Saturday, July 29, 2006

dude, put a shirt on ! .....

guy number 3 and 4 is mike and Jorge. looks like they like to have some fun huh, really though latin guys are always pretty physical, and all guys like to drink and strip right......

and stop acting like you and your friend are gay.....:)

Thursday, July 27, 2006

a good movie

If you haven't seen the movie you might have seen the picture above and thought, "WTF!". I recommend you rent the movie Junebug. If for no other reason the bed scenes of the husband and wife. In this movie a husband and wife return to his home town for the weekend. The wife is an art dealer courting this crazy southern artist who's sort of obsessed with the sins of the confederacy..maybe...(picture above painted by Ann Wood). The wife is sort of high class, and he's returning home thrown back into his southern baptist upbringing. The actress Amy Adams was Oscar nominated and steals every scene. If you had any religious upbringing at all, conflict with a brother, or appreciate our micro culture differences, you'll relate to something in this movie. once again the scenes with the husband in bed or just his smile or singing alone makes the movie worth it.... later.

hot with or without undershorts

the guy lifting looks like jesse from despearte housewives kind of...

swimmers, old and new

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

better week

man last week was nerve-racking, this week much better. I had a great workout today with my trainer, as usual on wednesdays. I think it's really helped me grow some shape to my back and shoulders having him help me out once a week. I'm no muscle stud, guys I'm just saying before it was skin and bones -- you know shoulder blades, spinal column, rib cage etc... now there's some meat back there! (last week we switched to 5 sets of 4-7, we were doing 4 sets of 8-12...)
anyway, I have been checking around on myspace and figuring it out. I'm not really cruising around or anything on myspace because I have my real profile and all my str8 buds and I went ahead and risked adding a few gay friends. however, I was using the browse function to search profiles in my area because I noticed they had a way to mark "bi" or "not sure" for sex orientation. well I found some really nice looking tall "bi" guys in dallas, and so proceeded to forward the profiles to a gay bud in dallas. You know I guess I'm getting careless with the closet computer stuff, because I actually emailed one of the bi profiles (saying on there how I thought tall guys were hot and this dude looked hot...etc..) to a str8 bud of mine from college on myspace aaccidentally. And myspace has no unsend, damn! anyway, I'm laughing now, but the lucky thing is the str8 bud who got it is an ex-roomate who is married now but I know is pretty gay-friendly, beacuse we used to joke around about gay stuff, and I used to hear him talking about stuff he did for drugs while a kid in Florida, and also him and my other roomate used to get drunk and I'm pretty sure mess around some. So I emailed him a second email saying, oops sorry just delete the email it was meant for someone else. he emailed back on myspace today saying simply, no problem. this many years after college I'm pretty sure we've got each other figured out, and most of my closest buds from college know anyway. (check previous post about the day my roomies found out I liked guys...)
I have plans with my single's group on Saturday. I've been planning on trying to meet a girl while keeping involved with this group, but I guess it could never turn in to something serious, or could it? from many other blogs I've been reading seems like most guys are opposed to doing anything with a girl once decided to go for guys. At this point I'm not shutting either door til I actually meet someone who gets my blood pumping and my heart thump thumping, (you know the physical and emotional...)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

give blood, play rugby

my roomies in college and other buds of mine played rugby, was awesome to watch even if I never quite understood what was going on, I always liked the drinking parties afterwards...

Monday, July 24, 2006

weekend over easy

Heres another pic for Dudetube......from comicon last weekend.

not reading many blogs tonight, but I'll catch up on 'em when my new computer arrives. I ordered a dell dimension 510 this weekend so I think maybe it will be delievered by next weekend with any luck, then I'll have the freedom to surf around the internet at home. I've been resisting getting a computer up to this point because of all the time a person can waste online. But I've decided to put the computer in a separate room than my tv or my bedroom, and that will help. plus I'm pretty much out of the online cruising stage as of 2 summers ago, so once again less killing time. I will be back online reading blogs, finding blogs I like because I relate to them in some way or another or just like the pics, and searching out hot guys in amateur pics, and adding more up on this blog. but this week I'll mainly just post some stuff and get some more thoughts out there.
My mom took me to lunch for my birthday last weekend and we ran into a lesbian friend of mine who I've known since highschool. I almost felt like saying to my mom" she's one of my openly-gay friends", just to get a subtle hint out there about people who are openly gay, and people who are closet. She had given me a card about me being happy, and following my dreams no matter what etc etc.. and I always try to read some quixotic message into stuff she writes, because you know how moms always know..etc. Anyway I didn't say anything, and the next eveing my parents took me out for dinner and mom quite innocently asked about the l. friend, "are you going to call A. and get together?" and I think I answered a little too quickly snapping back, "no mom, why would I want to hang out with her" , and really I meant that I wouldnn't call and hang out with anyone i run into from high school, but I felt disapointed in myself because I think my first instinct was to separate myslef from anything gay as usual. and A is a really cool, pretty, nice breast, and I always give her a big hug when we runinto each other at the gay bars in town. So anyway I felt real bad, like a real jerk. but you know with the parents, just drives me crazy i guess either way, if dad starts mentioning me meeting a girl, or this time when mom starts mentioning me making friends with someone gay. I guess I'd just prefer not talking about it at all really unless I make the move on my own and decide... ugh.

btw, hot guy at the gym today, had his private high school gym shorts on, i think he graduated last year, anyway, I think its pretty hot the younger stout guys with hairy legs and big calves. just to check out, reminds me of when I was a freshman in college and would always notice the older guys all mature and confident with hairy legs or arms, specially the muscled up athletic types. good gym day today, killed my legs.... later.