Friday, June 09, 2006


back rub anyone?

facial hair and speedo party

these might be a repost i forget

Thursday, June 08, 2006

nearly naked party boys

how do you get invited to one of these parties anyway.....I'd be up for it.

update and a clip

WEll I think I'm doing all right after slipping up and leaving a comment while logged into this blog. I left a comment on a straight friend's blog, which linked back to my profile etc.. Although this straight frined I mentioned knows about me, 'cause he was one of 5 housemates I had the first year after college, and they found some guy porn in my room and confronted me etc etc... Even though, I don't want him and all my other blog budddies connecting to what I wanted as an anonymous blog site. I mean really, if I was "out" it's not like I'd want everyone I know reading about what'd I'd like to do with guys or have done or what type I like etc.... what's the fun in having a secret blog then.
so anyhow, the link on that screename goes to that old profile, only if someone really got curious and searched the blog or google for it, would they find this page, although now it's linked to a different user name and profile etc..
I also wanted to mention today I was thinking how my parents may or may no know why I'm not married and over 30.. I was thinking that if they do know, then it's pretty cruel for them to keep bringing up finding a wife and settling down and not being single. So maybe they are just wishful thinking, or hoping I'd like to change, or have no idea. They love me so much I don't think they would mean to be cruel and keep reminding me of being single etc..

I thought this clip was funny. (and it's clean) It is a skit by these guys trying to insult the Baltimore police from what I understand from their site. Ever spend tim eiwth a guy and not even know the name? I'm not answering that one...I don't think they are gay although one of them is now SNL. later.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I GOT to get to the beach this summer....

can you decide which one, I'd say the first or fourth, or heck, maybe all four, what to you think?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

last weekend

made a reconnect with a buddy from last summer. he came over last friday, and then wants to come by again tomorrow morning at 8 am. which I figure means on his way to work. This guy is extrememly in shape, he's got good sized muscular body and its all defined and solid, his legs and pecs, about average arms, but who cares, its all good. he came by last friday I think after his lunch break, and smelling all clean and fresh, came in my room and stoff there slowly removing his shirt and tie, the shoes, socks, pants etc.. had a good time. tomorrow morning is cool, but when I consider a regular bud I'm thinking like every one or two months meet up, I'm not looking for weekely, anyway, definitely always hot with this guy... slurp
I was online last week and had a message from a guy from 2 years ago I used to have as a "bud" about every month or so, and he hung huge! damn wish I could get him back over, but he wanted to fuck last time we chatted. I bet he'll come by for some oral just yet before summer's end. ahh well, later.

wrestler party (repost)

swimmer fun (repost)

Monday, June 05, 2006