Saturday, March 07, 2020

Sunday, March 01, 2020

hey man, you busy right now............

Jlee, I fixed it, thanks for the heads up.....

well, apparently my Gmail account memory was full up past its 15g ? or whatever limit and so I no longer received any email. sorry for that if you were messaging. I don't get too many messages there except J and Dw and cowboy in Tulsa, who I was wondering what the deal was because I hear from hi weekly.
A few weekends ago, while in KCity, at one point we took a personality test about what kind of gardener are you....  The funny thing is that I tested introverted.  That's been on my mind for a while because I grew up very much extrovert, but I think in some ways I have become more introverted.  I mentioned it to a woman, a doctor from Tulsa, and she said she's noticed that about me. (?) ha  and then someone at work during a meeting that I mentioned it too also said she had noticed that about me.  Well I was just perplexed a bit, but not too surprised. I know I have become a person who had gotten used to living on my own and doing my own thing etc... But I also think it depends on the situation and the people definitely.  Things I've read about say it has to do with one's social confidence and I think as I've grown up I've may have lost a bit of that suddenly accepting that I wasn't a dating person, a married person, a parent, part of a couple, etc etc... not that those are the only social groups, I'm not a ball player or gamer either so.. i dunno but I just wonder.  I am very happy alone in my garden working furiously away.. speaking of that, I"m enjoying the warmer weather.
   I need to go back to the week before last. I hit my nose with the bar at crossfit on Thursday while warming up with the barbell for a snatch clean.  This means wide grip from ground to overhead. I was careless and pulled the bar up right below my nose like I was gonna skin it off. boy it smarted. but only turned a bit read and I finished the workout, no one really noticed anything anyway.  but a few days later it bruised up a bit a mark right across my nose between my eyes kind of. had that all week and was explaining to my students. they hear about all my workouts anyway because I mention it from time to time to relate about my day etc.  it's finally getting back to normal just today.
   Last Monday I went to the dentist for a crown.  All day I had planned to get there early before 2pm and then around 12:50 I randomly thought I'd read the reminder email they sent me that morning, and it said 1pm! oops!!!  I called from my office and said i was on my way etc.. left and got there only 10 minutes late. no bad for driving north and west across the city.  The dentist there has a new office and new equipment which means they told me to plan a few hours because they could make it there with a new machine.  sure enough. he numbed me up, ground my tooth and old filling down, built up the surface a bit, then sized me for a crown. The new machine uses a little camera that they scan all over up and down your upper teeth and lower teeth.  Then the computer puts it all together and designs a crown that will fit naturally with your bite and fit on the nub etc...  what science! :)  the assistant sat there on the computer clicking on and off the computer's image for the crown, working on the base outline I guess near my gums, then she clicked okay and it start making it.  later they came in with a purple looking crown to fit and grind down for my bite and adjust...then they "cooked" it in heat and later came out with a nice shiny white crown.  they did have to adjust a bit more and also grind out some from my night guard. but overall the dentist was like a mini sculptor.
     I've gone to that dentist office since my junior year in high school. the dentist now took over when my dentist retired.  He's very good, but I decided I'm going to start shopping around for another dentist. My crown cost $800 with insurance (1500 total)  and people at work with my same dental insurance are telling me they get crowns , recently, for $300-500.  So anyway, practical me wants to compare around a bit.My sister, b-in law and nephew go there too and we are all considering a dentist my other sister goes to.  I also haven't forgotten in 2008 when I had no insurance they charged me full price for a crown when I had to pay cash up front.but that's not that big of deal, really, I just remember it.
   the rest of the week went by like a song, teaching, meetings, working, grading, I'm always more positive this time of year looking to my yard and spring.  I'm trying to sleep by 8 or 830 and up before 5am in prep for the time change next week. I really try hard to go 8 to 4 this week. we'll see.  Friday I had a good appraisal at work, and got merit for the first time as exceeds expectations! good deal, not sure if it means any more $$ though but we'll see.  Friday night I met Scott buddy after workout at Jason's Deli and we caught up about work and everything.  his husband was out of town this weekend so we got to talk about everything on and on like old times for over an hour.
     Saturday morning I woke up had a bit of a "lie in" which is a phrase I hear Brits say, and got up by 7am breakfast and then outside to clean up the yard a bit before running errands.  Went to Dillards at 10am to get a shirt I'd wanted while they had their Feb 20th 60% off marked downs sale.  I also bought a green pair of stretch cotton pants that cost me $11 , basically to work in the yard in because pants keep mosquitos off my legs. :P   Next I went to Lowes and got 6 bags of pine bark mulch, and some 1x2 lumber and dowel rods for a Roman blinds project.  When it's done I'll share, I'm making 4 blinds for my front room in here with some cheap canvas rugs I bought.
    came back home and spent a few hours outside cleaning up, wheelbarrows full of dead branches and debris etc in all my gardens, by 1pm went to eat pizza and grade some papers, then back in the yard all afternoon until it started to get dark. glorious!
     MAY PLANS!  I had some plans for May that have been getting looked at. NYC the 3rd week of May and ITALY the last week of May. However Italy has been put on hold. alas....  THis is because of the flu virus of course.   My friend T and her family all had their tickets and everything arranged. I was waiting to buy my ticket and choose my dates. BUT now they are pretty much thinking of cancelling. the missionary friends that they were to visit have all told them to wait or don't come.  We'll have to see what it looks like as we get closer to May but things aren't good ( and between you and me I'm okay saving the money )  This is because I DO plan to go on with the NYC trip.  My buddy H from Austin will be there for a work convention thing, and so we had planned to meet up Friday the 15th , also his husband will fly in, and then spend the weekend together, flying out the 19th.
    If you have any shows or sites to hit while there this spring, let me know. So far H wants to see West Side Story, but his husband and I are both interested in the Harry Potter shows. hee hee ;).
we are all agreed that the Six musical looks interesting.  I want to pursue it of course, after visiting Hampton Court last summer.   Another suggestion has been Nollywood something?  I am looking forward to a quick getaway before getting my summer on.  and with no Itlay trip planned I won't have to rush back from one place and then off to a next, plus I'll miss less gym time (also a priority of course!)  I still need to communicate to H about my disapointment last summer that spurned me to cancel my plans to meet hi in Denver.  I think we can work it all out because after some bit of silence he came over and reached out and made it clear we were going to remain friends. long story blah blah.
     Today I"m about to eat leftover pizza from yesterday's lunch, then get out in the yard some, do some laundry, go visit my parents, and then tonight grade papers and rest up for another Monday.
     Well everyone be sure to keep washing your hands and using Kleenex to touch anything in or on your face!  I'm tryignt o eat more broccoli with my dinners and I need to restock on Moringa powder. daily dose of that stuff will keep you going.  I'm doing crossfit 5 days a week, also Saturdays when I get up to eat breakfast in time.  But I'm only growing a bit stronger, I think mainly it's just keeping me fit overall.  I'm good with that as long as I get enough sleep.