. this dude ALWAYS has these flimsy shorts on where you can just see his dick sort of hanging. love that style.

took the guy, DX ,that I met a couple weeks ago, the really thick guy, anwyay went to dinner tonight, and ate tons, this barbecue place, a club sandwich with barbecue brisket, chicken breast, and bacon and cheese.. oh man anyway, he listend to me talk all about my weekend in dallas and how we never got together over new years, and how I need to get a cellphone some day.I hate to lead this guy on though because I know he's all "top", and I'm not interested even trying to take some guy with such a BIG and THICK piece... but he's very cool masc and so we went back to his place for any hour and messed around some. then I left and came home to get ready back to work tomorrow, sucks!

have you read
the NSA BLOG lately? i have the link at the right, just found the guy on AIM tonight and was told he'll be blogging off and on for a while again. Very cool guy who likes getting sucked off by some studs in LA. check it out.

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