Friday, January 17, 2020

getting through January...

I had a lot of fun last weekend when I did the airplane evacuation test.  It was all afternoon Sunday from 2pm to 7pm.  basically everyone started arriving around 1:30 as directed and then by 2pm we were all 60 people into a room.  They can only do the test if they have enough people so thus the wait.  they actually had a few people on reserve to make up for anyone who didn't show up.  after all 60 of us were there and we were read the disclaimer and description and signed the document that we were aware of all the procedures and stuff we were given a number bib to wear that showed our number in front and back and then we were taken in vans in small group to a building on the grounds.  we were then taken to a room where men and women were separated and measured by their same gender... ha.... our weight, height, and then measured leg length and knee to ground when sitting etc..  after that we were taken to a big waiting room in one of their research working warehouse like rooms. they had snacks and drinks on the back table and like tables where you could color in coloring books or play cards which people gathered around did. :)  they had Independence Day the movie on a tv screen and  I was sitting near the front.  I ran into a girl I graduated high school with on the way over and also a guy our age from Choctaw was in the same van. He was there with his daughter who is going to college at NYU in NYC and was home on breaks.  The girl from my hs was there with her daughter also, anyway we all got to talking the whole day.  The thing is we had to leave our cell phones in our cars and only arrive with our license and car keys. 
 so after about 2.5 hours of being there and everyone finally getting measured and into the room, we were all lined up in numeric order ( i was 5) and taken out to the dummy plane section outside.  they gave us cards as we got on the plane that told us based on our number what seat number to sit in.  we did this 4 times with a break in between the first and last 2 tests.  I was near the front on the first two runs so I got the bonus since I was off the plane with the first 42 people ( the first 70 % only got the bonus)  and then after the break I was in the second to the last row.  I knew I had to fight for that bonus. ha!  basically we had to sit in the seat with our belt on and two hands on the seat in front of us.  then we jsut wait for a buzzer to go off and then flight attendants would shout and yell get off etc etc..  well on the third try the aisle got all backed up and over the seats I went, right up to the front and down and out and got the bonus! woot!  the last try I was like on the second row and got right out.  $200 in an envelope on the way out.   anyway what was also really fun was just sitting around all day and talking to everyone, to my left and right and the same small group in the front, we vaguely watched the movie and commented on this and that, but overall just got to know each other and talk about whatever.  just like pre cell phone days! ha that was a joy.
This last week I taught the second half of my intercession class. really smart great writers in that class.  I had a few that it was obvious they were good with getting a C and getting the credit and getting it over, ha. but most of them really asked questions, tried to revise to get things right, and I think overall they all enjoyed the course.  I wore a different pair of shoes each day, and the end of this week it got cold enough I got to break out some sweater outfits and layers. ;)
well Monday we have off work and then Tuesday, another semester. I'm starting to get these next months lined out. My Austin buddy wants me to come down I think in Feb to stay a weekend while his husband is out of town, as he says to "babysit" since he's alone which just kinda means help him keep accountable. He and his husband are both in recovery and his husband had a relapse last year etc etc..   anyway, I also want a weekend in AR at some point.  also I'll be going to Independence MO Feb 14th weekend for a garden club winter regional meeting.  I have to organize all this hopefully on weekend that don't have a bunch of essays coming in that need grading.  I'm also looking to Spring and Aquashella in Dallas in May, also my trip in May, and then in June I;m considering going to Seattle for S and D's son's graduation.  that's what the start of my 2020 looks like.  I'm also going to save up some cash to redo kitchen counters, also a sink, and maybe this summer a stove,oven, and microwave. We'll see because I'll probably throw money into the greenhouse I want to build first.
stay warm this weekend everyone. I made chocolate chip cookies tonight and I need to put them up before heading off to bed. zzzzz

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Jumping over the seats 💺, 200$ and with your CrossFit bet you weren’t even sore. Money Magnet!