Thursday, October 05, 2006


I listen to a lot of public radio, and yesterday they were talking about the whole Foley email scandal. Anyway there was this conservative guy, Paul Weyrich, who had commented how the Republicans knew three years ago that Foley was a homosexual, and then he adds that homosexuals are all sexually obsessed. The radio host was like, well of course many listeners would disagree with that statement. anyway, it was pretty weird thing to hear on the radio, although fair of NPR to let it be said if you consider all the wacky wild weird other stuff and views and opinions they give air time to. BUt it did make me think, why WOULD people think that about homosexuals anyway? that they are more sexually obssessed?, I mean why would it seem that way. Is it because the gay community is still in response mode of coming out and accepted and fighting the fight, maybe requiring more outspoken and dynaminc displays of the homosexual identity. Is it because the only press is bad press, or the only time that gayness becomes an issue is like the FOley thing, when it involves harassment towards a minor? If it had been a female 16 year old page, would the "obsessed" comment not apply? Indeed would a 16 year old females parents have been so quick to willingly and silently brush off the ordeal?

on Talk Nation today, they discussed the role of porn in sex offender's lives. I can't imagine how guys wouldn't realize that sometimes you just need a break from the stuff, or it begins to just take more and more wild and extreme porn to even get you excited. I take long breaks and believe me its worth it. I know I post a lot of pics up on this site, maybe considered "soft porn" but all them beautiful guys and bods I see as inspiration really, not always sexually, keeps me going to the gym. ----although sure every now and then I might get an idea....

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

SO cool, again these guys...

so comment and let me know what you think about these guys. hot, right?

single guy here

lately I've sort of felt like single=lonely.
Now, of course this is not true, but you know how a person can get in a slump sometimes. For example fall is here and the weather turns cold, and its a time where you feel like getting out and doing stuff, or staying in and hanging around, cuddling up at night with someone etc etc. you get the picture.

Well I decided that being closeted is probably most of the reason I get lonely sometimes. Obviously I'd be meeting more guys and having more social stuff going on if I were OUT , and part of the "scene" whatever that means. but then I'd probably still feel like I didnt' belong, or maybe not find any gay guys I felt like hanging with, I mean I have been out to bars and available for invites but the community is just sort of small here in OKC, and can be boring or just plain socially political. I would definitely have to move to a bigger city! I read the single guy's blog a lot, and he lives in Sydney and always has a LOT to say and seems to do a LOT of things and have all kinds of fun.... great guy, you've prolly already seen his blog linked other places, but if not check it out. I consider living in Austin or Chicago sometimes when I think briefly about it.

It's weird when I remember throwing all kinds of parties and hanging out with my group of friends in college all the time, weekends, week nights, going places together just to be together, staying up late for no reason...etc, i miss the nonsexual motivation, just a group of people enjoying life and each other, where is that now.
I think if I ever had an actual bf, I'd be a great as one of a pair, and would be setting up all sorts of double dates or trips or outings etc.. anything social. I dont' know. I' ve never had one, how do 2 guys dating overcome the urge to be mentally or physically competitive with other guys? I think the strongest bonds I've had with guys is an extremely common interest in something, shared interest and experiences, or maybe the all important COMMON sense of humor....

here's the real video for soccer practice, also hot.

lately I think about the closest I'd come to "coming out" would be having a baby with my lesbian friend from Highschool. shes' had a serious gf for more than 2 years now, and I'm seriously considering offering a donation if they ever wanted children. I want them so bad. The reason I say that is "close to coming out" is because obviously people would get the picture once I'm carrying around my baby with two moms. Otherwise I think I could maybe come out if I moved to a new city. I know that doesn't really count as coming out,but isn't that the way some guys do it just for starts. ALthough it must be a sad and lonely way, to take yourself away from the poeple who love you and who you love the most. I love living near my family and seeing them all in church every Sunday. But I'm sure there remains a part of the gay community who may not be completely out to family at home, maybe not, maybe I'm living too much in the past.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

summer memories.... nah

<--the tall guy is "eddie".
I was inspired for some speedo pics today becasue while swimming laps before work there is this guy that wears a speedo but the long legged kind, anyway he talks to his lifeguard gf after swimming and i swear he is getting hard standing there in front of everyone and he's adjust it and all..... I just don't get it. plus it's distracting. later.

why do guys do it?

STUPIDITY or something, I was watching dateline last Friday night and AGAIN all these guys in California agree to meet a 13 year old girl and go to her house to get arrested by the undercover police after meeting the Dateline guy and getting filmed for the entire WORLD to see. THis show has been on for a while, I just can't see how anyone would actually DO IT, or even believe it si going to really happen, i mean throwing their whole life away like that, or possibly anyway, and these are men from EVERY social class and background. although I did notice there were many ethnic types, and by that I mean their accents made me think they were new to the country, in which case, were they not aware how SERIOUS America is against sex with minors?
It's nice to know this country still has laws against such things. Although there are extreme points of view on both sides, for example the radical conservative side who may state that after homosexuality was made legal , the next thing will be incest, or sex with minors and/or animals -- which is pretty lame argument. ANd then there are probably a lot free thinkers who believe we should just all go and do whatever the hell we want to do adn screw reiligion etc... which is awful when considering the children used and abused around the world in sex tourism rings. Well for that matter, how about the "legal" marriages among extremely tradtional mormon sects in CO and UT who marry away their teenage daughters. how sad.
AFter that show Friday, what happens next, the news on Senator Foley, who apparently had been emailing a 16 year old former page, and then after that was made public, the news of his IM's to the boy-- and then all this week hearing the news of the outrage that an investigation wasn't done sooner on this man.
Once again STUPIDITY , in his position and point in life to make such a dumb action in the direction of a minor. It is interesting that the parents were contacted and asked not to make a big deal of it and let it pass. However, I am not sure if nothing was done wrong in handling the situation, for example did they knew about the more sexually suggestive IM's which were a lot more offensive in my opinion. I"m not sure what laws were broken but it certainly makes one think about being careful, well anyone who goes chatting freely online. i was reading a little bit about it all here.

Monday, October 02, 2006


Do you think it matters at the gym if your shoes and shorts are the same brand??
All right, I know I'm putting way too much thought into this, but you know the mind wonders doing sets while working out............I thought I'd ask for a general consensus. Sometimes I notice guys in Nike shoes with Nike shorts, or adidas etc.... and then maybe NewBalance shoes with any shorts like Russel Athletics or no name etc... I wear adidas shoes and shorts, but I recently purchased a couple nike shorts and I don't feel like running out and getting Nike shoes to wear with the shorts. but I'll admit I'm considering it just because, ha!

say goodbye to Stephano...

If you haven't checked out young Italian Stephano's blog lately, now is a good time to catchup on his travels in the USA this summer, and how he decided wear he wanted to live this fall as he begins college. He just came out last spring, however now has decided to end his blog and focus on school, or begin a blog in Itialian. (that's him on the right in the yellow shirt and hot shoulders and neck...) His blog is here;
or linked on the right, go wish him farewell and good luck as he begins a new college life this fall.

Sunday, October 01, 2006