Tuesday, August 15, 2006

the college kid

we've been emailing all week, he wants to come over and hang out again some night this week.. my day job just started back, so now I'm pretty busy teaching daytime, to the gym, then coming to this job. so I'm busy during the week from now, but he is off RA duty wed and thursday night this week, so he's going to come over and watch a movie or tv together and hang out some more. he says in his emails how he's been thinking of me from last weekend, and wants to get to know me more, I feel the same, for now. but this time of year I'm usually putting my energy into school starting back up and work. i will try to keep the blog going, I'm not sure if I should keep posting pics, or just keep updating and journaling about me, or neither or both. Some other blogger buddies are quitting this fall for a while, I have considered but no fear, I'll prolly keep it open even if I don't post as regular. good week to all. later.


Steve said...

Hey man - do what you can - everyone understands

.. and keep hanging out with the guy - get to know him - he seems pretty cool..

I find I feel better when I am busy, but that is me..?

alessandro said...

just post whenever you can and do not feel pressured to, just when you have time to. I hope you have fun with the college kid and get to know him better.