Thursday, December 07, 2006

thursday nt

worked out back and shoulders today and was listening to some guy make the classic mistake of telling a guy how to work out etc... had a great night at work and am now home with a chocolate cake in the oven, it should be out by the time I'm showered up and ready to hit the sack. I'm going to a single group Christmas party tomorrow night and the girl hosting asked if I could bring the chocolate pound cake I served once after bible study. SO yeah, I"m making it with sour cream, chocolate pudding, chocalate chips, and I even cut up some french chocolate truffles and threw them in too. hopefully will be good. I get to hang out with my trainer, my bud I met a few years back from the single group, and then see some other hot guys that are married to girls from the former group also etc.. you get the idea. anyway, I'm not really involved in any of their bible studies now but am still asked to go to all the social events so that is cool.

I guess its summer for you all you aussie readers and then I know its still nice out on the west coast for any of you summer camp counselor types out there. I just wanted to mention the low here tonight is supposed to be 13 degrees!!! I'm so glad I got that nice goose-down (and cheap) comforter at IKEA last weekend. it's been SO NICE to sleep under all this week I love it. I have to be sure and remember to go start my pickup after breakfast tomorrow morning so its warmed up by the time I've had my grape-cranberry juice, pack my gym bag and get out the door. Jeans day tomorrow at work which is always cool, and a haircut after work so I'm good to go for the short trip to AZ saturday night. well I better go start that warm shower before I jump in bed and sleep through the winter freeze outside. It's the wind that really gets you though, a little thing that we take very seriously here in OKC, the WIND CHILL factor! he he

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Unknown said...

is that 13 degrees fahrenheit or celsius?!?!

Yeah it is summer down here. it was about 35 degress celsius yesterday and its going to be 37 today!