Saturday, November 18, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006

another brief post.....

local gay blog

I came across this guy's blog, called Okay City. It's pretty cool and the guy says he's a gay Christian and talks about his friends and fmaily and views on life etc... like most blogs. anyway, cool that he is in Oklahoma City.

rugger strip show...........

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

update wed night

two things I thought I'd mention since I"m home from work earlier than usual, (and yes the Dali lecture was pretty awesome, I missed 2.5 hours of getting paid for work, but sometimes you just have to live a little or working all the time for the money is not worth it if you don't take the time to enjoy now and then....etc)
anyway, this morning, my buddy at work, the married coach I mentioned before, well he invited me over this Saturday to watch the Baylor game. Looking forward to hanging out and enjoying the game although I'm prolly showing up late, no way I'm getting over there by 11:00 am which is when I think it starts..
the 2nd is that B. (the date guy from 2 weeks ago) called and left a message today at 1pm. saying that even though he knew I was at work, he wanted to call and leave a message and say he and lookng forward to when we can meet up again... so that is pretty cool. we shall see.....

Snow Patrol

Here's another shout out to a favorite band.


their last two albums are excellent. Although the album Final Straw is prolly an all-time favorite that I can play over and over and over, the new one is just as awesome only a little more mellow, but oh so good for a mellow mood. BUt either one and ENJOY. My overall favorite songs are the anthemic "RUN"!!!!, and then right behind it "chocolate"!!!! and "how to be dead"!!!. And from the new one "Chasing Cars" also awesome....
Someone tell me you are up on this band and agree. This post because I jsut found out from a Myspace email that they will be in Tulsa on March 8th. I am there with credit card in hand my friends!!
later. more

uh huh.. anyone else used to be a saved by the bell fan....?

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

meanwhile.... more male bonding....

Tuesday thoughts

I was falling asleep last night thinking how I get real bored of being single sometimes and wish I had a wife or buddy to fall asleep next to. But in my situation I'm not exactly searching out either one very aggressively. I did admit to myself last night that there is one guy I would truly be comfortable sleeping with and living with and screwing aroundwith. It is the guy I mentioned before from college. He used to stay over a lot in college and we had some occasions and sometimes he sort of played mind games with my head, and my loyalty etc... anyway, he was messed up himself I can see now, dealing with his homosexual feelings. He even told me he was gay once, like the last time he stayed over and then was going home leaving school, it was so damn late in the middle of the night that I pretty much just fell asleep without any discussion of what he said. He's divorced now and still serving in the Marines. I wonder sometimes if he's more calm and stable these days and of course.... all the what ifs.... anyway, all I'm saying is thats the one guy I can think of actually being comfrotable with for full-out sex. (which btw I have yet to ever participate much in with other dudes) For any married guys reading this, I'm telling you the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. There are times when I wish I was married with kids and even if it meant going through the motions and denying any action with dudes, somehow I think all the companionship could be worth it. I know there are a lot of guys out there who had the worst years of their lives being married and are now so much happier getting to live their gay lives. I had a gym buddy who divorced and moved to Dallas. His ex and 3 kids moved down there also. I've noticed that for him, he couldn't wait to get out there and sleep around as much as possible but eventually, now he only wants to date a regular ONE boyfriend. Maybe there is something about being married that makes him see the value in sticking with just one "mate". I guess sometimes I wish I would have had the kids first. Also sometimes I feel like maybe I'm living backwards and am getting all my wild days of messing around out of my system and then I can settle down. ahhhh I don't know, these are just thoughts, I know I'm not the only one who considers those things. And guys, no reason to preach at me and say just be myself and be gay. I am myself, I'm right here in the middle for now. its ok....( I've mentioned before my faith defines who I am more than my sexuality etc....eventually I will come to terms with both)

Monday, November 13, 2006

there is a very cool guy, ex-military who works at my school and is married and invites me over to watch OU games now and then. well he called Saturday and I never returned the call because I already had plans with that girl from work. anyway, he told me today he had an extra ticket to the OU game. ahh man, that would have been sweet just hanging with him and watching the game.. ahh well next time around. The dude has already invited me to go to Washington DC with the student filed trip next summer. so I am looking forward to some fun up there IF I end up going.

well, I haven't heard from B. since he left a phone message, I have decided to email him just something casual. whatever I don't know.

I skipped swimming this morning and will instead go the next 4 mornings. I did run 30 minutes after work today before coming to this night job. I have asked off work this Wednesday to go to a lecture on Dali at the art museum downtown. I am going to be pretty chill the next 2 months , this time of year is my favorite. long thanksgiving break, then a longer christmas break, love the school calendar. I am still hoping to get an email address soon, I am hoping maybe some curious dudes in Oklahoma City will find this blog and email me.,...hope everyone had a great weekend, later

guys, why do we love showing it off?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

another date

turned out just me and the girl from work last night. We saw a "shakespeare abridged" play down in sooner town norman. She laughed really loud the whole play, I mean 2 or 3 people had turned their heads to see who it was during the play. anyway, She's small and demure and sexy and has a sort of european look about here, and has a wild streak in here, she's from south america btw and has 3 degrees and working on her masters in microbiology, and a lot younger than me. Anyway, it was understood we were going as friends and so when she wanted to go get a beer afterwards I opted to return straight home. big mistake because it took an extra half hour to get back to oklahoma city because the OU game had just ended and the traffic was packed moving 20-30 mph on I35 for miles and miles. I finally exited and took a back road.

anyone see the Nebraska Texas A&M game yesterday. it was SWEET, I only caught the second half but I was pulling of rNebraska the whole way, and watching the senior quarterback Taylor..... I'm glad they pulled it off. Go huskers.

I bought a couple used cd's last night, we went shopping at a music store downtown Norman before the play. I am listening to "Proclaimers" now, it reminds me of back in college when a friend had this cd and I'd listen to it all the time. He's the guy who told me he was gay, played mind games with me, and is now a marine and divorced, surprise surprise.. ...another post. The other cd was REM.

one more thing, I got a call from B. who is the guy I went out with last week. he knew I had plans last night but he called and left a message to say he was hanging out at home etc etc. i emailed him before I went to bed last night that I was free today so I'll have to wait and see if he calls or emails etc. if nothing else there's always next weekend, this guy is laid back and cool and dark haired and ery normal masculine dude. like I've said before we were both glad to just hang out with someone who we could talk about anything with. not to mention he was hoping to mess around sometime also. good morning.