Saturday, December 16, 2006

Thursday, December 14, 2006

ready for the weekend

I'm so excited and pumped for this weekend. I guess i'm jsut glad to be at home this weekend and I"ve just about finished all my Christmas shopping only dad and my brother is left on the list. and they are pretty easy, for example my dad gets a good flannel workshirt to wear out to his shop, or maybe a zip up hoody. I love my dad in his zip-up hoody, he just looks so cool for an old man wearing that out to the shop. ha
anyway the brother who I have no relationship with, surprise surprise, is getting gloves and I'll continue to try some conversations with him and he'll joke around and really not be intersted as usual. don't get me started.... his wife is getting agreat gift though and really they are both great to hang out with at holidays.
I am going to another single group gathering this weekend. everyone is meeting downtown to eat dinner together and then go down the "slide" at the baseball park. That means this huge slide to go down with intertubes, they build and it goes from the stands down to the field and with fake snow all over it. I will pass and go home after the more social eating out time. I am not sure how they can make it a very wintery experience with a high of 70 tomorrow here, hmmm.
and then saturday night is a progressive dinner but I'm not sold on it just yet, motly because its the same poeple from Friday night so why? also my coach buddy at school has invited me over to a party him and his wife are having and lets face it, the people I work with are more my friends at this point than the random singles group I've already most of those people...
I'm in very high spirits tonight. only one Friday left and then 3 days next week before I'm out of school (both day and night job) for two weeks!! ahhyeah...

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

just a dumb question.....

I don't know-- I was considering this jacket. ( of course the high this week has been 60's and tomorrow and Friday 70, but it will probably be coat weather by the time I got another jacket, ha!) anyway...
do you think it looks like a girls jacket or for a guy younger than post grad school? :) anyone?

"every sperm is sacred" from monty python

I think this is mainly saying anti-condom, becasue of the roman catholic shtick...., but in the post dr. ruth world, even jerking off isn't as taboo as it once was considered so I think it could stand for anti-condom or anti-jerking off....

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Monday, December 11, 2006

last weekend....

went to Arizona and surprised

my buds there. They were so glad to see me and completely blown away. It was awesome packing up, getting ready for a party, flying out there Saturday night and driving a rental and kocking on their door and just coming in and saying hey, I brought some cookies and beer for the party! then I got to mingle with all their friends at the pary, I'm telling you so many goodlooking couples at that party, damn. I spoke with this hot blond guy with hot blond gf most of the night. and his brother was this dark haired tall buff guy all clean cut, but with the usual phoenix twist of something different and cool, he had a chin beard that he'd grown out for a year and my eyes were going back and forth from his eyes, beard, storng shoulders in tight button up shirt with sleeves rolled up, back to eyes, then beard, etc.... dude was very cool and left party early with his gf or I would have been making his hand had a drink in it the rest of the night.

I keep pretty busy in okc and all my college buddies live out of town, so I was loving being around them again, a couple other college buddies were at the party who were from Arizona area. anyway I have to say I didn't get a gay vibe from one single hot guy at that party, but you know what I was sort of checking out the hot girlfriends and just sort of thinking how hot some couples probably were together.. he he

SUnday I shopped at Fashion square mall in Scottsdale. window shopping all the hot guys and gals walking aorund that mall more than anything. and then later was at the IKEA store of course, more Christmas shopping.... couldn't resist taking a pic of this display room there, very cool couch.