Thursday, December 07, 2006

thursday nt

worked out back and shoulders today and was listening to some guy make the classic mistake of telling a guy how to work out etc... had a great night at work and am now home with a chocolate cake in the oven, it should be out by the time I'm showered up and ready to hit the sack. I'm going to a single group Christmas party tomorrow night and the girl hosting asked if I could bring the chocolate pound cake I served once after bible study. SO yeah, I"m making it with sour cream, chocolate pudding, chocalate chips, and I even cut up some french chocolate truffles and threw them in too. hopefully will be good. I get to hang out with my trainer, my bud I met a few years back from the single group, and then see some other hot guys that are married to girls from the former group also etc.. you get the idea. anyway, I'm not really involved in any of their bible studies now but am still asked to go to all the social events so that is cool.

I guess its summer for you all you aussie readers and then I know its still nice out on the west coast for any of you summer camp counselor types out there. I just wanted to mention the low here tonight is supposed to be 13 degrees!!! I'm so glad I got that nice goose-down (and cheap) comforter at IKEA last weekend. it's been SO NICE to sleep under all this week I love it. I have to be sure and remember to go start my pickup after breakfast tomorrow morning so its warmed up by the time I've had my grape-cranberry juice, pack my gym bag and get out the door. Jeans day tomorrow at work which is always cool, and a haircut after work so I'm good to go for the short trip to AZ saturday night. well I better go start that warm shower before I jump in bed and sleep through the winter freeze outside. It's the wind that really gets you though, a little thing that we take very seriously here in OKC, the WIND CHILL factor! he he

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

wed night ahh yeah

sorry I'm real busy and hadn't been looking up pics lately. I'll get back to it sooner or later.

I got a good workout in yesterday, feeling it today. I've sort of reached a plateau in my workouts so I think after Christmas break I'll do a month of creatine to help me push the weight up some, and then go off and maintain the bigger weight. it worked last summer, I just know by spring break I can break 170 maybe get up to 175. I've also switched to more fruit and less sweets since october(thats abs talk)....etc.

After talking it up with that guy at the bar all night last weekend in dallas, I've decided that if I want to play with the big boys I've got to keep hitting the gym and get a little more big.. he he.. not really though it was motivating, too bad I didn't have enough balls to ask this guy over or something, he had definitely been drinking enough, me too, and we had been touching each other here and there while standing there drinking and all. The thing that I like the most is the fast I was in this smaller bar, actually able to just talk to a dude, and get to see what the personality is like, joke around and laugh some, it is just way better than a quick meet and greet and GO home from some pick up gay bar.... so to speak. I know I'll see this guy again so I'll have to wait and see what chances I may have again in the future.

I'm watching a woody allen movie tonight called "alice". i always liked this movie in college, now I think maybe it's because mia farrow looks a lot like my ex-girlfriend, or maybe she's just reminding me of her tonight. I do miss her a lot at times, but she ended it with me 2 years ago and sort of broke my heart, I felt like she was my last true chance of trying the straight narrow road of wife and kids, I mean we grew up together, she was my "first", and she knows me almost as well as my mom, all faults included....anyway my family and I have a rule where I don't correct their English and they don't bring up her name and it works PERFECTLY.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

william sledd

anyone else following this guys videos. I don't care about the advice really, but the delivery is hilarious. good luck william sledd.

a parody of same guy

Monday, December 04, 2006

back to it..............

newly inspired from Saturday night in big D, I got back to the gym today. Last week I only ran and swam, no workouts! my body shrinks immediately I swear if I don't put it to work, oh no!
well I was so exhausted from Phoenix I didn't want to work out mon or tuesday, and then wednesday just kept doing cardio, and then thurs and fri, snow and ice here in okc, and saturday i drove down to TX. you get the picture. so tomorrow I'm hitting it again.

I meant to start back today but I had to get a little mini-counseling session in at the school. RIght before I was about to skip out I saw this kid in the office waiting to speak to the principal. apparently the substitute sent him up there because he was laughing and then the sub tried to sit him in the corner and he refused to be put alone in the corner like that etc.... anyway, he's failing English but not because of language, just normal teenage stuff not wanting to write a report. I told him to always turn in something so you can get a 50 and not a zero which kills you average, the same ole yadda yadda. and then I said I would talk to his English teacher tomorrow. I get really protective of the minority kids at my school when it comes to behavior and grades, and I always have to be sure that the teacher is being sensitive to culture or language needs etc.that's what I'm trying to say in a nutshell anyway. As a teacher I know its hard sometimes to consider everyone's individual needs, or not even want to, so I feel like part of my job is to bring it up sometimes with the teachers. Also because the statistics are against latino males graduating high school or going to college, I always try to push push them to keep their grades up and aspire for that sort of stuff. Also I always mention how many jobs there are out there for bilinguals...

I have been emailing my friend in Dallas. he says I can come down the 15th but I think I'll wait til later in december, like maybe the weekend after Christmas. I'm inspirde to really hit the gym now for next time I'm in dallas and maybe run into that guy again at Grapevine, and if not, then heck plenty more to see down there I'm pretty sure of it.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

back from dallas

had a great over night in dallas. I was snowed and iced in most of the weekend but by saturday morn roads were good and clear. i went down there to do some christmas shopping and visit my newly divorced friend who is gay down there livng a block away from his wife and 3 kids. I got to his place by 4:30 and he had to get ready for work waiting table saturday night. I went to Ikea in Plano which is open until 9pm and then went back to his place and looked around online, played and sometimes watched a movie for company "spirited away", and then showerd up and cleaned up to hit a bar or two. acutally I just drove down to JR's on Cedar springs and had a beer walked around the bar a few times.

then walked down to where my buddy was finishing work by 11:15. we went from there to a place called "grapevine" what he calls his home away from home ( he's regular). man that place was awesome. it's not on the strip of gay bars, is one street over and small and crowded and cool with a mixed groovy crowd. we had some more beers "red stripe" and as i began feeling them I had a good ole talk on a bench by the pool table with my bud, then he introduced me to this other regular guy he knows in a tshirt and muscled up. i talked to him the rest of the evening just standing there in what my bud said was his usual spot. dude was effing cool and hot, we talked about working out and how he liked death metal music, which I was really cracking up about, and then some girl walked up and asked us if it was a gay bar. thing is the crowd is so mixed, it makes it a very fun cool place.

i had a girl flirting with me at one point wanting to see me move and dance. also antoher girl on the way to the bathroom was looking like she was talking to herself then grabbed me and said' wait what kind of place is this. and I was like yeah its mixed gay guys, and she said, and you? and I said yeah, and she ahh man, and your good looking too, but "I still love you anyway!" she was cute little blond, you have to love friendly drunk people.and this bar is pretty friendly for dallas, the usual gay scene has a lot of attitude. i actually hadn't been down to dallas in 5 years. but my bud has a SWEET place just a few blocks north of downtown, so future posts on future visits hopefully. my bud is on strict orders to report back on the guy, "s" that I talked to all night. neither one of us was able to make a move other than sort of touch a shoulder or pic or leg while chitchatting allnight. we jsut sort of said good bye when the lights came on for the bar to close at 2am. next time! ugh.