Friday, June 19, 2020


any thoughts on this? talk about high concept 80's video... whew! i want to know what was edited out of the design meeting on this one... :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

summer bulges....


I've begun a wine collection. Don't laugh or turn your nose up to soon, I don't profess to knowing anything about wine, and these are all grocery store bought. I hardly ever drink wine.  However, every week I decided I would buy a bottle of wine just to have on hand for an occasion, for example like people who bring a bottle when invited somewhere for dinner.  But the real reason is I'm determined to have some people over to my place for dinner and maybe some cards at some point.  So, I've been randomly choosing this or that bottle of wine.  I like sweet wine so I usually look at the Moscato or Riesling. I also prefer white wine so I don't, Chardonnay? the Chloe wine here said Sauvignon blanc? no idea. I bought the rose' wine because I liked the color and bottle. ?  the zinfidel I got on recommendation of a friend who served me something similar red wine. 
Anyway, for the few readers let out there, feel free to recommend anything. I'm not opposed to going to a real wine store either, but the grocery store has been convenient and it's a new thing here in OK to have wine at the stores.   Of course, who knows if I'll ever have anyone over and serve any wine.  In my late 20's and early 30's I would always buy wonderful stuff found on sale at Pottery Barn for the fabulous dinner parties I was sure I would someday throw, and nope never happened. But I have a few boxes of interesting plates and platters and place card holders and chargers, yes lots of chargers ugh!  alas!   But I think these days I could handle a small dinner party and night of cards. :)
  I am chugging along with my summer.  lots and lots of yardwork. I need to blog about singlehandedly moving my shed in the back yard.  I'm in the second week of a summer class that is not too exciting since it's online and a whole new curriculum.  The basic essays are the same but the new course has a "This I Believe" theme for essay one , shared experience, that carries into essay 2 informative, and essay 3 persuasive so that you branch and expand on whatever belief you write about. I refused and stuck to having students write about an ability or strength they have.  I've done that for the last few years and it's always interesting to write about. I think it's positive for the students also.  I would have been more willing to try the Believe thing if I'd been in person teaching the new course , but online I'd rather stick with what I know.  I wasn't really happy with the course documents which are pretty specific to the assignment.  Whereas when the course was presented in training, they said that any prompt is fine as long as we teach the objectives of the course. anyway, blah boring work ramblings..
Let's get back to summer!  less travel this year for everyone. people are out and about in OKC, cases are levelled  here, and people are being careful when out I've noticed. me too.  Happy June, all!

Happy hump day...

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Friday, May 08, 2020

May is here...

i should be grading papers..... that was a photo from Paris trip in 2008. and then there is another photo of a NYC trip in 2013? maybe?
I'm currently sitting on 5 classes of essays, one class of evaluative essays, 3 classes of Rogerian argument, and one of Mythology term papers.  I'll be grading them in that order. I've made not progress this morning at all. Other than grade one paper from the second group above that I'd helped with a few emails and he turned in an okay paper, too short and not enough sources but oh well.  High school kids in my classes sometimes struggle with getting to a college level writing.  I've been making little zoom videos where I record me talking to them like a youtube channel, but then I share the screen and go over each part of their paper. I tell them what to change or correct, or I'll say to make something sound more academic or college level, less vague, make a point, have something to say, etc... and I enjoy the challenge in pushing them forward toward maturity of the mind, and the discipline of focusing on something and having a voice.
students today more and more coming up in a world where everything is just shared by copying and pasting a clip or clicking on an emoji as a response...and here I am saying I want you to say what this means and why and how and use words and language about the topic to do so...
I'm really looking forward to this week and the next being OVER.  a lot of work between now and then but I know that once it's done and grades are in, I'll have time to just work on my yard and/or house. 
I QUIT pursuit of buying the land in AR btw.  I knew the neighbors, the seller, and the realtor, and I asked some friends in the neighborhood who asked around people in town and the architect hired to design a house for the site etc... and after all decided to wait. Now is not the time and I can always find something if I wanted to move up there or buy something later.  In fact, with only 2 or 3 years left on my mortgage, I'l be in a much better position after getting that paid off in the near future anyway. meanwhile I found out i have a credit score of 821, not bad.  I was also walking around my house last Sunday morning and considering all the house repair needed to my house, and updating of the kitchen, and some roof and soffit work needed... I felt God would want me to take care of this investment before reaching out further with that land in AR.  So dreams on hold, and dreams change, so time will tell.
Speaking of my house, i can't wait to take up the berber carpet in the front room here. I live in a small 2 br bungalow. so half the house is the kitchen with a bar between one big open room towards the front door.  I have a table in the middle part near the bar where you walk into the kitchen and then the furniture beyond that. I sit here at my table mostly at the computer facing the front door and living area.  anyway, this whole room, I want to take up the carpet down to the wooden floors underneath. I'm now sure what I'll find, but I suppose I'll just do it and replace/repair whatever I find.  I know there is a wood panel covering a square hole where the heater vent used to be in front of the doorway to the hallway, and then I'm not sure whether or not there used to be a wall in between this dining area and front room? so I'll find that out too. but after 18 years in the house, I need some sort of change before I go another 18 or however many more :).
I'm working out again. since last Friday, every week day this week at 12 noon, the class size is about 5 and we're all apart from each other and wiping everything down before and after use etc etc all precautions.  With less than ten people there we are well in the low range of possibilities of spread.  Nothing is back to normal and I'm still working from home and staying home otherwise. I am so glad to be back on track to keeing in shape. and also it is AWFUL having lost all the muscle and momentum I had going before we left. this week doing pushup and pullups and etc is really arful with this little extra weight around my gut. UGH!! but a few more weeks and I don't think it will kill me so much and I'll be more into a groove hopefully.
it rained last night and turned cool today 50s and 60s. cloudy outside which will keep me indoors and grading papers.  listening to music on youtube. I listen to the alex rainbird channel mixes over and over. This is nto a very meaningful post, but I wanted to catch up with what's going on today anyway. I posted a video about Big Foot on my social media this morning. I posted that it was Conspiracy Friday and stated that I can't belive that youtube allows such lies on the internet! it's meant as a social commentary on the stuff online and being shared or taken down, so boring. the things humans carry on about in disregard of what really matters. in my opinion.
cheers all.