Sunday, January 31, 2021

buns and ovens....

ex pat pov........


 I watch this guy's videos about Ukraine all the time (because I'm dying to visit Kyev someday!), but this video was different.

looking at the man in the mirror...

Friday, January 29, 2021

jan week by week...

what a smooth week it was! I'm still going to crossfit 5 days a week so pretty much everything else in my life is scheduled around that.  M-W i go into the office since my school is across the street from the former coworker who I help on those mornings.  I have to pull her husband in his sling hovering over his wheelchair while she lowers it from the front. That way I can pull back and get him right up against the seat... he's got a lot of back issues and plus the stroke has altered his speech and then I forget something in his legs. anyway. those are my M-W mornings. I can concentrate better in the office and the internet is faster, I will say. ha. I'm the ONLY ONE in the building though except a cleaning crew will come by at some point.  This week my goal was to get my cover letter written. I've pretty much done that.

I'm working on an online application for a job opening at a college in town.  I only have a graduate degree and they have that listed as a qualification, but then it says doctorate preferred. I'm sort of  hoping with my experience and meeting every single other qualification that hopefully they'll still consider although it may not be easy these days for an old white man getting a new job. we'll see. I'm sort of hoping with all the budget cuts maybe they'll be okay with only a graduate degree, what with my energetic upbeat motivated nature.. ha ;).  so last week I worked on updating my resume. got that all done! and then this week the cover letter. I have the part about all my experience with course design which they list as a qualification. next I have to write all about my fabulous teaching and then get that sucker done. Next then is all these personal questions asked about my teaching philosophy and career choice and importance of higher education etc etc. but those boxes have a 400 character limit, so only about 80 words. :P I can do it.

I made it to the bank this week to deposit 2 insurance checks and then have a big check written to mail to the roofing company that replaced my roof last fall.  I'm going to let them know  I wasn't fully satisfied with one part in back where the siding meets the new roof. they tore off a strip to get the flashing higher or something like that, I dont' know, some new regulation, but it looks sort of crappy the way they left it. also one of the gutters has standing water at the dummy end. So those are my only caveats if they ask if I'd recommend them. I figure with milking out $18,000 from my insurance, I can ask them to do a better job. we'll see.

anyway, otherwise I've been grading coursework stuff from the 3 eight week classes I'm teaching online.  Other than today I had a committee meeting that i had to lead on zoom. a student was a appealing a grade and so the 8 of us listened to the student, then the professor, and then they left and we all discussed it and , nope, she still doesn't get an A, oh well. I had to write the recommendation back to academic affairs afterwards. So we can add Grades Appeal Committee lead to my resume ,right?  oh yeah.  This weekend is falling into shape rather nicely.  Other than I was sitting here at the computer before dinner reading comments on Blue October videos and crying as I read them and listened.  what a heart. what a life.

Oh! also all week I've been watching Grand Designs on youtube.  Does anyone else enjoy this show. i have a cowboy friend in Tulsa that I just can't get turned on to this show. but It's so good. basically rich people design and build their own homes and the show documents it and the time it takes, and most of them even finish the build. There is a UK version that I love, but also there is an Australian and New Zealand version. so I've found some accounts that post them up, and someone in UK is posting the new episodes season 21 week by week. woot!!  haven't moved forward on my own house plans yet, the kitchen counters I want to replace that is. but I'll get to it. a friend from high school designs and coordinates remodels for big houses in OKC all the time and she said she'd come over and consult with me.  what I love about that is she already knows guys big and small companies that will do the work for me. so that's going to happen.

looking forward to the weekend, working on school stuff, getting my application going, and then a funeral tomorrow in McLoud Oklahoma. husband of a woman in my gardening club. I love her and want to support her just by going to the funeral.  it's what we should all do. just go.
tomorrow night is eating out and then playing cards with the usual gang. and lots of rain I think. cheers.

it's something....

I love dance as metaphor!

been drowning?


Tuesday, January 26, 2021

winter whites.....

and my tree 2020.....

this year I went with a green and white sort of theme with yellow and a few bright reds and then I added the light blue ornaments on a whim because of the blue in the blanket I' have hanging over a south facing window.  anyway, I was please in how it all came together. I made a garland for the tree with some wooden beads, straws, and some ornaments painted green with white snowflakes glued on. also I wrapped a few spray painted white branches around a few green ornaments for a bit of natural effect.  the tree is down now, just last weekend actually. ha

more holiday 2020.....

 well these Christmas photos are way late and no one really feeling the holidays now, but I might as well record my 2020 Christmas. I went with the checkered theme and made 2 wreaths for the porch, one for each window.  It made for nice symmetry. I made a black and white ribbon and wrapped that around each wreath with lots of red holly.  I also wrapped a few large red ornaments with willow branches and painted the branches black for a sort of effect.  I put 2 small trees outside each year, and this year I used red wool garland, and also made some garland with wooden blocks that I painted black and white and then drilled holes through to make a garland. I also wrapped the tree with willow branches that I spray painted white. Lots of fun spray painting this year. ha.

Another fun craft project was the tree branches and rope that I made into a tree shape or the side of the house. I got the idea from a smaller one at a store in town.  There were piles of downed branches by the curb for weeks after the ice storm in November. so I used those and also cut cross sections to hang as sort of ornaments.  I'm including a few photos of my little home in the snow.  What a wonderful white Christmas it was this year with the snow!

Friday, January 22, 2021

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

end of 2020...

   The 2020 year's end made for a good holiday season.  I not only had my siblings and folks over for dinner this year for our own Christmas get together, but I also had my buds S&B and their pool friends group over for a night of progressive dinner which was fun.  ALSO somehow a few days before Christmas my buddy H from Austin came up with his husband to spend the night at my place and the next day just hanging out before going on to his dad's who lives in town. What made it awesome is S&B came over that night to play cards with all of us, so I had 2 worlds collide and my best friends and their husbands finally met for the first time. ha... all at a safe distance of course.
    Let's start with before Christmas. November I visited friends in AR, my buddy J and his family. then T and a few other college friends, basically just staying in with J and family and then with T, going out for pizza safely and at a distance. although they already spend time together quite a bit and I've already had covid, but still safe.  Thanksgiving was with family but only a a few of my sister's kids at her house with my siblings and folks, again most of us all had covid already so only my brother was most concerned other than we'd all had it and supposedly weren't/aren't contagious etc etc.  I made a cream cheese frosting on pumpkin spice cake which everyone loved. 
    Another thing I got done in November was a tile project around the base of my porch. I tiled it with checkered black and white tiles to add a bit of punch and interest to this old house. My sister has a birthday in November, she's the one with chickens who gives me lots of fresh eggs.  Well, all last summer I blew out some egg shells now and then and saved them up for a project. I made her a framed egg display for her birthday and she loved it!   we also had quite a huge ice storm last fall, and the branches were laying by the curb for about a month or so, but were gone by Christmas. :)