Saturday, January 18, 2020

Dan's Christmas....

the shelf above are all the little things I put out each year.  some of the ceramic trees in the first pic on the left were souvenirs from my trip. also the little troll guy in that photo.  below shows my souvenir ornaments I brought home. 5 of the little mirrored glass ornaments from a shop on Columbia Road in London, 5 little red wooden stars from a Christmas market in Copenhagen, and then 3 snowmen from a Christmas market in Trafalgar square (although they are made in India ha).

Below shows a photo of my couch and tree.  This year I chose mustard yellow to incorporate into my Christmas. Perhaps I had some sort of Scandinavian motivation, ha.  I crocheted the blanket to cover this old vinyl hide-a-bed couch that I've had forever. I was trying to tie all the colors together. the wood in the room, the grey walls, some Christmas red and then the yellow.  I painted some ornaments yellow also for the tree.  You might notice I settled for my red winter hat for the top of the tree just for kicks.  While at a gift shop at Hampton Court, I noticed some mustard yellow tea towels marked down to .50 each, so I brought home a few of them to make a sort of skirt for the tree.  Anyway, that was Christmas 2019!  my winter break is officially over this weekend. I get back to the normal semester on Tuesday. I'm so glad to have off Monday though. :)  enjoy your weekend.

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Be careful who sees those red stars, looks like the side of a Russian Submarine. 😊