Saturday, January 18, 2020

winter break shopping haul............

above shows a zip up "overshirt" from A Day's March. It's so comfortable.  I blogged about this how I had to take one back because it didn't zip up right. It was also promptly on sale just after Christmas, but I loved wearing it around on my trip.  The plaid shirt is a soft brushed cotton from Folk Clothing.  the mustard colored hat I got at Liberty London store and the little black hat I got as a souvenir from Hampton Court.  The scarf, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I wore it during my trip and have worn it since coming home. It's from a Scottish wool shop just south of Russel Square.  I bought the same scarf in multi colors last time in London at the same shop and was looking forward to going back. I was not disappointed to find this. :)  the next scarf was something I picked up at a quick shop for 20 pounds, it is wool and goes with some blue and green things in my closet.

above is a pair of jean-pants I got at Rodd and Gunn my first night on my trip. they are super duper comfortable and perfect charcoal grey to go with a lot of stuff I wear. they are GREAT!  the black sweatshirt has a textured geometric knit on it if you can tell. I picked that up in Copenhagen for about $20 I think?  below I tried to kind of show the new outfit I wore on my trip and a few times while back home. the last photo is the Gandy's London shirt jacket I bought near Coven Garden.  I blogged about this store giving back to chilren refugee centers because the owners were rescued refugee kids.  ANyway I've been wearing it like the dickens since back home.

oh I just remembered I bought a 66 North coat also on the trip but failed to get a photo. thanks for checking it all out. here are some photos below of me on the trip although they are bit strange with my face blocked out, but you get the idea. :)

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James Dwight Williamson said...

I am really loving that black grey white squares scarf. Like the grey jeans very much too. You are as I have said the essence of sartorial splendor. Kentucky, my school played the HAWGs in Bud Walton area , luckily they won. Just reminded me of Crystal Bridges and The museum.Enjoy MLK day do something fun.