Monday, October 28, 2019

Monday mercies.....

     I'm up to 180 pounds which is an all time record for this bean pole all through high school and college.  I'm going to crossfit 5 days a week, except this last couple of Fridays because of the "open" competition which I don't participate in.  I forget if I already blogged about switching gyms last summer.  I gave my 30 day notice in March at the other gym saying that I was taking summer off for travel reasons and the heat etc.., which I had intended to maybe stick with for a month or two... but instead I tried a free day at this new place within a half mile of my house, and after that signed right up the very next week after quitting the other place.  I didn't really gel with the trainer at the last place but I did miss the people for a while.  Now I'm completely familiar with most of the people at my new gym and it is run SO MUCH better, always planned out, work out programs with goals, everyone made feel welcome, monitored by trainers all the way through, each class start and end right one time etc etc. anyway. I love it definitely.  I saw gains in my strength and abilities within 2 months, the other place I just felt like I was coasting along.  I'm still a lightweight when it comes to lifting and weight amount, but always improving.
     I think I mentioned before last summer I'd been reading Andrew Yang's book The War on Normal People and now I'm reading The Joy of X which is a book about math.  (have I mentioned before I'm certified to teach both secondary Math and English?) anyway, I'm enjoying that one. Today a new (used) book arrived called A Field Guide to American Houses  which was recommended by an instagram account I follow called, I think, What Style is This?  It's a big thick book with thoroughly detailed diagrams and photos of American house architecture. I found mine only $15 on Amazon, sweet deal!
 guys, I know only I am in control of whether I'm getting it on with someone or not. I broke a rule: never bitch about being lonely on the blog. ha ;) . Feelings are real but they aren't facts. ?
anyway, the movies definitely had me feeling such this past weekend, but I know I'm able to find more if I really want to find more. and no I haven't written any letters or spoken to my parents about anything but I'm still arranging what and how much of the conversation I plan to have will go.
    A quick note about work. I have a great series of three English 1 classes this semester. an 8am, 930 am, and then a 130 pm class on Tues and Thurs.  There are many sharp concurrent high school seniors in my classes this year. At a community college, that means instead of a mix of students that are either returning to college or for some reason didn't make it into a university, instead although a bit immature group, the concurrent students are the high achieving kids getting a head start and motivated to do well in class.  usually brains or athletes etc.. and I really enjoy teaching all of them.  and all the other students also. It's all about learning skills of academic writing, after all!  This makes up for all the restlessness and strife in the division this semester with many changes coming up next year. I'll blog and try not to gripe too much about it later. The changes are no more 16 week classes, but starting next fall, all 8 week course. AND the other change is no more textbooks, next fall all classes will use free online resources.... UGHHHH dont' even get me started.
happy Monday all, looking forward to a cold wet cozy fall week. I'm off to take a hot bath and read my book.


James Dwight Williamson said...

Not trying to send you to a bar or a brothel , but moving one piece in your life can change your universe .Something as small or as large as writing a letter from your heart. I did it over the telephone years ago and “that has made all the difference “

d said...

hey, it's your blog, do whatever you feel like; sometimes you have to shake it up! Keep up the exercising and you'll reach your goals. Have a Happy Halloween!