Monday, June 05, 2006

blog will be back soon

I left a comment on a friend's blog while logged in on this blog, long story, but suddenly this part of my life would not have been as private. SUCKS! I deleted my comment, but my psuedo blog account name is left on the email that is sent, so I'm going to see if that will link to that old profile and not this new blog.... I created a new name and profile and just used this same web address so I don't htink anything will be connected. ( unless someone tried hard to enough to track doing a google search and then linking to this blog or seeing a cache of pics) anyone got a suggestion?.. so I'm going to see if I can create this blog without any links to the previous screename..... I can get the previous posts and pics back if they're still cached. here goes.... back in a few days guys so CHECK BACK!

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J.R. said...

Damn, dude! I just made this exact mistake like five minutes ago and remembered this post from so long back... I'm freaking out now. Changed my profile so the blog isn't displayed on there and took off the "About Me" so I don't think my friend will be able to get to it. But sucks, cause now neither will anyone else who finds my profile.

The downside to secret blogs. Or, secrets in general.