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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

end of 2020...

   The 2020 year's end made for a good holiday season.  I not only had my siblings and folks over for dinner this year for our own Christmas get together, but I also had my buds S&B and their pool friends group over for a night of progressive dinner which was fun.  ALSO somehow a few days before Christmas my buddy H from Austin came up with his husband to spend the night at my place and the next day just hanging out before going on to his dad's who lives in town. What made it awesome is S&B came over that night to play cards with all of us, so I had 2 worlds collide and my best friends and their husbands finally met for the first time. ha... all at a safe distance of course.
    Let's start with before Christmas. November I visited friends in AR, my buddy J and his family. then T and a few other college friends, basically just staying in with J and family and then with T, going out for pizza safely and at a distance. although they already spend time together quite a bit and I've already had covid, but still safe.  Thanksgiving was with family but only a a few of my sister's kids at her house with my siblings and folks, again most of us all had covid already so only my brother was most concerned other than we'd all had it and supposedly weren't/aren't contagious etc etc.  I made a cream cheese frosting on pumpkin spice cake which everyone loved. 
    Another thing I got done in November was a tile project around the base of my porch. I tiled it with checkered black and white tiles to add a bit of punch and interest to this old house. My sister has a birthday in November, she's the one with chickens who gives me lots of fresh eggs.  Well, all last summer I blew out some egg shells now and then and saved them up for a project. I made her a framed egg display for her birthday and she loved it!   we also had quite a huge ice storm last fall, and the branches were laying by the curb for about a month or so, but were gone by Christmas. :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

definitely thankful..

 last weekend was interesting. we made no plans for Friday or the weekend because my buddy S was going to his folks place up in the small town where he's from in NE OK on Saturday to spend time with family until Tuesday, then come home to have Thanksgiving with his husband B's family in town the rest of the week.  I got a text from him last night that he was hunkered down for the night in a deer stand. He hunts deer every year with his brother about this time.  Well, anyway what was interesting is I got a text from B about playing cards with the usual gang over at Sp and K's place.  Sure, why not, I was up for it, although it was a first time to hang out without my link to the group, S, there.  I missed him but it was a fun night overall. I didn't win or lose; we played progressive rummy.  

before that happened on Saturday night, I was was home most of the day working on replacing the attic door in the guest bedroom.  The other one had fallen apart and broken.  My brother came over about 12 o clock to help me with it.  He got up there and pulled out all these big nails that had been hammered in and then eventually we had it loose and lowered it... by then it was my 1pm lunch time, when I always go to my local favorite pizza place for lunch on the weekends. So he and I went up there, and lo and behold my 2 sisters were there with one their daughters and then her kid.  It was my older sister's birthday so they were out running around and she also loves that pizza on my side of town.  anyway, we chatted for quite a while all of us while waiting for our pizza, then they left when ours arrived since they'd all finished etc.  After lunch my brother kept working right up to 5pm when he left. what a project! the new attic door was a tiny bit too long to fit into pace and then it ended up being a bit more narrow so we had to use shims on the sides.  for the length, and the non hinged end we used a sawsall to take out the board there and then move it back a bit and then screw back in etc etc etc.. it's working now so I can get all my Christmas boxes down ;).

this week - I have lots of papers to grade , things that were turned in online last weekend, but since this is our "break" and I don't have to check emails from students and have to get stuff graded, I've been putting it off. maybe tonight or tomorrow I'll check some Mythology papers. and then I'll get to my comp classes later in the week most likely.  I'm still helping B in the mornings get her husband into his chair even though I don't have to go into the office on that side of town, but I'm glad to do it. it's a quick easy drive about 15-20 min south there, and then back.  So that gives me someone to visit with a bit on those days, and then I can just come back and work on whatever at home.  This week it's been more cleaning house and Christmas crafts than school work.

I did some tile work around the base of my porch last month, and then now I'm working on making some garland to put on two small trees on the front porch this year.  The garland involves square wooden beads,  painting them and then I found some wooden cubes cheaper undrilled, so I drilled my own hole into those tonight. they'll all form a garland eventually with alternating black and white squares with a red bead in between all of them. I'll have pics eventually.  I'm hoping to also get some things down from the attic tomorrow, just stuff up there I realize, you know what, I don't need that or have a use of it afterall! ha.. What I'll do is bring a bunch of random stuff like lamps and just whatever else from up there , I'll bring it my sister's THursday as a sort of free garage sale. LOTS of niece and nephews who like things for their kids' rooms etc.. we'll see.

I was only one at the 12 o clock class today at crossfit. we had class anyway and I just had my own trainer counting me on all the workouts.what was it, you ask?  assault bike sprint for 45 seconds. then 4 sets of 8 each leg back lunges with barbell and then 3 handstands negative pushup ( which means come down slowly to your head). next was sprint on the row maching for 45 seconds. and then 7 each leg RDL's followed by 7 arnold dumbell press. 3 sets of that one. blah blah.

I ran errands today. first to the counter place in town. I'm pricing kitchen counter tops, quartz for my little bungalow galley kitchen, which currently has a diy 4" square tiled counters. UGH I'm over them after here so long!!! want NEW!!  basically money I'd usually be spending on travelling , I'm now putting in to the house.  So new kitchen counters, it is.  I went to a place, Friends, that my folks like. they estimated about $2400 at a rate of $55 per square foot.  the place I went today that my nephew recommended was cheaper at $43 a square foot for same quartz I like, but the estimate was $2300, but that didn't include the backsplash with quartz that I had on the first estimate. so I'm like, no difference basically!! anyway, the sink was part of the second estimate and not the second, but anyway, I'm just going to go with the first one because the place today had a car in the show room that they were working on thye engine with parts on some of the show counter tops. well, anyway, the first guys out west of town were like way more together. ha!  I'm calling them tomorrow to come out measure etc.

AFter I went to that place locally, I went to dollar store looking for cheap ornaments, but it was the wrong dollar place I got them at last year (you know, there are so many different dollar brand stores) then I drove over to Lowes for some things.  Great Stuff is foam from a can that I'm going to use in the gaps on the sides of the new attic door. I'm also going to use it to fill some cheap small plastic ornaments from the dollar store that I plan to paint and put on garland string. But anyway I also got some quarter round for my front room ( I ripped out the carpet this summer to expose the wooden floors beneath) I'm hoping to get all the carpet tacking ripped up this week and then start getting some quarter round trim into the gap there.  I also looked at kitchen sinks and counter top options at Lowes, they price $63 a foot for quartz and installation etc.. they had some really great recycled glass speckled thing I like but nah I'm going with the place, Friend with the quartz they had etc. ( I've also ordered some wallpaper samples from Bradbury and Bradbury online, I have this whole idea in mind, we'll see what happens in the long run.)

I also found a couch online on FB market place today.he was going to send me more pics when he got home tonight. so hopefully I'll hear from him.  i was shopping online and found a couch at Wayfair that was $300 bucks, Amily linen 82" light grey  and I like its simple form, firm cushion, and it's a sleeper, then I found another one I really like for $1300 , Timber model, pebble grey linen at that was also a nice generic square shape and very very comfy looking. UGH hard choice.  then on FB there is one west of my part of town that was $250 2 years old from Ashley Home at Mathis Brothers furniture (a known OKC store etc). I've never had a proper sofa here at my home. I've always had a 60's or 70's loveseat hideabed that is wooden arms and like a Naugahyde that is old, a sort of ivory color , I've just always liked it because it came from my grandparents cabin that my family went to on weekends as kids and my brother and I slept on that hideabed.  Of course, now as an adult I realize it wasn't anything special to anyone in the family other than a piece of old furniture that they put out at the cabin at the lake. ha!  ANyway, it rained all day so I couldn't have gone to get the couch anyway, I'm waiting to hear from him tonight about the depth and cushion feel ...

So I'm excited about getting something soft and cozy for visitors next I have them. They'll be like, oh! real furniture! ha!  If I get the used one, I'll use the rest of the sofa budget to maybe get a Frame Samsung tv, that's another thing on my list. we'll see.

someone asked about shopping? for me? or for gifts? or gifts for me? ;)   I've been dying to buy a pair of boots online, Grenson Brady black boots. but my friend in AR said they were to "bougee" meaning too hipster looking I guess. And I'm not going anywhere to be seen in anything these days so it's a moot point, but my local group is having a Christmas dinner party (that I'm trying to get out of) and if I do go, then I want to wear those boots dammit! ha ha  .. I'm just rambling now.  Both my best buddies, S here in OKC and J in AR have birthdays this week, and I bought them both something on Amazon to have delivered as gifts.  a pair of socks, Darn Tough brand, and a tube of Marvis toothpaste. I love that toothpaste and it's something no one would buy for themselves at its price so I sent them as gifts. Also I sent my friend J in AR Dan Crenshaw's book Fortitude, about what he learned about success from being a Navy Seal.  I also sent him a copy of a book I'm currently reading, Rod Dreher's The Benedict Option.   

I've been watching a lot of youtube videos lately at night. there are videos where people just walk around the streets of london this time of year. I also watched a lot of so and so surprises such and such relative videos, and there is one with this guy with a brush hog filming himself and machine clearing away a bunch of overgrowth on this old farm, oddly satisfying. happy thanks giving everyone! :)

well doggone it!...

Friday, November 20, 2020

keep it clean....

covid and me....

 I've been going to the gym doing crossfit workouts since it reopened May 5th.  I've been hanging out with the same people all summer, small group of friends as S&B's pool on weekend and/or weekend nights out for dinner or playing cards.  Wearing masks, washing hands, etc..  My gym had actually been very lucky to hardly have a single case all summer long .  This was until OCtober 21st, a Wednesday... On the gym facebook page Wednesday they posted that my trainer Na and her boyfriend Nt both tested positive. I'd worked out with her the same day and was concerned to have been exposed. I went back to the gym Thursday for a brutal workout with the other 2 owners there filling in for Na and only 3 people were in the class so one of 'em partnered up with me for the workout where we did as many thrusters and toes to bar as we could in 20 minutes? I think. I forget how long, but the it worked you had to 5 of each, then 10 of each, then 15 etc.. we took turns doing 5 at a time and got up to 40 ughh!!  anyway, Thursday night an email was sent out from the gym that it would be closed Friday and Saturday Oct 23 and 24th for cleanup.

I played cards both nights with S and B, and K who is SP's wife. he was out of town.  I knew I'd been exposed to my trainer, but I'd been exposed to many people before who tested positive etc and didn't think I'd been around her much etc... so that was Friday and Saturday night.  Sunday I woke up a bit tired feeling but thought that was from staying out late, also I felt like I had allergies and didn't think much of the covid thing. big mistake! I made some cake doughnuts that Sunday morning after church and then went to visit my folks and sisters. They remarked I was pretty quiet, and I said well I have some allergies kicking in but I was exposed Wednesday so stay at a distance.  None of us really thought anything of it. I was feeling fine otherwise. THEN MORNING as the weather got colder over night and i was under some heavy blankets, I work up through out the night feeling feverish, too hot, then chills, then hot, etc  Monday I was fatigued, achy all over, and feverish and just stayed on the couch sleeping on and off all day.  I was up and about the next few days but still feeling chills now and then and not much appetite etc.. basically I had all the CDC listed symptoms except vomiting.  I checked in with my family and my mom felt the same way I did, but hers kicked in Wednesday, 2 days after mine had. CDC told me to quarantine 10 days from when I first felt symptoms so I stayed at home all week etc.  

meanwhile an ice storm hit OKC Monday so all day the ice built up on trees bending them over and taking down many branches, then overnight same. I kept waking up feeling like that kid in the book My Side of the Mountain when he's sleeping in that hollowed out tree and hears trees falling all night wondering if his will be next.. all night I woke up hearing crash , snap, boom throughout the night .  Tuesday morning it continued to freeze and rain which meant more buildup and heavier branches and broken limbs. what a mess the entire neighborhood was.  Also Tuesday , about 1pm I lost power.  Thank goodness I have a gas water heater, but it's in the basement area small space under the back of the house, and with the power out, the sump pump was no longer working.  Any time it rains there is water build up down there without it , in this old house. I didn't really think about it until Wednesday night and walked down there to find about 5 or 6 inches of standing water. ugh!!  because i'd been depending on the hot water baths at night and filling up 5 gallon buckets with hot water in the morning to heat up the place a bit.  well, I did the only thing I could Wednesday night, walk up and down the stairway filling up 5 gallon buckets and walking back up and carrying them out the back door to pour out. I did that 25 times and got it down a few inches. went to bed. Thursday afternoon I got about 20 buckets trying to keep up with the water which had filled right back up to where it was before.  

My parents and I go to the same doctor, and my mom and I both ended up after hours at the office for a covid test at the same time.  we both got results back Saturday morning which confirmed detection of covid. UGH

Luckily Thursday night power returned to my side of the street except not mine.  The electric crew from TX that was in the back alley all day Thursday told me they could not reconnect my power because my rod had been bent down and pulled from the box below. I still had no power, but my neighbor let me run a cord from their backyard over the fence.  I used that for a space heater, lamp, and then plugged in the sump pump to empty the water.  When it gets that full I have to start and stop in intervals or the water comes out the washer machine drain. anyway, I got it drained etc etc.. whoah!  I called 5 different electric repair places Friday and left my name and number with all of them, all too busy and already had a list.  thanks to the Lord, on Saturday one of them pulled up and went to my back yard and fixed it and hooked me back up! woot!!   (2 other co.s called me Monday and I told them, no thanks i was good!)  

I kept taking it easy. my food was okay because when the fridge went out I put my milk and eggs and stuf on the back porch and then Friday and Saturday as it warmed up outside, I put all that in the freezer which had stayed pretty cold because I always keep a frozen milk gallon jug in there to take up space and to have handy. :)Well, it turns out my dad got sick that halloween weekend  and my 2 sisters. S and B ever did get sick, but SP's wife K did get sick that week.  her husband also.  

I worked from home all the next week, although there wasn't too much work since most students were also out of power and had to get late extension on everything to turn in etc etc... I began to feel better from Monday and my 10 days were up and I was back to the gym on Thursday...   stayed in all the weekend of the 7th. and then I was back to school Monday the 9th, I've been doing office hours mon, tues, wed from 8 to 11 ish.  I'm still helping my co worker friend on those mornings before work with getting her husband into his chair, so that all works out fine, except i was out of pocket for 2 weeks so they were left to their own devices then I suppose.

the weekend of the 13 and 14th, we were all ready to get back and see each other again, S and B and SP and wife K . we all met out to eat and then went to SP and K's house to play cards. SP works out at same gym and had invited trainer Na and bf NT to play cards with us ( and SP and K's son Zc who lives with them so we'd have 8).  We all compared our covid stories and that's when we find out that Na and Nt had been to Denver and flown back that Monday before they came down with covid on Wednesday. then me, then K, and then my family etc.. you can see how it really spreads.  THe weird thing is the girl R that played cards with all of that same weekend of Oct 23rd never got covid, she was siting between K and me.  and S and B never did either. So it is what it is.  my family is all over it and fine except my dad who is taking a longer time getting better.  he felt fine last Sunday but then went out and over did himself cleaning up branches Monday and Tuesday.

Wednesday and THursday he was feeling feverish again and had severe pain in his neck and knee.  My siblings and mom and I were all frustrated that the doctor wouldn't see him.  Times are such that doctor will say if you have Covid then its all because of covid. He was told that if he got worse, to go to the ER?!?!?  Well, mom and dad were saying that he wasn't dying, he could breathe fine, eat, sleep , etc just had that pain.  I was over there yesterday and dad could barely walk around with his walking stick. his knee hurt even when he sat stil.

This morning I received a text from my mom that late last night my dad was in pain and couldn't even get out of bed so he called 911. an ambulance came and checked him out and took him to the local hospital.  They ran tests and found he had water swelling in his knee.  they gave him a steroid shot and told him the neck pain was viral and not bacteria. they said he overdid it that week and to take it easy and gave him some things to do about his knee and neck.  He felt better today and we're all hoping he's on the mend now, finally.

okay, well that's my covid story.  You can imagine the regret I feel in not staying home completely after being told my trainer had covid after i had been in the gym with  her on that Wednesday.  I can see now I was over confident in feeling fine and healthy as if I was a lucky one that it would skip over since I wear a mask and wash hands, but nope.  And you might imagine how anxious I felt about my dad not getting better as soon as my mom did. both my mom and I only went down for about a day, then just felt tired after that.  my dad could barely move around for a week when he got it from my mom. alas! 

my brother in laws never got covid from my sisters, and we're all saying it's because they are O blood type, but really that's not completely proven.  I stayed in this weekend, no eating out with the gang or cards. S and B are going to S's folks tomorrow for a few days and then will be in town with B's family this next week.  I'll be getting together with my family, since we've all had it anyway, except my brother's family will not come nor my younger sister's family. they are all keeping safely distant which is just how things are this year. 

team effort Friday...

Thursday, November 19, 2020