Friday, September 08, 2006

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I always ask myself....will I ever fall in love?

Mat Weddle of Obadiah Parker - "Who Is It?" (Bjork Cover)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

nurture/nature blah blah blah...

I really offended my best friend in Austin Sun morning. While walking his dog to the dog park we were discussing a friend of mine, one who was just divorced with 3 kids, and had been not seriously abused, but he and his brother were sexually molested in some way or another by the father. I remarked that " is it any surprise they are both gay now". Boy he was really steamed and said that having been abused does not change a person gay. To which I responded, true, I"m sure that does not turn everyone gay, but come on, it could be reason right?. And we cannot say that sexual abuse has absolutely no effect can we? I agreed with everything he said after that, however I still believe there exists the possibility for those who are abused to be affected with confusion or change in their sexual orientation. I was NOT trying to say that homosexuality is a result of nurture and not nature. And of course who would ever begin to argue with the whole "born this way" theory among anyone gay, (indeed should I even post this). but we had a good discussion over all. He has worked for a gay lobby group for many years and has become sick of the other side always trying to blame something or another for the reason someone is gay. So he's pretty defensive about it. personally I feel scientifically there's nothing to prove why a person is gay and although some people may truly have been born completely gay from day one, I don't really agree 100% yet that the majority of gay people are born that way anymore than I believe all the other sexual turn-ons for things besides men or women are a result of someone just being born that way, perhaps a bit of both?...but anyhow......

I swam again today between jobs. this week I'm not working out at all, taking a week off so to speak then I'll kick it back in next week and set up another goal of gaining and shaping up before my trip to Phoenix during Thanksgiving weekend. something tells me I may be in the same outfit that got me some looks last weekend in Austin. yeah! second time to make eye contact with this new jock looking muscularly round blond guy at my gym today. he had flashed me in his towell last week having noticed me in the showers ,and me him.. etc. then today he sort of towelled off facing my direction and showing me his dick and big ole balls. ah man. we saw each other and while leaving I smiled and raised my eyebrows, whatever, I was on my way out getting dressed just as he was stripping down. ahh well, eventually timing will work out if he's that interested. later.

pong partners....

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

back to work and okc....

Can anyone in okc recomend manhunt or for meeting normal masculine guys around?

well anyway, I had a great great time in Austin last weekend. really great... I have one great regret. WHY did I not walk up to that guy I'd been staring down for a quite a while at the oilcan!?!? dang it all.
I reneted a movie with buds Friday night, Satruday was at he lake, met a guy who had his str8 cousin visiting for the weekend, his cousin had modeled at 19 for abercromb in the spring 2001, he still looked hot at 24 and hung out with us all weekend, tons of guys out swiming and on the rocks at hippie hollow, saturday night a party at this million dollar townhouse right downtown austin, I was beat from the lake and didn't hit any clubs, I heard they were all PACED as usual. Sunday I ran around town seeing friends and visting and out to eat etc.. sunday NIGHT I had on a blue threadbare thrift store t-shirt that I've had for a few years, but I've been working out a lot more this summer so it fit me just right.. and some shorts and sneakers and was getting a lot of response, lots of guys coming up saying hey, where am i from etc.. I kept staring down this big huge tall guy 6'4 playing pool, and some guy comes up to me and says, hey his name is Rusty, just go talk to him before someone else does..... I was cracking up that it was that obvious oops. well by my third beer I was about to get the courage to say hey but he had left by then. ahh well. I found later he's sort of shy so no wonder, I'm not one to make a first move either. I headed to fabric next, ran into the guy with his model cousin, then ended up back the townhouse for a late night naked swim on the roof with about 8 other guys (str8 boy and 2 others never stripped down ahh well...)and got home back in bed by 6 a.m. damn I was dead tired and beat all day yesterday, I barely remember the plane rides back home.
I wouldn't mind living down there in AUstin, I recomend it for any gay guy wanting to get away and live in a big city. go AUSTIN definitely.

Monday, September 04, 2006


first of all, condolonces to my AUSSIE blogger buds about the Croc Hunter. that was terrible news to see, that guy was a hot and smart entertainer!

just got in from austin!! SWEET weekend, will update later I'm BEAT tonight, the plane back was like a drea mI was so out of it. let's just say I got in at 6 am this morning to crash at my bud's place. no sex this weekend but came close a couple times.My Austin weekend in a nutshell... some late nights, big parties, million dollar townhouse, and a for real abercromb model.. ahh yeah! hope everyone had an excellent weekend, more later.............