Friday, August 11, 2006

blah blog blah blog -- shout out

thanks to everyone for the comments the other day, just part of the thinking process, getting all the extremes out there, the SCU dude is coming over tonight and I"m looking forward to it, just got back from the gym from working out upper boddy and a swim, so I'm all clean and ready for some couch time, or really just hang out time, it's all good, this guy's smile, oh man.

A good weekend to all!..., remember to wish luck to Allesandro and his job interview in Philly over at "Wish I knew"... and a peaceful non-confrontational weekend to the surfer stud at "I see everything in Widescreen", Stephano at "Letting my Hair" I think is on his way back to Italy maybe this weekend. NSA dude hopefully will have some fun with a stud who knows how to get his toes a tingling. and of course you may want to give a little consoling to "Let's try again", he is coming to terms with just the right baby steps in how he may want to approach the big C word, ( big for me anyway), COMING OUT! and then there's aussieliscious for that down under flavor. What? no big clubbing and drinking planned this weekend? well then go live vicariously through the tales of "down under pants", the nicest most optimistic guy I've had the pleasure of blogging with so far. (gay athlete may update this weekend...ya never know... and of course if you like personal journals, or interested in the life of a muscle stud in FL then check out "What the!", he's got a big heart behind the occasional rant) later.

college parties...etc

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Inspiration again.......

this time Waterpolo....If you could choose the body of any sport, which one? wrestler, swimmer, maybe surfing or baseball (like some bloggers linked on the right),...... right now I'm thinking waterpolo.

steps back

I'm having trouble deciding exactly what I want to do about the SCU college guy. he's emailed twice this week, today's email says he wants to hang out tonight or tomorrow night. so I could call him when I get home from work tonight or wait til he calls me....
But I'm stuck, I am conflicted between getting into some sort of gay relationship and my Christian faith --- continuing my daily walk with God, reading the bible and prayer daily... I cannot seem to do both. I feel like I'm a split personality, following my faith one moment and then considering the SCU guy or checking out guys on this computer toybox the next. I realize he's closeted like me, but starting a friendship which probably would be physical, and yeah, provide some release for both of us at some point or another, does not fit in with the philosophy of how I want live my life. When I do mess around with guys, or get away for a gay weekend with gay friends, I count it as a few sinful moments, and really just try to live my life serving others with goals in life that are set to serve God, serve others, and not serve myself. To be honest, I consider these things each year about this time as the summer ends and the new school year begins. The usual big bad gay party-it-up weekend on labor day weekend, and then back to OKC, the new school year and focusing on Christianity in my life, that my faith would make me stand out from others, not that I'm gay or not gay etc...
but yeah, when I go home tonight I will stay offline in case he calls. and if he does come over to hang out, I will enjoy every bit of it, but I won't make a single move, he'll have to.
(this was hard to write down, please no rants on Christianity or theology or what's sin or not, I'm sure I'm not the only man with these thoughts and conflicts in life.)
another thought, if you've heard the defying gravity song, and how "everyone deserves a chance to fly", I kind of want to cry when I hear that, somehow I feel like I"ve missed my chance and should now just follow the laws of gravity, if that makes any sense....

college again

college time coming up, just think-- all them freshmen guys entering the world of drunk male nudity.... fun times ahead.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

show it off....

Youtube disabled the embedding on this but if you like Ewan McGregor, he discusses his own size here:
(he's full frontal in the film "the pillow book")

Are you a show-er or a grower? This month's Men's Health reports a survey stating that 79% of men are growers and 21% show-ers. I guess that doesn't mean so much overall size, just if it shows or grows I guess. I'm not sure how reliable those numbers are because men might consider themselves either one. For example I know I show quite a bit, but then it also grows bigger.
A friend once told me, after I had made some comment, that seeing a dude flaccid is never an indicator of true size. I used to think opposite but have since changed my mind.
I've also always wondered if being uncut makes one feel a little less naked when going nude.
any comment?

tall vball boys....

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

it's official..

.... it's pierced!
the guy I've seen up at the gym all summer, who always runs with this older group of lawyer and doctor types, and he sort of sticks out in the group cause he's younger big and hot and tattooed all over his shoulder going down his back. anyway,( he's straight ), and good looking blond, big stout body like football/basketball player type. well today's timing worked out he was showering across from me and i swear he was wanting to stand sideways as much as possible so I'd notice his pierced dick I guess. anyway, actually I was staring at the humongous tattoo before I even considered taken the usual glance, then I was like.... oh i see, str8 boy wants to be noticed bit more than the tatto huh. he he

amateurs again....

Monday, August 07, 2006


I spoke on the phone with the hot SCU boy last night(from sat nt). We are going to try and get in touch this week and hang out at my place after I get off work, and then maybe something next weekend, we'll see. I"m having fun getting to know this guy, he's an RA at his small conservative religious college, and I'm a teacher, so I know we're both cool on keeping everything on the DL, as they say.... whatever.
I was imagining how this fall how cool it'd be if he can come and hang out with me from time to time at my place just to get away from his school.

I got a confirmation email regarding Labor day plans. Some guys have rented a 2level party boat for all day Saturday of labor day weekend. so my austin buddy and i have signed up and got our tickets. Should be a great time out on Lake Travis I think. there is a bank for nude sunbathing, and the far end is a sort of gay beach, so on big weekends all the boats will cruise over to that bay and it's just an all day party ( from what I"ve heard, have yet to attend the lake party). anyway I'm getting excited to get away from here and have a fun weekend down there, basically it just keeps me motivated to work out and then a chance to show off what effort I have put in, while I'm running around the boat in my boardshorts. AUstin has a good mixed crowd, a lot of masculine professional types that go to events even though you may not see them at the gay bar scene so much, of course all ages, no prob. I'm not part of any scene here in okc but believe it or not I run into guys (friends) that I've met before in Austin all the time there. very cool laid back place.

I grew up at the lake every summer-- my family w/ 5 kids would go about every other weekend back when my dad had a boat. so nowadays I get to the lake and you can find me in the water most of the day just swimming and wading around. I'm not a day drinker either so I actually like to just enjoy ,get some sun, and practice some jumps into the water etc.. you know the usual.

OH yeah, I may have mentioned my special bud in Tampa I met spring break, we've been emailing ever since, he always reads my real (personal) blog, and we talk on the phone every weekend, sort of a young district attorney , 6'2 210 all in shape and hot, sort of a clark kent look about him, you know innocent smart face... i don't know, anyway he's pricing tickets this week to come to Austin check it all out with me. ON the one hand it'd be very cool to see him in person again, on the other hand, I like being on my own looking around at these things, but it's win/win either way since he'll be staying with me there. ha.

summer boat fun....