Thursday, October 12, 2006


I know for some readers these things are pretty common, but for me, wow!

weekend almost here

It'd be interesting to know what readers are doing this weekend, So I ask you, what are your plans ??(just click on the "leave comment" below). THis site gets over 400 hits on the slowest days so there must be some good variety of fall plans going on out there, come on guys, let me know. Here in OKC, I plan to go to the Art Museum's "Art on Tap" beer tasting event, it's pretty nice considering this is just good ole OKC. some of the nicer Restaurants have tables set up with LOTS of food. Not to mention all the beer tasting, my favorite last year were some Belgium beers, and one from THailand, Sing Ha, I think it was.

Man what could be better, cool fall weather, and next weekend I'm off W,TH, and Fri for fall break, yup thats right, AUSTIN weekend again OUT of town. ANyone from Austin reading this, giveme some ideas for next weekend the 19,20th etc.. enjoy your weekend!

D&G backstage video etc...

not the best quality but wiat for minute 2:14. ahh yeah! yeah I know, a bunch of models, big deal right?..... but doesn't hurt to look.

America's Heroes

THis website is raising money for wounded soldiers and their families if you are in need of a calendar. Or you can just check out the pic for each month HERE. Apparently they are using all real American soldiers. I've met up with a few from TInker AF base here in OKC , dang they are always toned cut and fine from the rigor of routine meals and hard work. Just check out this guy on the left, and notice the guy in the mirror, nice. WHich one is your favorite, looking good right? (uh.... no way is that haircut regulation.. he he)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

howdy pardner !

This blog post was pretty funny...

I get a real kick out of how people are different in different places. Because I teach students from many different cultures, I get some opportunity to discuss such differences all the time. However, considering the differences between places in the U.S., I thought this blog post of Dan REnzi from Real World was hilarious. I never traveled much during college, and when I first went to a gay bar, I always sort of wondered were all the gay bars in the US the same? well now with the internet chat capabilities, I know now there is definitely a wide variety of guys into guys,. and not just what the limited selection may appear like at gay bars.
anyway, perhaps you'll find it funny or right on if you'v been to any of these cities --- check out this blog post and let me know what you think, or maybe tell me something about the club in your city...

they are brothers, and cute

Monday, October 09, 2006


homeocoming weekend very cool

interesting show on the Exodus movement on "fresh air" today on NPR radio. listening to it here at work.
I am back at work after a long weekend away at homecoming. the highlights were definitely the alumni rugby game and the bonfire at friend's place.
THe rugby game, I have to say was awesome to watch, some ograduated older guys all grown men and looking great in their shorts and on the filed all over some nicely built younger guys. ahh yeah. and while standing back by the trees behind the bleachers, and as I'm talking to some of my former college buddies who didn't opt to play in the alumni game and their wives, the rugby guys came back behind the bleachers to trade shirts or shorts for the next game againts the alumni "b" team. damn, lucky spot to be at just then, shirtless after the game, not to mention the couple of guys with some jockey shorts on. crazy. had a couple guys talking to me at the match, asking if I played rugby during school, but nah I was a still pretty much a stick at that point. great day and the soccer game later where all the alumni stand around and talk, I had the opportunity to talk to a few guys that were just new freshman the year I graduated but they remembered me etc.. and they were looking good now older and married etc..
also a great evening at a bonfire cookout at a bud's house in the woods, basically 4 married couples, kids, and me. BUt the cool thing is two of them had been to Chicago and mentioned seeing a guy from our "group" in college there who is gay and we all know he's gay etc... anyway, they mentioned how he might come next year, and how great it woudl be to see him, and just everyone acting all cool and normal and excited to see him regardless and nto mentioning anything judgemental etc... was pretty darn cool. ( I have to say I get no questions about being married or even dating anyone these days, so you figure most of my buds have figured out I am most likely a "confirmed" batchelor at this point...)
Oh yeah, and when we broke it up to leave the guys got to stand around the campfire and put it out the best we could jsut like we used to, whip it out and put out the fire. man what a view, never thought I'd get to relive that experience. ahh yeah.

Sunday, October 08, 2006