Saturday, November 11, 2006

wet and hot and hair

digi cam or maybe now.... digital video?

well I shopped the digi cams yesterday, so next I guess I'll have to surf around online some more. the one I wanted canon ELPH600 was $249 but then why not go ahead and het the newer model Canon ELPH 660 $299. but then tere are plenty others at $229 and lower, like SONY and FUJI, so I'm going to continue and compares. I'm just really tight sometimes and like to get the best deal on a good quality camera etc...

ANYWAY, I'm posting today to ask if anyone has a digital video camera and if you recommend the one with a Digital cassette tape, or the one with MINI dvd. there was a nice CAnon digital video for $299 so i was asking myself why not just get a video camera. the Mini DVDs were a little more expensive starting at $439 and up, but they say its tons easier to just pop the dvd in and play...e tc but I like the lower cost digital video cassette ones. anyone got a comment?

hey guys, party it up this weedend......

Thursday, November 09, 2006

thurzday night

getting ready to teach a class here at my night job. most of the people remain on computers except for 2 or 3 adults who will sit at a table with me for an hour and we run through some conversations or exercises or just read out loud etc..
well, I'm going to see what I can get going with the webcam this weekend, but I'm also planning on buying a digital camera. Anyone have a suggestion? I think I'm getting the CANON ELPH 600, or maybe it says 660? anyway it's on sale at best buy for $249. so I figured a pretty good deal. I was trying to spend $200 and was going to get the Fuji, but then I saw the Canon only $50 dollars more so why not!!. of course I'll have to spend another $40 on memory card more than likely.....
well I've been swiming in the morning and running or working out between day and night jobs the past two weeks. so I might even be brave enough to get some pics on here. not too bout that yet.
Will Rogers once said "if you don't like the weather in Oklahoma, just want ten seconds" ...something like that. well anyway, this week it's been high of 80's all week. and jsut last week I was covering my plants outdoors two nights in a row in case of freeze. well I brought all the plants inside last weekend, this weekend I'm going to be finding a place for them. I've decided to set some of them in the kitchen window. I also want to call for an estimate on installing double pane windows in the kitchen and the front of the house, (the rest of the house is already double paned). ANyway I'd like to see if there is a bay window option for the kitchen to put a lot of plants in somehow....
VERY VERY cute blond younger about 5'11 new trainer at my afternoon gym. he's already saying hello and how am I doing. just love a freindly guy, doesn't mean anything, just nice to enjoy the dialogue. typical guy stuff, when I saw him over at the midwest city gym I said hello, I thought you were at the downtown gym, etc etc. then we spoke again at the downtown gym, small talk like, "hey what's u," get a good workout?" and "yeah the midwest city gym is pretty old school huh" etc etc.. He's cute enough, makes a guy wonder, but whatever.
all right time to get the group back to the table. more later.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

closet gay blog Oklahoma City OKC

just wanted to post that title in case anyone does a search, and maybe I can connect with someine here in the same city. although its a smaller "big city" there must be a lot of other dudes out there in a similar position. who knows. A guy is curious like me if other masculine guys out there who arent "out" but jsut like to mess around with guys or not yet ready to be "gay, out and proud" but enjoya good jerk off or more with other guys. And these are guys from the very built to the nerdiest nerd, but they all a guy to talk to. I know I could have used friends in the same shoes many years back. ( to the guy at SNU here in OKC, I want to chat with you some more soon on AIM)

I'm working on getting an email I can post on here also so I can converse a bit more with anyone wanting to.

I called that guy B. last night so now I'm going to wait and see if he emails or calls me and then we'll see if anything develops from there, I'm completely fine either way actually. got a busy weekend coming up etc etc. A girl from work asked me to go see a play with some friends of hers in Norman so I might actually be doing some flirting and hanging out with a str8 crowd this weekend. cool cool.

damn I wish this were clearer...

guys in tight shorts melting ice.... I have no idea what

beach voyeur....

would you buy it?

oh yes they call him the streak......

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ready for next vacation here....

well I am still swimming in the morning, my second week. makes for an active day, swim in the morning, home for breakfast, go teach, go to gym and workout or run laps, go to night job, go home.....and as long as I'm in bed on time, I'm sleeping wonderfully and ready to do it again the next day. My rule this week is no internet when I get home from work, well maybe check on emails only....
I'm getting excited for my trip to Phoenix in a couple more weeks during Thanksgiving vacation. I was out there 2 years ago same time. I mean the guys and gals out there, every one looked like they walked off of MTV. goodlooking fit people I'm telling ya. probably everyone that lives in California is home for the holidays that weekend. ha! One of the things I like about traveling is taking all my favorite clothes with me to wear and go out in, that's probably same for everyone.

I'm wondering how elections will turn out tonight. I get so tired of all the speculation on the news for weeks and weeks now! everyone saying who they think will win or want you to think will win on all the news shows. UGH. I get upset thinking about how polarized everything is with only two parties. surely you cannot put evveryone in this country in only two boxes. so dumb. for example I am sure there are pro-life democrats or pro-abortion republicans, and probably pro-gay marriage republicans or anti-gay marriage democrats, as well as Christian democrats and non-Christian Republicans. I mean people could really have different views on SO MANY different issues. I think the most polarizing thing this election is the IRAQ war, which makes everyone want to vote regardless what they feel about any other issue. WE have a Democratic Governor in Oklahoma and personally I am more comfortable with a republican Ltnt Governor because of that, I just think it keeps things in check. I also wish politics would stay local and on local issues so that some idiot is not elected into office only based on which of the two parties he belongs. that is sad. Well at this polling center (the tech school I wokr nights at) the winners were all democrats, but I think that reflects the minority population of this side of town (393 voters).
well, I just got off the phone with B, last weekends first date. he's at the airport in DFW (Dallas) and called me back on his cell. I'm not sure how compatible we're going to be but we talk easy and both have a need to hang with another gay dude, so it could be cool the more we hang out and stuff. I dont' know what I want anyway. but I definitely like taking it slow. And ever since I quit meeting up for random connections offline last spring, I've been wanting, there are only two "buds" in town I'm able to see and that's RARE.

I bought some vintage 60's Christmas cards on ebay today. I plan on using them this year, I think they are pretty cool.

Monday, November 06, 2006


anyone got a suggestion what I could do with my new webcam? I plan to make some video blogs for my other more personal blog. but I know there must be some way to cam with dudes or something right? do I download Yahoo for that or what?
maybe someday I'll work up the nerve to send something to Dudetube. he he, but maybe not, I got to keep it anonymous.
I got a LOT of ideas from the site this last weekend. man oh man, that stuff is just out there completely. I mean guys and girls and guys. too much input damn.


whale of a movie

I mean the thing was TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG. that's a long time for visual art film if you consider there was maybe 10 minutes of dialogue in the middle of the movie all in one scene.
I'm talking about the movie "Drawing Restraint 9" that I saw last weekend.
YEs, I can appreciate the photography and camera work, and colors and visuals etc.. but gee whiz, that droning etheraol soundtrack.... THe movie starred Bjork, her real life husband and creator of the film, a Japanese whaling ship, and a 5000 gallon tank of petroleum jelly on deck, which we watch conjeal throughout the movie. Let's just say in a nutshell, a Japanese parade brings the tanker truck to the port, and the liquid is pumped into the tank on board the ship. The ship takes off, Bjork and the other guy meet the boat on separate boats each, are taken to their ship quarters and kimono women undress and bathe them and then dress them in ceremonial Japanese gard. They FINALLY meet up in the room for the tea ceremony, lot of to do, then part of the conjealed Petroluem jelly is melted and overflows into their room up to their wastes and eventually necks, and as that happens, they begin cutting into each other legs, first the flesh then dismembering each others legs altogether, and then whale tales grow out of them.
the ending shows the ship with two whales behind it in the water. uh huh.
anyway, overall, very interstiong piece but man two and a half hours......

Do yourself a favor, rent "Whale Rider" instead. it will break your heart, but no worries, no matter how sad it has a very happy redemptive ending!

dates... hmmmm

well I cant' say that I picked the best place of choice for a date, but I was really interested in checking out the lebanese festival at the Orthodox church here in okc. The food was awesome, and it included a tour of the church with a priest as a tour guide. I never realized the Greek Orthodox Church comes from the original church started by Paul in Antioch. well anyway, it was a bit awkward at first with B. , the guy I went and met and picked up at his place. REAL nice normal great guy. It is very hard to find a guy who is gay but doesn't wear it on his sleeve, much less not into any gay bars etc. He's not closet though, only at work, which is pretty normal for some gay guys I guess. well anyway, I'm glad we went and walked around the festival together because it's much better than just sitting across from each other eating or seeing amovie and then just going back home for sex. instead we went to restaurant for lunch afterware and ended up not getting our lunch served til 3:45. I felt bad for choosing the place but the manager comped our meal since the ticket had been lost and we got our food late, also the cook came out and spoke to us and offered to buy us desert, but by that time I jsut watned to get the guy home. He mentioned plans at 5 pm and I got him back by 4:30. and that meant no time to go inside for goodbye etc.
Well it was very cool, I saw him online later and he mentioned looking at me in the truck and my package etc... and how we need to spend some time indoors alone sometime soon. so very cool, we'll see how it goes. not like I'm looking for a boyfriend but one regular "friend" would be very cool I guess.
he smelled good in the car too, sort of deodorant mixed with that day after binge drinking smell guys have. i don't know but it was still in my truck Sunday morning... nice. This guy is a goodfit size , dark and handsome, goatee beard that grows in easy, tatoos on his arm and works at a bank. you can see how he could pull off hanging with a square crowd or party crowd easy.

He mentioned not having many gay friends since he never goes "out". and so we both talked about how awesome it was to just hang out with another gay guy and talk about anything etc.... very cool.

I don't think it's a big deal, but this guy is a drinker on weekends from what I can tell, and I am not, so that will be interesting to see what we can do socially, I'm for a beer or two, but I'm not an All night at the bar guy. Although he hangs out at straight bars with his friends and I would love to check out the straight bars again.

ahh beckham.............

>thought I'd post this since the movie "borat" opened this last weekend, and here is the guy as Ali G. interviewing David and Victoria Beckham. hell yeah I'd join them for a three way any day. later.