Wednesday, September 04, 2019

lots of big weekend........

well the fall semester is off to a running start! a few weekends ago, after my first week of fall classes, I went back to AR on a Friday morning instead of to the office for office hours. Another great get-away! this time the trip was about staying and getting to visit with S and J, a married couple with 2 sons that I've stayed with for many years while visiting but not so much lately. The reason is that T had our friends staying from CO with their daughter who is going to our alma mater. They came to town to move her into the dorm. Friday I met up with T at her place and then we met the CO family S&S at the same sandwich place from the weekend before. for lunch. talked forever to them, and also ran into some other college friends who were in town from Thailand moving in their daughter. ha. After lunch T left with them and I went over to the college to visit a college friend who is an adjunt there.  I hadn't been in the buildings in so long, everything the same, what a great time and I found her office and we traded teaching English stories etc. later  I went over to S and J's to unload my stuff and go to dinner with them and younger son. to a pizza place,  Pieology. after that we went back to their place and visited quite a bit more. the older son who is also in college in town came home and we visited a bit more.
Saturday morning I visited a bit again with the family then packed up my truck and went over to T's to hang out a little bit, then straight up to the college. I helped move some things into the dorm room and met the girl's new roomate. after all this, I went over to my old dorm to check it out. ha all the updates and changes but same ole dorm! new bathroom with private stalls. ha, when I was there is a a two shower stall with a curtain that no one used because why bother shutting the curtain with 2 guys in there. ha I barely remember even being conscious of it or caring at the time if I'm honest.
anyway, I had a great time. I went back over to T's and she and I went to lunch at Barnette's a local classic standard lunch stop that used to be a drive in and now is closed in with inside seating.
that afternoon, the folks returned without daughter. they had said their goodbyes. this was around 3 and we all talked for a while, then at 4 we all took a nap! ha ha. we were all sort of beat from the weekend. at 5 we all woke up, got up, they packed up to go home to CO and I got ready to go back to OKC and we all left about the same time by 530 and I was home by just after 8pm, in time to mow the lawn before it got too dark.
Another week of teaching classes and then doing laundry and getting the house all cleaned up, bathroom, kitchen, and my bedroom mostly for T's visit.  We hadn't planned it very well, but last Spring we decided she'd visit labor day weekend so she could see the French artists exhibit at the museum downtown and this just happened to be the week after our friends weekend in AR. and I just happened to go up there the week before that etc... alas.
She arrived around 5:45 so I'd had time to come home from work and go to 4pm crossfit as usual and then clean up and be ready when she arrived. RIGHT away we left to see S and B for dinner at a local mexican place.  we all caught up and had a good chat.  Saturday morning we got out of the house by 930 and went to breakfast at a cafe in town, next to a vintage antique (junk) store, then by 1045 we were at the museum and going into the Mullen Collection from VA museum , French artists!! amazing amazing, just name any artist and they were there, Renoir, Manet, Monet, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Degas, Seurat, Van Gogh, etc oh my!  we enjoyed every single bit of it.  Next we had lunch at this great new place called "the Collective" which is like an upgraded food court? ha not sure how to explain it but it's several food businesses with counters and one large dining room.  SO GOOD.
we walked around some trendy gift stores up and down Broadway and then came home that late afternoon. relaxed a bit before going over to a married couple Scott and katie, friends of S and B. we all had pizza dinner and then played Nertz til about 10pm. lots of fun and this way T got to hang with all my OKC friends.
I think I'm all caught up. but I have to say I've been re-reading this book I have and love "A Letter for the King"  it's a dutch book from the late 60's that's srecently been translated to English. I love it. not heavily descriptive writing but a great non stop action tale of a squire trying to deliver a letter etc etc.
Also I have to say someting about Sex Education on Netflix. anyone? I shunned it as a stupid sex content high school Netflix thing for quite a while, but then something got me interested and I thought I'd check one episode, and then sure enough I was binge watching the entire season one last weekend. ha.
summer is at an end, I hope everyone had a good one, bring on Fall!!

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