Wednesday, November 22, 2006

in Arizona

had a great flight out here yesterday, and we went straight to casey moore's irish oyster bar for drinks and a meal. today we drove to both of my friend's work places. driving around phoenix and had a great lunch at Delux and some italian icecream afterwards. no plans for any bars or clubs until Friday or Saturday. i think they are even going to show me one of the gay bars in town.... we've had some great discussion already in the car today about being gay and the difference between the communties, and my faith and life and all that. Really great to be some real friends who are willing to discuss it all. of course this is phoneix and they have some gay friends in this town etc. i love these guys.

Also i want to qucikly post about the whoel kelly Rippa thing, i just wanted to say i saw the show Friday morning and i fast forwarded through the whole thing 'cause i was disapointed to see Clay Aiken on there.. gross, i have no interest to see him on screen at all, even on my favorite morning show with the gorgeous sexy kelly rippa etc etc.. anyway, apparently there is some big feud now, what an idiot he is! please don't ever have him back on the show, it was just plain bad tv! my vote is mark Consuelos every time as co host!!

more remarks later...

Monday, November 20, 2006

ready for thanksgiving break

SO how was YOUR weekend?
I was pretty busy this weekend, started out by going home to get some window estimates Friday afternoon, then to the gym to run and swim, and then to a movie at the art museum downtown. "mums the word", a witty British comedy, if you like that sort of humor. Saturday I screwed around the house all morning and then went to a bud's place to watch the OU game. we beat Baylor bad! was awesome, he and his wife were serving up lasagna and needed some help with the garlic bread, as in how to broil bread, apparently they never had before, they were both in the military and are a very cool couple. They were happy to have someone take charge and get it done. he he good beer also, and later after the game about 3pm,I went downtown to eat more lunch again at the Art museum cafe downtown, sort of a Saturday ritual with me although usually I'm going after the gym.
Next I was with an ex-roomate from college and his fiance checking out a live band play at the bluedoor cafe in okc, and then to The Wormy Dog Salloon, which is a country bar downtwon bricktown that has a lot of the new "red dirt" country sound bands perform there. man I loved checking out the crowd. the band was also good. but I like seeing all these blond cowgirls with the tight lowcut tops, and then I like the clean clean cut cowboy types in their tightie polo shirts. also the drunk guys that seem to lean on their buds too much, or put a hand on their shoulder or waist and just let it linger... ahh yeah. there was one stud in a button up cowboy shirt sort of standing next to me at one point with our arms and shoulders touching some and neither of us moved and I think he was looking at me a couple times but I'm too chicken shit as usual to say anything or look back. but I thought about him later when I got home if you know what I mean.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am going on vacation to Arizona tomorrow afternoon until SUnday but I will hopefully get a chance to make a few posts. happy thanksgiving all.

EMAIL ANYONE? Send me one...........

surprise surpise I finally got an email addy and its gmail of course. sorry it took me so long I've had some guys ask if I had an email before.

other good news, I finally got a digital camera. the Canon Elph 600. It is nothing fancy but its compact and good for quick shots. I think I'm really going to like it while in AZ this week on vacation. ALso going to try and get some pics up here soon, I'm trying to decided just what kind of pics I want to put up while keeping it anonymous. later.