Saturday, January 06, 2007

sat night

went shopping all day with my buddy here in AR, although I pretty much didn't want to buy anything since I'm planning to go to NY soon. ha
I decided today that I'd like to try and find Steve Keene studio in Brooklyn. I have a friend who always brings my a painting from there when he visits NY once a year. So i'd like to go and buy some stuff myself and have it shipped to OKC. He does tons of small cheap pop art type of stuff.

My bud, J. and I had a good guys weekend, drank some beer with our dinner last night at a real nice place that he always takes his wife to. and then rented Talledegah nights, tonight, dumb funny guy movie, then his wife got back from her trip at about 9pm. ANyway, as we arrived back at his place this evening, my pickup had a flat tire pasenger rear, so we put dinner off an hour, I took off the tire, replaced with spare and then he went with me to walmart to buy a new one, (it couldn't be repaired the hole was in the sidewall). then he make some homemade pizza and roasted carrots for dinner with Italian soda. They are extremely conservative with spending and have kids and future planned to a tee, so it was fun today he was actually spending money on some sale items, and taking my advice on what looked good etc... we also discussed our plans for working out this spring and what goals we have set. he takes long breaks from working out and does lots of cardio which I don't understand because I have to work out constantly or I shrink immidiately, and of course I always do cardio in between days, which some guys tell me not to do so much cardio and I'd grow more muscle... anyway I'll come up with a plan this next couple weeks as i start to hit the gym hard in prep for the NY trip.

oh yeah, I think my lawyer buddy in Florida that I met last spring break and have spoken to weekly since might be talked into meeting me in NY the same weekend. I'm keeping my hopes u that he will spend the money for a change and just GO, so we can split rooms....not sure....

also I think I might get a cingular cell phone and will discuss next week with my parents getting on with them as a family plan, which would be cheaper, my bud J. here says he only pays $10 monthly for the service etc etc... so I just might join the cell phone crowd sooner rather than later. ah yeah...

I have to admit I sure miss DX tonight, knowing if I had been home in OKC this weekend we'd be cuddling in my bed or his... ahh well. I'd like to try and sleep with him tomorrow night when I get back but on a work night is out of the question for me. hope everyone's having a good weekend. later.

thanks all for the comments. If i continue to see DX anymore I will be going out more and checking new places in OKC.... although I don't see it turning into anything at all because he gets stoned and that's sort of something we are completely different about....regardless how hot he is, just not my scene.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

(choose a post, and leave a comment)....this weekend....

I'm off to Arkansas after school tomorrow to hang with my buddy J. up there. he's the very cool guy I met during college, he was a hot highschool jock at the time who i worked with in electronics with at wal'mart and constantly admired. and then he sort of admired and looked up to me 'cause I was friends with everyone at my small christian college and sort of a party social dude. he loved hearing al lthe crazy stories of the guys i hung out with and what went on. ha! i remember even coming on to him a few times. all the more reason to respect and love him to this day as he continues to show me his hand of friendship. well that and he's sort of socially inept but still damn damn goodlooking, keeps in great shape, he and his wife work out after work like clockwork. anyway she's out of town so I'm going up there for guy's weekend, we'll be going out to eat, shopping furniture and clothes saturday morning, and then rent something like "lord of the rings" or "office" season 2 or something like that. always fun hanging with him. anyway I won't see DX all weekend but will be calling him SUnday night when I return.

I want to share these pictures. My whole life there is a lot of my creative side I keep hidden from most people other than family because... blah blah, the fear of someone thinking I'm gay... blah blah usual stuff.
anyway, here are pictures of a Christmas tree I made this year. I haven't bothered decorating in a couple years, but this year I got this idea to make all these branches into a tree shape and put the ornaments and lights hanging on the inside and turned out pretty cool. my family loved it anyway when I had them over for dinner before christmas.

the other pic is of a really cool place for anyone reading who lives in/near OKC. I know you're out there?? "Cafe do Brazil" on N. Walker downtown just north of St ANthony's hospital. really good authentic brazilian food. I used to eat lunch there after the gym on Saturdays. there is this crazy old guy who has a one man band set-up and plays jazz and bosssa nova with his keyboard, sax, flute, trumpet. etc on saturdays til about 2pm. I used to sit there eating my lunch and think, how cool this place exists in OKC, does anyone know its here? check it out when in OKC and you'll probably meet Ana, the owner, she speaks to everyone, and is absolutley so nice.

"Moncrief" has spoken, thanks for the comments man, I know I come with crazy thoughts and ideas, thank you for remaining patient and positive, I know you have a lot of strong opinions just from reading your blog, also freedom, yes. :). I most liekly will get a cell phone, but I've enjoyed being the only one beside "Oprah" without a cell phone..and, btw,we don't have ANYTHING in OKC so yeah H&M is a chain but its not one here in OKC so I've only ever read about it since they opened their first store in NYC etc etc. but please, yes, any suggestions for NYC I'm all years. so far I plan on seeing the apartment of Walt Whitman and then broadway show on Saturday, most likely a gay bar on Saturday night if I can find one in NYC.. ha.
"Ryan" I'm going to kick your surfer boy ass, ha ha, no j/k. :) but I'll have you know I drove to school in (for me at the time) a very cool used car my parents got me at 16, a Ford Mustang II and even when we had a foot of snow I'd drive it to school, not walk. your 4 types of famous was awesome and i always feel like I have the same insight into types of peope but I dont' know, anyway liked reading it all.
DB and Nick some damn nice blogs starting up, I'll get you linked and give a better shout out when I get back to blogging next week. but I love reading about the colleg stuff and imagining what i could have done if there were blogs when i was in school and if i would have had the balls to make any moves with guys during college. good weekend to all.

dumb secret.....

since I'm blogging about trying to live some sort of str8 life while not living a str8 life at all actually, and yet not enjoying all the benfits of either life, well anyway.

I've decided to be friends with girls again. I know that probably sounds weird, but about 3 years ago, I decided that I wasn't going to have or hang out with any girl friends. Well this sort of happened after my gf broke up with me 3 years ago. Also after she reached out as a friend a year later I continued the cold hard borken heart shoulder etc.. She sent me a Christmas card again this Christmas adn I still ahven't responded at all. (the 3rd after the break)Thing is that some just friends type girls sometimes asked me all kinds of questions about what type I likedm, or laugh to much at my jokes or flirt too much etc, or I felt like they might secretly suspect there was a reason I was still single etc etc... I also felt weird finding myself asked along with 2 girls to do something, so I just stopped calling and doing things with a certain few really cool girls from my singles group. I felt like by hanging out with girls then I wouldnt' meet any new girls that I'd want to date. Although I haven't pursued any that aggressively the last few years I'll admit, so if all this sounds lame, i'm just blogging to get it out there and going back to normal friendly and social me this year with everybody. ha!

i have this video....

somewhere from college where we stake out our friends apartment, and he comes home to find everybody at his place and they grab him, he tries to bolt back out the door but we had guys prepared to walk in behind him in case he tried that upon seeing the room full of the guys. I mean walking in on that without knowing they were there was obvious he was about to get it. The thind is that TB took part in every single prank done to all the guys during college, for example birthdays, braduations, engagements, etc whatever the occasion, and it always involved nuidity and writing on with pens and and maybe tied up to certain parts of campus etc... usual stuff.
he was a BIG guy so the week before graduation, and I guess the only occasion was that he was finally graduating college. they all decided one night to get him back. He had to be held down by 7 other guys I'm telling you this guy was wild and did not like it at all! anyway, he was stripped completely, written on with marker including his penis which was marked all in blue, and the forced to put on this sort of rock climbing harness, and then put inside a sleeping bag , so that he could not break loose as the guys carried him down the steps and outside to the creek downtown which was behind his apartment. with some rope on the harness they lowered him over the bridge into the cold cold nasty water below. He got the last laugh though becuase he started faking gagging and coughing and then all these big tough guys started getting all nlervous about a prank gone wrong. anyway, the funniest thing was when they let him down and he walks out of the creek and the guys are literally hiding behind things afraid he's going to go for one of them. turns out he slowly goes back inside to clean up and some guys go with him to talk to him about all the stuff he's particiapted and how it wsa just his turn etc... and the next day things were cool, but not that night, he was steamed the rest of the night. anyway, I never took part in that stuff 'cause i was not willing victim, i just happened to be there with the video camera... really was hilarious, if you just knew this guy and how annoying his nudity humor could be during college, or funny, like he was the one always convincing some other guy to streak on campus with him or something... and it never failed how someone would call the girls dorm to be ready. anyway... the videos below made me think of that.

what are you guys up to anyway?

oh yes they call him the streak......

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

another year of single blah....

usually this time of year I'm setting goals of no porn(or less), no jerking, and definitley no more looking at guys, and it usually last a while like even up til spring break before. but this year.... I'm not even motivated to try to bother. blah.
of course it's not like I'm making any move to find a boyfriend either. in the past not looking at guys was supposed to keep me thinking about meeting the right girl and all. but I don't know how I am supposed to meet the right guy anyway, stuck in this city. I have decided to just work out as much as possible and save money and then get back to dallas to look around at the guys there maybe more my type. I DON"T KNOW. but I guess i'm just getting used to all my buds living other places and /or married. One thing I have decided for the new year is to maybe branch out a little and make more gay friends in okc, and by that I mean hang out, get asked to places etc.. maybe. dont' they say the best relationships start from great friendships? I mean can't that be maybe true for dudes, instead of starting with a horny suck off or jerk off.

I think I'm also maybe missing out on something by not having a cell phone. I guess when cells and pagers were new I thought they were stupid and vain and like, for drug dealers or people trying to just show off they could afford one,and walk around talk obnoxiously loud etc... so I never wanted to be "that guy". But I can see my practical frugal sense of not taking on excessive expenditures (i am a teacher after all) may have to bite the bullet and consider it. actually I could replace the monthly dudesoffcampus and fees with a cellphone fee makes perfect sense.

I also want to start volunteering at the hospice down the street from where I live in okc. I know there are times on the weekend when I have free time and would enjoy going to visit the patients there, jsut talk or play a game of cards or the piano maybe. I have called a few times the last few years about the steps I need to take. ever since my singles group went caroling there 2 years ago ( because i totally hate doing only the once a year nice holiday thing). now if I could just go by and get the application, fill it out and see how I could be of use, thats another goal this year.

I'm not sure if I already mentioned I've decided another thing i want to do this year is for once in my life visit NYC. so the sooner the better. I am going to research for Feb 24th or March 3rd, and plan to get tickets to "spring awakening" so that I can see it in person with the actual actors on the soundtrack etc etc... I've searched some about the tickets and flight, any suggestions how/where to find a place to stay? ALSO what else to see and do besides shop H&M on upper east side????

any comments out there? later.

back at work...

it really was a beautiful game, but man I hated the outcome....

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

last night of winter break......:(

well I barely survived last night, OU lost to Boise State...ahh well.
It was made for tv football, some great great plays and long runs, anyway I guess Boise state just had more "heart" in the end. but gee whiz, I mean i was watching right up til overtime, and the tie, and then boise makes a fake pass and goes for it with this ultimate winning play... oh man!
Also Nebraska and Arkansas lost and I was rooting for both! anyway I'm more a college football guy then NFL, I'll admit.

ran today at the gym and worked legs, what sucked is forgetting my socks at the gym and getting a little blister on the bottom of my right foot from running in them barefoot. i don't recomend it. next I'll just look like a dork and wear my dress-socks if I have to. ha. I hit my legs hard, cheap thrill today was when the red head kid who always works out same time as me asked for spot on the bench. this dude ALWAYS has these flimsy shorts on where you can just see his dick sort of hanging. love that style.

took the guy, DX ,that I met a couple weeks ago, the really thick guy, anwyay went to dinner tonight, and ate tons, this barbecue place, a club sandwich with barbecue brisket, chicken breast, and bacon and cheese.. oh man anyway, he listend to me talk all about my weekend in dallas and how we never got together over new years, and how I need to get a cellphone some day.I hate to lead this guy on though because I know he's all "top", and I'm not interested even trying to take some guy with such a BIG and THICK piece... but he's very cool masc and so we went back to his place for any hour and messed around some. then I left and came home to get ready back to work tomorrow, sucks!

have you read
the NSA BLOG lately? i have the link at the right, just found the guy on AIM tonight and was told he'll be blogging off and on for a while again. Very cool guy who likes getting sucked off by some studs in LA. check it out.

Spring Awakening...

any of you new york studs seen this show yet?
It's supposed to be about kids coming to terms with growing up and sexuality etc etc and I've heard it's awesome, anyway, I've been listening to the soundtrack all during break. My friend from Austin, H. , gave it to me for Christmas while in town with the family, then he went to New York last week for new years and saw the show.
would appreciate any comments from anyone who's seen the show....and if anyone get's into show music, get this cd!
(quick shot of 2 male characters about to kiss at 0:14)

more winter fun.....

if you hadn't already seen this on Aussiliscious, it's pretty fun, nothing like a bunch of buds streaking in the snow.......

Monday, January 01, 2007

new year boys

this new years party, these guys are doing shots "blow job" syle, and then go out for a naked swim to the beach, what else can you do on new years??


happy new year everybody!

I hope all were able to celebrate safely and have someone to kiss on last night.

I have been in dallas all last weekend. stayed with my bud RP down there, and we went to grapevine bar friday night and then saturday went to ikea and got some bookshelves and came home and put them together. the guy has a lot of books, he's an English teacher like me. He's still little by little getting his house together where he lives with his 3 kids sometimes, his ex-wife also is in dallas a couple blocks away so they share the kids back and forth, I'm sure it must be wonderful.

anyway, chilled all day saturday and then saturday night went out to few bars. RP had a freind call named Kyle so we met him out, first going to Mickey's gaty bar in Dallas which was packed with great looking guys mixed age, dressed well all in shape etc,(they have $2 mixed drinks before 11) , Kyle called and we met him and Clint at JR's for a few more beers, and then going to ROundup to spend the rest of the evening. Dang the strip on Dallas was CROWDED out, everyone was out that night in dallas. Club Roundup was pacekd with all SORTS of hot guys even though its a cowboy bar. We didnt' go to the dance club S4, but I think that crowd would have been more club kid gay bar type of bar. ROundup had guys in tight t-shirts and jean, and well dressed latin and prep types, and all ages and, this one guy RUSTY! damn he's the guy I watched all one night in Austin last labor day weekend. Well I had enough beers in me this time I just walked up, said hey, smile and smiled and told him about how I was checking him out in Austin one night, and how he knows my bud H down there, and how I heard he show's up at the leather bar in dallas everyone now and then and Id' like to see him there one night, etc etc... small talk. This guy is like 6'3 or 6'4 and BIG BOY, very big, and ausitn guys say he is big all around. anyway, picture a very big tall farmboy type with big borad shoulders big legs, and all in shape , sandy brown hair and nice round masculine face, not overly goodlooking, just right.....

I ran into him a couple more times that night but he was talking it up this short muscly white shirt younger guy, who I kept telling my friends was fat, just kidding around.

Well Kyle has a boyfriend, but he was out with RP, Clint and I and then some of Clint friends showed up, I got a little handsy with Kyle all night, he was like a preppy masc type who walked out of a catalog, real nice guy who talked with me about being all closet in OKC and why and why not etc etc...

well RP left, Kyle and clint left to some party, I started drinking some water and just checking out the crowd since I don't get the opportunity much, a guy named Joel that had been talking to RP and I earlier found me by the bar and started hanging all over me, went to the bathroom and made out and then he went to find his buds and left without my phone number, damn! Hot guy from Spain with all black on and black glasses and tight tight smooth stomach and confident and masculine and total class. man that guy was hot and we were speaking some spanish back and forth having some fun.

all right that's my weekend. oh yeah I drove back last night after shopping in dallas some more yesterday, and then got back around 8 pm, chilled at home, unpacked, took down the christmas lights on my front porch. around 10:30 I started calling everyone I know to say Happy New Year ( I don't have a cell phone so wanted to call before leaving the house) and then met a bud out for a beer at 11:00, watched the crowd for about an hour and a half, came home at 12:30. The crowd in OKC jsut couldnt' compete at all with Dallas, why I dont' ever go out to bars in OKC, I predict next time i go out in okc spring break, unless I'm out of town. I predict going back to dallas in February. ha!

being single and confused about why bother trying to find a gf or bf means I usually just wait for new years and valentines to PASS!

Arkansas game is on now, anyone watching?, I love this years HOGS team, love watching them play also, young quarterback and receiver from the hometown of Springdale where I turned down a teaching job there a few years ago, (I went to college up near there). Hopefully they can beat Wisconsin, ahh yeah!

oh yeah I forgot to call DX, the guy I've been seeing during winter break, I think I mentioned him last week, anyway, I don't know what I'm supposed to do if he wants to keep seeing me or something, I'll have to email one of you guys about what the deal is.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and HOLIDAY wishes to all, .. later.