Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Love bug in the blog

I'm really not as cold with guys as I might have sounded yesterday, I did some thinking last night and remember certain sort of "crushed" I've had on guys in the past. BUt to get my heart we're going to have to really click and definitely have some intelligent conversation, outdoor recreation, and share some crazy sense of humor, you know, all that stuff could definitely click with the right guy so I think it's possible to find both in guys. I really appreciated Downunderpants post here, and I think there is a lot to be discussed about how guys are different than girls and that makes for different sorts of relationships, (I'm sorry, I know its not a popular gender issue theory with some people, but in my book it's true, guys, we are different in all sorts of ways than girls.)
Read this blog post from Dan Renzi's blog which is also timely on the same point, falling in love. he makes a good point,cleverly humorous as usual, for those trying to find "true love" or maybe just a steady bf etc...

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