Saturday, November 02, 2019

hats off to you............

Oct to November.....

what a week! classes all went very well, work going well, etc... Thursday. whew!  I taught my two morning classes and then realized I'd forgotten papers at home for my 130 class at home. ugh!!  If I haven't mentioned it before, I've been very good at sticking to my plan when the semester started of practicing piano for an hour each day in the piano labs at school... so Thursday morning I forfeited that time and drove home, 20 min there and 20 min back to get the papers, and also it allowed me to take care of a post office errand.  back at school, grading some papers and replying to never ending work emails ;) , and taught my 130, the at 3 i got some more office work done and stayed around instead of the usual rushing off to 4 oclock crossfit class. I skipped it because a college friend had invited me to his pre-trick or treating halloween party with his wife and 3 kids and many neighbors and friends etc which began at 4;30... I left work around 4 and ran an errand to Michaels for some Christmas craft stuff, then up and around the highway into Heritage Hills to see my bud and stop in and eat some food and hug the wife and see the kids in costumes etc etc.. much fun. got there about 5 and then at 545 I was back in my truck rushing west across OKC back to my house.  Our "safe street" on my block was starting at 6 and my friend A met me at my house right after 6.  I got home and go the candy in a bowl and ready just as they blocked off our street for the kids to walk up and down all the houses. about 300 or more? I lost count but handed out a lot of candy. I also had 200 glow light bracelets in the bowl and a box of instant oatmeal packets as a sort of "trick" ha!
Friday was slow going getting into the office late at 10am ( my office hours supposed to be 9-11am ). but I got some work done and practiced piano at 11 and then lunch in my office and out by 3 or so, ran a few errands and then came home and worked on cleaning up the place.  I'd been invited to dinner and cards with S and B and other friends, but they had an even number of people for cards already and I'd already planned to get some stuff done at home so I stayed in.  Today I moved soem furniture around, cleaned, got clothes put away ( you realize by now I'm a bit of a clothes-horse eh?) and then got out of the house by 1:30 to get north of town for a movie showing at 3pm at Quail Spring Cinema. I ran some errands first, Fabric Unlimited and the Hobby Lobby. 
The movie was really something! Has anyone see Parasite  yet? It has talk of being nominated for best picture at oscars . and it's a foreign film in Korean!  it is captivating, intriguing, and quite the creepy thriller... it carries you right along and the story line over all is like one character keeps saying in the film, "very metaphorical".... ;).  I'd been dying to see it and it just opened up today at that one theater only.  It is the same director/creator as one of my favorite movies The Host also a Korean film which blew my socks off many years ago, the way it was so sudden and captures attention but not the usual creature monster movie, but instead what going on with the lives of one family during the monster attack.. if that makes sense, but anyway. great films!
I got out of the movie about 5:30 and then met S and B at Los Pericos for dinner and we got to chat and catch up for a while. we sat in a booth directly opposite another booth of 3 guys "in the family" as we used to say, gay guys.  I kept looking at the one opposite of me in the other booth, cute older guy with a very nice modern haircut, glasses, and red down jacket etc. they may have all been just about our ages.  Also leaving the place there was another table with two guys with beards and glasses and jeans. ha I was like are they brothers? and S says, no they're gay boys too...quite the diverse customer base at the place! ;)
I'm looking forward to setting clocks back tomorrow. woot!  hoping to get up earlier next week and go for morning swims, it's been a while since I've swam morning laps.  

Monday, October 28, 2019

remember dog posts.....

Monday mercies.....

     I'm up to 180 pounds which is an all time record for this bean pole all through high school and college.  I'm going to crossfit 5 days a week, except this last couple of Fridays because of the "open" competition which I don't participate in.  I forget if I already blogged about switching gyms last summer.  I gave my 30 day notice in March at the other gym saying that I was taking summer off for travel reasons and the heat etc.., which I had intended to maybe stick with for a month or two... but instead I tried a free day at this new place within a half mile of my house, and after that signed right up the very next week after quitting the other place.  I didn't really gel with the trainer at the last place but I did miss the people for a while.  Now I'm completely familiar with most of the people at my new gym and it is run SO MUCH better, always planned out, work out programs with goals, everyone made feel welcome, monitored by trainers all the way through, each class start and end right one time etc etc. anyway. I love it definitely.  I saw gains in my strength and abilities within 2 months, the other place I just felt like I was coasting along.  I'm still a lightweight when it comes to lifting and weight amount, but always improving.
     I think I mentioned before last summer I'd been reading Andrew Yang's book The War on Normal People and now I'm reading The Joy of X which is a book about math.  (have I mentioned before I'm certified to teach both secondary Math and English?) anyway, I'm enjoying that one. Today a new (used) book arrived called A Field Guide to American Houses  which was recommended by an instagram account I follow called, I think, What Style is This?  It's a big thick book with thoroughly detailed diagrams and photos of American house architecture. I found mine only $15 on Amazon, sweet deal!
 guys, I know only I am in control of whether I'm getting it on with someone or not. I broke a rule: never bitch about being lonely on the blog. ha ;) . Feelings are real but they aren't facts. ?
anyway, the movies definitely had me feeling such this past weekend, but I know I'm able to find more if I really want to find more. and no I haven't written any letters or spoken to my parents about anything but I'm still arranging what and how much of the conversation I plan to have will go.
    A quick note about work. I have a great series of three English 1 classes this semester. an 8am, 930 am, and then a 130 pm class on Tues and Thurs.  There are many sharp concurrent high school seniors in my classes this year. At a community college, that means instead of a mix of students that are either returning to college or for some reason didn't make it into a university, instead although a bit immature group, the concurrent students are the high achieving kids getting a head start and motivated to do well in class.  usually brains or athletes etc.. and I really enjoy teaching all of them.  and all the other students also. It's all about learning skills of academic writing, after all!  This makes up for all the restlessness and strife in the division this semester with many changes coming up next year. I'll blog and try not to gripe too much about it later. The changes are no more 16 week classes, but starting next fall, all 8 week course. AND the other change is no more textbooks, next fall all classes will use free online resources.... UGHHHH dont' even get me started.
happy Monday all, looking forward to a cold wet cozy fall week. I'm off to take a hot bath and read my book.

always the beard....

Sunday, October 27, 2019

plans ahoy.......

     Whit Stillman, anyone? Long ago I rented and then eventually bought the VHS of the movie Metropolitan in college.  It fascinated me because of the view into NYC life, not just NYC but the whole deb ball thing, totally foreign to an OKC guy like me.  I had heard some hint of the subject from my mom who grew in Long Island, but still the movie was quite an eye opener.  I think what captivated me most wasn't just the rich or NYC lifestyle, but the intellectual conversation of all these, I dunno high school graduates? Is that what they were, maybe a year or so post high school since they discuss writing letters from boarding schools in the past. Anyway, it's a Whit Stillman movie, and so was Barcelona another fantasy travel destination I had while in college. The OKC art museum and a  retrospective film series this weekend. I re-watched Metropolitan  Thursday evening, then Barcelona on Friday evening, and then Damsels in Distress last night, Saturday.  They were all 5:30 movies, and last night they were showing Life and Friendship,  but I decided to come home instead and just watch it free on Amazon Prime on my computer. ha...  I cheated again this morning and instead of going back downtown it was easier to stay home and watch Stillman's other film Last Days of Disco on the computer also. Plus I was sort of done with driving downtown alone and sitting and watching a movie alone and laughing to myself at all the witty dialogue. ;)  but I did enjoy them all on the big screen.  (it was also a fun memory of pre cell phone days, I'll admit.)
     I will say that after watching the Last Days of Disco after I'd returned from church service and the grocery store this morning I was in a melancholy mood this afternoon.  It was all the nostalgia of the film , the dance hall days (disco died but I had my dive bar/techno bay dance club days of the 90s), and some actors from his first two films appear in it. First thing I did after the movie was look up the actor Matt Keeslar. he set off quite the crush (Josh, not unlike the guy you had heard of in that Lifetime movie I blogged about before, in fact they have the same sort of hunky sweet look in the face) anyway, the guy is married with kids and now a Physicians Assistant and Science of Urology instructor at some college...go figure.  Damsels in Distress is sort of quirky and could have used some cleaning up, some better editing perhaps. But I always enjoy finding the familiar style of the director in the film and script.  All the movies include some of the same actors here and there in each one.
  ...btw, I was a Woody Allen movie fan in college, renting and catching up on all the old ones I could rent or even find at the college-town / small-town video store.  I became familiar with the Diane Lane films then the ones with Mia Farrow, familiar with the repeated jokes and dialogue etc.  I'm not sure which would be my favorite, Manhattan Murder Mystery remains at the top of the list and so does Alice.  I also always like the very serious Interiors and Another Woman. At one point during college I made a short habit of renting and watching September in the fall.  the newer films started to be same ole after a while, I'll admit, although I really really do like Midnight in Paris also....ha!
        I don't know if I'm a very happy lonely person or a very lonely happy person.  I was thinking about it this morning.  I don't usually think of myself being lonely but after so many romantic films this weekend, of course I did.  I was wondering what got me out of the habit of blogging.  I think I became tired of having nothing much to say other than the same ole stuff going on with me. a rut, perhaps. nothing movie much forward. But I also think it had a little to do with not having the anonymous freedom of blogging also.  I was always fine with my kindest and dear friend S, my best bud here in OKC, to peruse through my posts and read what I had to say at will.  Super duper trust that guy of course.  It was different when I realized his husband also had wind of my blog and may be reading.  I'm great friends with them both, of course. but it's not the same friendship with both naturally what with the time and past invested with S and me as buds and friends. I find that friends getting married is quite something. I mean when a straight friend gets married, no big deal, you're still his best guy friend.  But with guys, the husband is now the best guy friend. so it's different.  I love them both of course and am thankful to have them to hang out with now and then. definitely. They were both in AR this weekend for a friend's annual halloween party that I've never had interest in going to at all.
      Guess what, I'm taking a trip this December!  between school getting out and the weekend before Christmas - today I was researching and planning some things.  I wanted to see Harry Potter the Cursed Child parts one and two on a Saturday, but I'd already purchased a Christmas concert ticket at Cadogan hall on the same night.  So now I'm playing around with the idea of going ahead and buying the ticket for part 1 and 2 of the play, but only seeing part one and then the concert that night....  OR maybe go to both and skip the concert? (no refund on the ticket for that).  I'll think about it more tomorrow and decided later.  
   This weekend was sunny out during the day and cool at night. I love it! today I spent time getting some potted tropical plants in the house before it starts getting really cold tonight and tomorrow night. hopefully by this time next year I'll have a little greenhouse outside to put them all in instead of dragging them in here between my computer table and the window.  My friend A will come over this Wednesday night to hand out trick or treat candy like we do every year.  I've been stocking up on candy and I ordered some glow light bracelets on Amazon again this year.  I also have a box of instant oatmeal packets that I plan to mix into the bowl and I'll try to sneak that into a few kids' bags. ha!!