Friday, July 14, 2006

pledges putting on a strip show.....

I joined Myspace...

and already connected to my buddies from college. I went ahead and made the big step of adding a gay friend to my list of friends. the reason this is a big step is because he lists himself as gay on his profile. so for me I guess that's one small shuffle forward from against the back wall of my closet, right?..... anyway, no big deal really 'cause most of my college buddies either know or have figured it out about me and wouldn't care. I guess I'm wondering what my family might think ( although they're pretty much unaware of mypage) and also if any of my class of students that graduated last year might track me down on there. The pretty lame thing, was the message I sent to my gay bud, T, after adding him as a friend, basically asking not to OUT me with any comment he might leave on there. The gay friend I'm talking about is my buddy T in Austin who is coming ot the lake with me for a weekend in late August. I found his myspace page and got all excited that his calendar said he'd be in OKC in a couple I hope he gets the chance to stop by my place. He's the last guy I ever messed with and that's been since memorial weekend. yup, I've been a good boy this summer, staying offline at home and no locker room cruising . went through that stage a couple summers ago already.
I guess overall, I have to say that having an openly gay shouldnt' really make anyone immediately assume I'm gay, and yes str8 guys have gay friends right? of course they do, but not many, mainly 'casues I think gay guys sometimes don't bother keeping them or making any. Sure, no problem for a girl to have all the gay friends she wants, its cool and all that, but for a guy, of course everyone assumes, well why else is he associating with the other team.... hmm. Too bad. this might sound stupid, but I like to hope that if I were completely 100% straight I'd be openly friends to anyone no matter of gay or str8... but obviously I'll never know that one for sure, would I....
(ps if I've emailed you, you can search it on mypage if you want to check out my nerdy profile on there)
Summer is here guys, get outdoors and off the computer this weekend! later.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

more twins

now triplets are also kinda hot, when cute, but sorry guys, their t-shirts say it all.....

extra post

anyone ever sort of look around online and immediately pass over any guy that posts a pic of him and his cat or dog? just wondering cause I usually do.

anyway, here's an interesting fireman pic.

twins---the first two swimmers get my vote

really, who wouldn't want a twin..... there are actually some interesting nature/nurture studies where one identical twin is gay and the other is not. Any twins reading this? or anyone met a twin where both are gay or just one is..?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

whether you are or aren't, boys, work them abs!

perfect timing

at the gym last week, I had walked into the locker room at my gym just as a dude on the first row had droppe dhis toweel to put on some shorts, and he did the stand and look for the back of the waistband of his underwear thing. man just a great glance of a solid piece. now I'm not some guy that screws around ogleing at guys in the locker room, I'm in and and out and usually keeping my own towell on as much as possible 'cause I only show off for the certain few. But this was jsut perfect iming, walking in and getting a nice view.
I mention this because today was perfect timing again. on Wed I workout out with tranier bud because I need hlep gettin gmy back and shoulders to take shape and Wed is my back/shoulder day. well anyhow, I noticed these two young guys maybe college age, playing raquetball on my way to workout. it's great to see a couple guys BOTH goodlooking in shape, tan etc going at it in the gym. so yeah I noticed and then went and got my workout in, I saw them a couple times in line at the water fountain, but an hour later I'm running to the locker to change up fast to get to this job by 2pm and wouldnt' ya know it, the raquet ball boys were in there jsut ahead of me. My Wed gym, we are currently forced to use the one room and two bench boy's locker room because of remodel, one small room, a wall of lockers with 2 benches next to them, and the other side a long mirror adn shelf on the wall. so anyway both boys are headed to the showers in their shorts (prudes). but still jsut seeing 'em all shirtless and then getting out and towelled up and getting dressed ( the usual pulling shorts up under the towell bit, alas.) I was in such a hurry, the casual nudity was all good and they must have been able to check out my prize, as I dashed over to the same bench getting dried up and dressed at the bench, taking a few glances, the nice thing is I was all pumped up from the workout so that always helps. I made slight eye contact a few times just looking their direction and catching one of 'em checking me out. prolly just cause I was in a hurry.... but man they looked good. not a cruise thing, just a nice view keep my motivated.

this is a good time to say, I don't think taking a peek or making a glance at guys is something only a closet dude sneaks in with guys, I think any out and proud gay guy might do the same, as likely any str8 guy sneaks a peak at a girl's cleavage when she comes close or leans over, I certainly have. we're guys, AS IN, visually stimulated and will ALWAYS look, for example... pics online.......

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

another LUCKY girl's CUTE bf

in case you hadn't already seen this...

I bet graphic CA boy fuckgnar is prolly ALL MAC is my guess,(prolly ANY CA graphic design boy reading this) :) he he....but I've always been a pc guy so I thought this satire was pretty funny.

AND if you haven't been keeping up with "inside I'm dancing", he told his parents this last weekend , he tells all about it here.

Love bug in the blog

I'm really not as cold with guys as I might have sounded yesterday, I did some thinking last night and remember certain sort of "crushed" I've had on guys in the past. BUt to get my heart we're going to have to really click and definitely have some intelligent conversation, outdoor recreation, and share some crazy sense of humor, you know, all that stuff could definitely click with the right guy so I think it's possible to find both in guys. I really appreciated Downunderpants post here, and I think there is a lot to be discussed about how guys are different than girls and that makes for different sorts of relationships, (I'm sorry, I know its not a popular gender issue theory with some people, but in my book it's true, guys, we are different in all sorts of ways than girls.)
Read this blog post from Dan Renzi's blog which is also timely on the same point, falling in love. he makes a good point,cleverly humorous as usual, for those trying to find "true love" or maybe just a steady bf etc...

hot dudes playing around....

Monday, July 10, 2006


my current all time favorite band, I was listening to the cd all weekend while my bud drove me around NW arkansas, trying to get him into the band and yeah he copoied the whole cd to his itunes. They've got this song called "hands open";
my hands open,
and my eyes open,
and I keep hoping,
that your hearts open.
great cd. I've been playing their other cd "final straw" over and over for some years now since first hearing the band on Virgin Radio UK radio stream before they blocked it hear at my computer lab job. This band has infectious tunes, smart lyrics, and a great aggressive rock band sound. I bought the new "Franz Ferdinand" cd also this weekend, nothing as stand out as hteir lst cd, but over all, smart lyrics again and just the whole way they sing with that great accent suits me fine. Next purchasde will be "Keane" which I already know I'll probably like as well as their last one.....

oh yeah since this is my gay blog, did anyone see the Zildane head butt yesterday, crazy stuff!

perhaps its dishonest but...

I'm just not ready to mark women off the list at this point, regardless of what I like and enjoy doing with guys. I'm too competitive with guys, i guess I want to be as big or strong, or do something as well, or know more than they. I'm not saying I'm this huge competitive jerk, I"m just saying that inside my head I think I constantly see how other guys measure up and how I compare etc.. With women, I couldn't care less and only want them to admire and fawn all over me, respect me and follow and correlate each other. I'm saying this because I haven't exactly been looking for a woman in my life since the last one. And this weekend with my married str8 friends really started to make me feel like I'm missing out on something again. But when they ask me about single girls they know, and would I like to meet so and so, or what am I doing to meet girls etc.... I'm not completely honest with my replies of why I'm not interested or haven't been looking.
Part of it is when the last one broke up with me 2 and half years ago, I felt like she was the one and only and how in the world would I even begin to find someone who understands me the same... so I've been giving it time. The other thing I was telling my buds is that during college there were a lot more girls to choose from who were into bands and outdoors and artsy stuff than what I could meet now. (and face it guys are extrememly more easy and willing to find for hookups anyway.) a bagful of butterflies? hmmmm
The aspect of physical enjoyment with guys has not been enough to sway me to taking on the full lifetyle of only pursuing guys or "the one guy" if that really exists. However I'm the most loyal friend, team player, co worker, bf that you could ever find. I'm sort of OCD about being consistent with a comitment, so I'm not afraid to think I could give up all the "fun with guys" if the right girl stole my heart. I have yet to meet a guy whose been interested in anything but my dick at this point.

anyway...........enough ranting.............................. over all I had an excellent weekend, I shopped at Pier one, xpress, gap, banana, great sales, furniture store, a owkr out, jog around the city trail, the pirate movie, an amazing restaurant, married buddy cooke me dinner one night. And we rented a french film "amalie". If only one of my buddies up there had a BOAT!! ahh well. One thing that cracks me up about my metrosexual str8 buddy is the way he searches the women's clothes and shops for his wife, she's the one who is tight with the budget so I think when he's out shopping around he feels like buying her stuff on sale too. he he
hope everyone had an excellent weekend.