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scandalous....not really

well I haven't updated anything personal in a while. I've been pretty busy getting back to work routine, and after 3 weekends out of town the house is a pit. SO I'm reading my Dwell magazine some at work tonight to motivate me to clean it up this weekend!
anyway. I sort of cooled things off a bit with the college RA dude. I have not done any online chat or hookup since last Feb, but since I have the new computer at home now, I have found myself on weekends sort of jsut checking around some old stops......anyI have three things to report.

1, a couple days after coming back from Austin I finally got to connect with this guy who visits okc on business a lot, and we've always chatted online since last spring but never met, because I'm super picky and hate meeting online guys or even looking, and he's just as skeptical of metting offline etc.. well we traded pics enough finally and he wanted to come over and did. and let me tell you damn! solid 5'11 175 all muscle blond about 35 looking, all masculine and normal and laid back,and a true 9" white piece. we were both excited about each other, and all safe and clean. he lives in Mesa AZ and hoepefully will keep the phone number I gave him for a return visit.

2, I've been chatting for about 2 and a half years online with this guy who actually graduated from the high school where I teach about 3 years ago. we know each other enough to kid around and joke around, and ever since he found me online a while back I've been telling him stuff about you know, being safe, and being careful etc and all that about guy stuff. anyway, by now he realizes I teach at the school he graduated from and all but I never would tell him who I was. He's OUT and all that, and seems pretty responsible and all, anyway last weekend I finally just told him who I was, even though I'm closet and still working at the same school, I trust him by now, and he didn't remember me working there anyway. He want to go out to dinner sometime, but I told him it would be as friends only, kid. I mean come on 21! I would like to meet him though in person just to chill, and also he's damn cute, little blond solid guy with a great smile.

3. big huge muscle solid black guy in the showers at the gym today. tats up and down his arm looking tough. He is actually cruising me while I'm showering, well you know what effect that is going ot have on me right? anyway, he asks for my phone number while I'm getting dressed. dang, that was a pretty cool afternoon thrill.

I didn't work out all last week and fell it this week. cant' wait to get back into routine. I just wanted to rest up after my big Austin weekend. and so now I'm hitting the gym again and going to take some "GLutamine" tablets from Nucare, which off and on have really helped me thus far.
worked back and shoulders today. later.

Peter Bjorn and John

Man I love the chill sound of this song, a Swedish group I think? reminds me a little of a Norwegian band I really like, "Kings of COnvenience". actually they don't at all alike. well anyway, today I came across this really great blog from a guy in England who I guess is coming to realize his sexuality and how he chooses to live with it.

the blog, called "The Touchline" is here.

The guy puts up some great male pics, and shares an appreciation for great visual design, like the above video-- which is the one thing I had to steal and post on this blog. ha!

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ok steve.....

2001 fun summer, I had returned to the states in the spring of 2000 from teaching overseas for 3 years . worked at a bank for a year, I quit, went to London and Exeter for 2 weeks, returned and began my teaching career again. the past year I had noticed how great the economy was in the US. bad service at McDonalds meant unemplyment was way down. Computers and cell phones still new, gay fun on computers still new, (remember aol m4m ugh!), the new millenium hype of 2000 proved to be meaningless. so anyway, that morning I arrived a little late to work because my first hour was planning, I always came in a side door of the school. I walked by another teacher's room next to mine, and he said, dan turn on the tv quick. oh my gosh, I watched in my room until the 2nd tower was struck, oh my, my stomach dropped or turned or whatever, what in the world. I began to realize this was a new page turning over in the future of our country. SOmething big was happening, the pentagon, the plane in PA, all of it unraveled on the news. I had to check the tv between classes the rest of the day becasue we were asked not to have the tv ons in class in case it freaked out the kids etc.... indeed many parents came to take their kids home, just to be together I think during a sad day.

When I left school my tank was empty and there were crazy long lines at all the gas stations like you see in some bad futuristic movie. I remember how very strange it felt going down the highway through town and seeing the city had put out all the American flags, and this was September not July, felt odd. I watched tv that night and the rest of the week at night, when the sad hopeful mourning people in NY who were missing their loved ones had flyers attached to anything vertical, their pleads on camera to please contact if you knew anything about their loved ones, not able to bear the sad possbility the loved one was forever gone.

I also remember after all air traffic was stopped, the next day or two seeing a plane fly overhead and how creepy it felt, for the first time knowing how it could be used as a terrible weapon.

mmmmm hmmmmm