Thursday, June 22, 2006

one more for the weekend...

was watching random video on youtube and this one is pretty hot, I have no idea what it's supposed to mean, but i really like the big beefy guy with tats all over, only wish I could go home and lay down asleep up against some dude like this sometime...

lake boys.... (repost)

Party Beach boys

I couldn't resist posting the first pic, it's just hot and gay friendly in a way I dunno....anyway, did anyone see the first contestant on the price is right Monday morning... what? no? well anyway, that's my guy, a "bud" big tall dark haired amazing smile irish guy. he's ex military and now a nurse in Austin. WE have plans later this summer to meet up and go to gran lake with a friend whose family has a cabinand boat there . I'm all relaxed and chill this summer knowing that's something good to look forward to....he called me last weekend and left a message about being on tv while on vacation in CA. regardless of the lake trip, I'll definitely be back in austin labor day weekend something tells me.....


Sorry guys!
well I just noticed the settings weren't open to all comments, I hope this will get some more discussion going on here.... I know I mainly post photos, but I would like to have a little more discussion going on..until next post....later.

also nice

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

discreet or what

This week I've not been in the mood for anything, not looking at the gym, online, or going out to bars. I go to the gay bar in town about every 2-3 months or so. and this weekend, this one friend of mine who I go out with whenever one of us feels likes it been long enough since last time we checked the bar scene, well he emailed today about this weekend. I'll go out, and it is fun in the summer to see what boys may be in town and out at the clubs and all, but sometimes it seems really pointless to bother even looking. I think I was meant to be in a bigger city or married already.

anyway, I have a friend from okc who lives in Austin and we were discussing online ads once, because back when I checked around online all the time, I would always state discreet masculine only. He's OUT there and PROUD and that's fine and great with me, but anyway he was saying how he hates guys that say discreet, like he's offended ya know by closet gay guys, he feels jsut come out already regardless etc etc. ANyway I told him that of the guys I have met offline, the whole discreet thing seems to me like it means they are being discreet in that they don't want their boyfriends to know they are hooking up offline. SO I want to ask any of you guys who check around ( doesn't that sound nicer than cruise) online, what you consider "discreet" to mean, "closet" or "not flaming" or "this is NSA and I don't want my bf to know".???..........

anyone like Tattoos?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

soccer boys... always good

you think the cop or the boy were imagining something more later?... are all those guys looking at the dude in the speedo or what?..... what's hotter the guys wrestling or the shirtless boy with the backpack on behind 'em?

have you had a good HIV lecture lately?

I read this guy's blog all the time, 'cause let's face it I live a gay life vircariously by reading other blogs, I'm sure I'm not the only one becaue I find all these similar blogs about guys in the same situation. ( although a lot of my favorite ones are coming OUT lately...) well anyhow, dan Renzi is a gay guy that was on one of the Real World seasons I guess, he's an excellent and really funny writer. my favorite post was when he went to the middle east last year and posted pics of the outrageous luxurious vacation, also because he was prolly with some hot arab ethnic guy while there. .. you can read this guy's post here on his blog about playing it SAFE!

back when it was all natural

and hot, right?

Monday, June 19, 2006

the DJ, Brent.. (nothing happened if you want to skip)

i was at this event this weekend. tons of my straight friends, mostly married, had rented a club dowtown for the night. I was kind of helping out with the group getting it all together so I was there setting up, getting the list set up of who paid or didn't, moving around all night taking pictures to post on our website etc.. well toward the end, I was taking a banner down from the dj booth, and I'm talking to the dj who was hot, younger brown haired guy in the dark button up shirt and slacks on a great bod, butt like a baseball player. So i'm making small talk OF COURSE trying to come up with something, like.. so were we a pretty rowdy crowd tonight or lame and dull? and we talked about how he gets a lot of reunions and group events in the venue and he dj's there every weekend, and he mentions when he played rugby at OU and how they wanted to rent the place but he knew it'd be way too rowdy, and I said, very cool, my roomies in college all played rugby, you guys ever lay against &$U? and he's all heck yeah, good team, and then we started talking about our crowd that night mainly just converstaing and not getting out and dancing much and whatever.... anyway, the whole time I'm looking at him in the eyes, and he's moving around breaking down his booth, but also stopping to talk to me and looking at me, but I just couldn'r read it really, but of course I'm trying stand facing him so he can see my package in the jeans I had on and ya know I had a sort of tight shirt on and was just trying to get a message across you know, well then a girl A. walks up saying, "dan" I wnat you to call me, and she hugs me and says, I love you, and we need to get in touch etc etc.. so I'm like, yeah ok, let me find a pen, hold on.... so I'm loking back at the dj, and saying well nice to meet you what was your name? and we shake hands and I walked off to a table to talk to an ex-gf from YEARS ago and trade info etc... well later as we're clearing the place out, I feel someone grab my shoulder to turn me around, and it's brent the dj, and he says, hey "dan" just wanted to say again nice to meet you and he shakes my hand....ahh man, i was all getting ready to hang out with some other buds at that point, but I was leaving the place hating myself for not saying something like, I'm listed or here's my number, or we should "hang out" some time, or something to get a little more aggressive signal across. ahh well. I''ve got to learn how to play it better next time, that or just call the damn place and speak to the dj, but I'm too chicken shit for that, I like it when the guy comes on to me etc etc..

boys of summer....

ethnic guys are also hot, anyone agree? the last four are the same guy, another lucky girl's bf.