Saturday, September 30, 2006

hello bloggers

jsut got home from having dinner with the "singles group", its actually the group from the church my trainer goes to, I just get invited along on their social events etc.. anyway, tonight , again!, there were gay jokes at the table. I mean it seems to me its getting pretty obvious this guy has some homophobic issues or is latenly gay or I don't know..., or just chooses an easy subject to joke about, not sure, but you know how it is when some guys just joke TOO much about gay stuff, and this is over 30 yo not highschool age, anyway. We all met at this restaruant at the mall and there was a DUncan Brothers hair place across the way, so this guy keeps saying, hey your friend was looking for ya, that guy over there in the black shirt.. .ha ha ha,,,, or "hey, J. , why didn't you bring your friend with you from over there, isn't that guy in the black shirt your friend?" anyway you get the picture. the assanine thing is of course the assumption about a hairdresser being gay. ( although this guy did ahve some "flair" I'll admit) anyway, just sharing how things are in the closet life. it's my choice I know. but still makes you wonder why some idiot guys are ALWAYS joking that direction. gee whiz. I'll tell ya one thing, it sure didn't keep me from smiling and catching eyes with our young dark haired hottie waiter the whole time. was glad I had my tightie tshir ton tonight. wel lthey all left to see a movie at the mall, I walked in and out of Express Men and talked with another really nice looking dude offering all kinds of help in the store. hyome now chilling... good weekend to all!

Friday, September 29, 2006

A Well-Organized Closet Is Still A Closet

came across this blog today. I think it is pretty cool and promising to find guys married 26 years like this guy says. anyway he posts some pics of 50 different gay lifestyles which were sort of amusing.
and yeah btw, my closet is pretty organized but I'm still in there true.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

HOT or NOT ??

when straight guys spoof gay guys? well maybe just spoofing a dance video. I kind of assume he's straight but who knows....

i think this one's hot....

streaming radio is back at work....

couldnt' be more thrilled this week , a guilty pleasure in life has returned in that I am able to run the streaming radio from out of london. THis is something I used to do a couple years while at this job and got my introduction to songs the heavily commercialized local radio stations would never play here in okc. so lie two years ago I was enjoying sister scissors, snow patrol, Keane, Embrace, franz ferdinand, ahhhh..... anyway I"m pretty much an anglophile and am always watching british comedy on tv, and travel channels about UK, etc...
overall I jsut like the random variety that comes up while listening. another good chill station is they have an eclectic Sunday morning I try listening to when I'm out of town. ( i have dial up at home, good for email and pics only)

october is really looking up, For one thing just the idea of cold weather coming and the change of the seasons is very cool. I am going up to my college homecoming next weekend, . I was debating some travel options for my fall break coming up in three weeks---- going to Tampa to see a bud down there,or then I considered Chicago jsut for some shopping and fun, but in the end got a ticket to fly down to Austin again, always fun there.... Next in Oct, the 28th a costume party down in sooner land, Norman Oklahoma. so the month is really looking up, and just about now I am really getting back into the swing of things back at my daytime school job.
A special bud from Tampa asked me to go to London with him first week of November, but I'm not off work at that time, I am waiting for Dec26- Jan 3rd when I will be off from both jobs, I hope to see a friend in Budapest or get back to London for a vacation. anyone have any good travel ideas??????, I need to travel again, been too damn long since I was out of the country, I think the last time was spring 2004 to Central America.


you may agree or disagree but I thought this was interesting regardless.....

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

beach studs.......

kelly rippa

i like her. anyway, I saw a clip where she is intervewiing marcia cross and asks about her amazing breasts. Isn't it great how girls can do this, but wouldnt it be nice if we saw two guys on tv and one says to the other, man dude, nice huge bulge you got in them jeans.
probably not anytime soon huh. ah well.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006


went back to the mall today and got some khaki and black pants on sale at express, khaki slacks is what I live in at this point with my jobs.
If anyone ever considers Target, they have some very cool Mossimo brand jackets for 34.87 really cool khaki cotton or this sythetic fabric brown. very basic and no name brands or label just cool and understated.
The 22yo fball dude from last weekend called while I was gone and mentioned he woudl be free to "hang out" after 9pm tonight. well, nah I think I'd rather just relax tonight and not have any company after this long weekend with company over.
makes me wonder though, we had such a hot time last weekend, why now am I not all gung ho to have him come by again. I think it might be because he's younger, or maybe I am afraid to repeat too soon, I find myself worrying sometime that I may never have a gf or a bf. And many times I can really feel how I'm missing out on stuff by not being married, for example I am always meeting some really AWESOME guys and their wives, but it's hard to ahng out with a couple, but I suspect if I were a married guy/girl couple I'd be ahving a lot fo really great tiems and getting to know some very cool people, and I have a pretty fun personality, I know I'd be the kind to get stuff together, plan things and create fun for other people. I don't know I jsut wish I were out there with these people I already know or have met, and going out to dinner or cooking out, or camping out, or road trips or whatever. SOON I will have to realize that my dreams of a family like mine just may not ever occur. will I be ready to accept that. I think I feel like I've missed my chance of having wife and kids and will never be comfortable with any type of guy relationship, which is why I get all withdrawn when a guy seeks me out or calls too soon or pursues me for some physical action. I think what is going to have to happen will prolly be a guy who I feel comfortable out with and who likes me for me not just my dick. anyway just thoughts here.


hello blog readers,

I'm never sure if I should post pics on here or actually "blog". well here's about my weekend, one of my best buddies from college came to visit with his wife this weekend. (it's why I was up til 12a.m. on thursday night scrubbing the bathtub and cleaning etc..) Well they jsut left and we had an excellent time. background - I worked at WalMart during college and met this highschool kid, and we went for pizza every saturday, and eventually became great friends -- between his small town awkward social skills and my big personality. so he's maybe 5 years younger than me, and after college we've remained in touch. And one of the reasons I'm pretty much glued to this guy as a freind is the loyalty he's always shown me and the fact that, yes, after I graduated from college and he was in college, there were a few times that I had made a few moves on him, I'll admit. SO the fact that he had to be aware of something going on at the time, yet had remained my friend throughout, I respect it.
But yeah I still wonder about the dude. anyway, he and his wife couldn't be happier and perfect for each other. the funniest thing is at the mall yesterday we are choosing sunglasses for his wife, and she's trying them on and agreeing to anything. SH'e this cute cute blond and sharp. But she all but apathetic about style or fashion and pretty much let's my bud do the shopping for both of them when it comes to clothes. (this is wear you see his "metrosexual" side really kick in, pretty funny) anyway we had a great time running around the city yesterday and then eating out at a really nice restaurant called "cheevers" here in okc.

THey left, so now I can catch up on some blogs and websites if you know what I mean. later.