Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Sumer loving..

had me a blast? ...  so far just working away my summer here.  I taught a 3 credit hour course in 9 during the 2 weeks following the end of the semester. and then 2 weeks ago I started my summer class on Monday and Wednesday mornings. 8 - 10:30.  it's a class full of good students, I'm enjoying it. I'm also doing an online mythology course, so there is that to check an grade now and then throughout the week while at home.  I spend most mornings in my yard on the days I'm not teaching.  Nothing much new is going on at the moments much unlike previous summers.  I am also working on two committees that pay 1 credit hour worth for reading and rating student artifacts for competency for the college. that is an extra $750 x 2.... woot.  My summer classes will end the last week of July and then I'll teach another 3 credit hour course during the following 2 weeks.
basically I plan to save up the extra $$ for some home repair, wooden floors in here or the kitchen, countertops? a new roof? we'll see what happens...
I began a new crossfit gym this week.  I gave my thirty day notice at the other one I've been going to for 2 years now.  I was losing some confidence in the coaches there and the way it was run. and I have a few friends who go to this one less than a mile from my house, so??  why not.  actually I like taking a month off in the summer when it gets super how like July.  So this year my plan was to feign I was taking some time off from my old gym, and then meanwhile pay for a month at this new one, then I'll take some time off halfway through July until school starts and then decide which one I want to continue at.  the new one is $50 more a month! however, it might be worth it. the coaches are way more involved and interactive, and the programs for workouts seem to have more plan and purpose, from what I've seen in the first few days anyway.. still loving it, going 5 days a week etc..
I haven't written a letter to my folks yet, but I'm completely prepared to.  My goal is to be short and sweet about it, display the forthright honesty which is my goal, and that is all.  I don't want to insinuate any blame whatsoever or anything done wrong.  My major goal is that they know I have no secret life or am I dating anyone or have I dated anyone etc... just single me doing the best I can and that's that.  I've also decided not to expect too much of anything in change in any major way. But at least we'll have an open an honest understanding. folks first, then the sibs eventually I suppose. I just want to get it out there but I don't want a long conversation or have to explain blah blah blah. we'll see.
I cancelled my trip to Denver with my Austin bud and his husband. I had the outfits planned and everything! ;)... However, I'm doing so much at work AND will be involved in a hiring committee also at the end of the summer ( which I actually love doing and is volunteer). The thing is I was going to play hookey from the last day of classes on a Wednesday and leaver for CO after class Monday.  but now with the hiring committee planning meetings, it might be hard to say I'll be out of town Tuesday or Wednesday if they want to meet. I dunno, what pushed me to decided was an article I shared with my Austin bud about bible translations into German that translated the homosexual part of the bible in a way that meant sleeping with boys.?? anyway, just a random article... and he got back to me with a statement about being firm in his faith no matter some rich white Christian men have to say about it or have done in the history of it all.... He's smarted and better than that, and regardless of politics - it wasn't offensive but just such a rote statement and a bit too "woke."   lost a bit of respect when people don't have actual opinions without throwing political ideology in my face. Anyway, it made me reconsider the trip and whether I should spend a week with the two of them. Plus I was already thinking the trip wouldn't work with my summer in the first place.  I was extremely tempted to write back that I was spending my week with all my white rich Christian friends instead just to piss him off, but I refrained.  He texted me a few days later with "i hope it isn't anything i did/said" and assured no it was all WORK related.  and that made me feel sad and dishonest.  So now I plan to just write it all down in a letter which he always appreciates and respects, sharing real feelings, because of his recovery he's all about openess and honesty.  And I'll have to explain that I want to see each other as people, not be lumped into some group or another , which I don't know if that's his Austin way, or just the way of people during these bipartisan times. but seeing one's faith as an immediate link to everything on the RIGHT or one's sexuality as an immediate identity of the LEFT etc..  I'm about individuals, people!  not tribes and groups.
well, anyway, I'm currently reading a book by Andrew Yang about Universal Basic Income and I'm all about it. so figure that one out.  My buddy in AR and I are reading it together and wil discuss the first half next at the end of the month. ( i had one sent to his house on Amazon when I ordered mine and when he texted me about reading it, he had no idea how he got it, and eventually he figured it out that I had it sent to him since I told him I was reading the same book.  turns out he had the book in his cart and was thinking about buying it, but I got there first! ha) 
Also, get this.... one of my students this summer is gay and wrote his first paper about being a Christian AND gay and how his parents kicked him out when he told them, then when he broke up with his boyfriend they let him move back in blah blah.. anyway, he was like totally honest about the whole thing in his paper, and his next paper is on religious freedom so that should be interesting. :)  AND another student , who is in my Myth class online, sent me an email about the similiarities of the myths and the bible and asked me why did the bible become a religion and not a myth like the stuff in class? wow that's a big ask, where do I start? ha
I'm excited to have the next 2 days free. Saturday morning I'll be driving up to AR to spend time with T all day, mainly in town and visit Crystal Bridges museum, and then the reason I'm going is a wedding Sunday. the daughter of a fellow English major from college who works now at our alma mater and also her sister and family will be at the wedding, they are the family i stayed with in Dakar 10(?) years ago while travelling around after my Kabbuulll teaching gig.