Saturday, November 02, 2019

Oct to November.....

what a week! classes all went very well, work going well, etc... Thursday. whew!  I taught my two morning classes and then realized I'd forgotten papers at home for my 130 class at home. ugh!!  If I haven't mentioned it before, I've been very good at sticking to my plan when the semester started of practicing piano for an hour each day in the piano labs at school... so Thursday morning I forfeited that time and drove home, 20 min there and 20 min back to get the papers, and also it allowed me to take care of a post office errand.  back at school, grading some papers and replying to never ending work emails ;) , and taught my 130, the at 3 i got some more office work done and stayed around instead of the usual rushing off to 4 oclock crossfit class. I skipped it because a college friend had invited me to his pre-trick or treating halloween party with his wife and 3 kids and many neighbors and friends etc which began at 4;30... I left work around 4 and ran an errand to Michaels for some Christmas craft stuff, then up and around the highway into Heritage Hills to see my bud and stop in and eat some food and hug the wife and see the kids in costumes etc etc.. much fun. got there about 5 and then at 545 I was back in my truck rushing west across OKC back to my house.  Our "safe street" on my block was starting at 6 and my friend A met me at my house right after 6.  I got home and go the candy in a bowl and ready just as they blocked off our street for the kids to walk up and down all the houses. about 300 or more? I lost count but handed out a lot of candy. I also had 200 glow light bracelets in the bowl and a box of instant oatmeal packets as a sort of "trick" ha!
Friday was slow going getting into the office late at 10am ( my office hours supposed to be 9-11am ). but I got some work done and practiced piano at 11 and then lunch in my office and out by 3 or so, ran a few errands and then came home and worked on cleaning up the place.  I'd been invited to dinner and cards with S and B and other friends, but they had an even number of people for cards already and I'd already planned to get some stuff done at home so I stayed in.  Today I moved soem furniture around, cleaned, got clothes put away ( you realize by now I'm a bit of a clothes-horse eh?) and then got out of the house by 1:30 to get north of town for a movie showing at 3pm at Quail Spring Cinema. I ran some errands first, Fabric Unlimited and the Hobby Lobby. 
The movie was really something! Has anyone see Parasite  yet? It has talk of being nominated for best picture at oscars . and it's a foreign film in Korean!  it is captivating, intriguing, and quite the creepy thriller... it carries you right along and the story line over all is like one character keeps saying in the film, "very metaphorical".... ;).  I'd been dying to see it and it just opened up today at that one theater only.  It is the same director/creator as one of my favorite movies The Host also a Korean film which blew my socks off many years ago, the way it was so sudden and captures attention but not the usual creature monster movie, but instead what going on with the lives of one family during the monster attack.. if that makes sense, but anyway. great films!
I got out of the movie about 5:30 and then met S and B at Los Pericos for dinner and we got to chat and catch up for a while. we sat in a booth directly opposite another booth of 3 guys "in the family" as we used to say, gay guys.  I kept looking at the one opposite of me in the other booth, cute older guy with a very nice modern haircut, glasses, and red down jacket etc. they may have all been just about our ages.  Also leaving the place there was another table with two guys with beards and glasses and jeans. ha I was like are they brothers? and S says, no they're gay boys too...quite the diverse customer base at the place! ;)
I'm looking forward to setting clocks back tomorrow. woot!  hoping to get up earlier next week and go for morning swims, it's been a while since I've swam morning laps.  

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James Dwight Williamson said...

Easier to get up to feed the dogs in the A.M. Sucks getting home in the dark . The first day of regular time -I feel like someone stole something from me