Thursday, July 27, 2006

a good movie

If you haven't seen the movie you might have seen the picture above and thought, "WTF!". I recommend you rent the movie Junebug. If for no other reason the bed scenes of the husband and wife. In this movie a husband and wife return to his home town for the weekend. The wife is an art dealer courting this crazy southern artist who's sort of obsessed with the sins of the confederacy..maybe...(picture above painted by Ann Wood). The wife is sort of high class, and he's returning home thrown back into his southern baptist upbringing. The actress Amy Adams was Oscar nominated and steals every scene. If you had any religious upbringing at all, conflict with a brother, or appreciate our micro culture differences, you'll relate to something in this movie. once again the scenes with the husband in bed or just his smile or singing alone makes the movie worth it.... later.


Anonymous said...

"My favorite animal is the meerkat." I loved Amy Adams in this movie....and that guy was pretty damn hot too.

Gray said...

Hmmm. Religious upbringing? Check. Conflict with a brother? Check. Appreciate our micro culture differences. Check.

I guess I'll have to see the movie.

[P.S. Thanks for stopping by my blog.]

Steve said...

wow - that painting is, uhhh, well - I guess WTF...!?!!?

:) - I guess that is why they call it art..