Thursday, September 21, 2006

cute gym guy

this guy works at a gym snackbar? maybe I think? anyway there are quite a few clips of him pulling a prank on some guys, this one was the cutest and I like the way he's all grinning and jumps up over the bar sort of, there's another one with a beefy redhead dude, and when he gets shocked by the pen he jerks back and actually puts up his fist in reaction to the surprise....

this one also nice looking, anyone know what language they are speaking?

a lot of good guys out there in the world

I wanted to psot this vid also because it sort of cheers me up that all over the owrld, there are guys with a sense of humor and who can just act goofy and have some fun together.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I know some of you guys are fans too.....

I am always watching these guys' stunt on youtube, you can tell they have a lot of fun together living over there making some vids now and then. very cool. leave a comment and enjoy

this is exactly the sort of innocent abuse I'd go through with my roomies after college. good guys and just plain good roughhousing fun. what I know about guys now though. i enjoy vids like this.. he he.. later

Monday, September 18, 2006

I don't know I just cant get enough of these guys on youtube

(you just know the one on the left is the top, right?)


forget if I post this pic before. these two guys drinking up and smoking...... and.... why naked? all good.

great weekend here in okc. I forget if I mentioned I met a guy at the gym last week and we traded numbers. he called a couple times this weekend, but I was never home when he called, anyway, finally he left a message that he's on myspace. we emailed about hanging out last night watching football. But I didn't get the time, and instead he came over last night after the game. damn, this guy tattooed up and down the arms, 6'3" and 235 and all muscle, 22yo, really hot, I'm 167 and he said twice, man I don't want to crush you, and I said, don't even worry I like feeling your weight. real nice...... turns out he plays football at the college on this side of the city. we had a great laid back time, this guy masculine and normal, we just laid around, fooled around for about an hour just admiring each other...pretty chill like I like.
anyway , good time, been a long while since i had any company over. i might be working out with this guy on wednesday if my trainer can't fit me in. hope all had a great weekend, fall is hear, finally some cool weather. good for warming up indoors. later.