Thursday, July 18, 2019

is it Thursday...

I showed up at the gym today and started reading the workout for Wednesday....oops. I suppose that's summer mindset for ya. success! :)

I had a great morning getting things done outside like mowing and watering, big breakfast, and watched some videos on youtube. right before lunch, I came inside and checked my messages and found one from this guy who met at crossfit a year ago while he was there for a 3 month trial, then he quite coming. ha anyway, he's an associate pastor at my church and has been taking grad school seminary classes and sends me his papers for proofreading. I enjoy doing it and helping him out.  Anyway, I forgot a week and a half ago, he sent me his 19 page final project paper and was needing it by Friday, tomorrow. ha! with all my travel and other stuff, I'd completely let it slip my mind. So I started reading it fast and had all my suggestions for the first 2/3 off within and hour, and then within less than an hour the rest of it... then lunch!  after lunch I started to get into my bedroom for some clean out!
While I was at the hotel last weekend, I thought about how nice the big empty room felt and why my room couldn't be like that! ( I actually was in a suite, a free upgrade even though I'd paid the same convention rate as my club members, so it was a nice big king bed and then a couch and table and etc...  I even posted a comment on facebook about how the King mattress was so wide that I felt like I was facing the wrong direction #singlelife..... sigh) anyway, so today I took everything off the dressers, many pictures and such off the walls.  everything off the floor, stacks of things out of the room, magazines, bookes, framed stuff... out out out.  I do have some things laying on one half of my (queen) bed that I'm going to go in a minute and put away. but otherwise it's nice a cleared out. ahhhh...  tomorrow I'll dust all and vaccuum and get more nitty gritty like maybe even change the bedsheets, gasp!   best-selling author and Psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson says something along the lines of cleaning up your room first as a beginning to get order into your life and toward your goals.  So, it's a start, eh?  Of course, my whole process is a deconstruct/reconstruct sort of thing, so everything I took out of the room is out here in the main room all over the tables and couches and floor, with all my clean laundry in stacks and piles in here and my unpacked clothes from last weekend yadda yadda....  I'll be doing the kichen next tomorrow, then this weekend tackle all the stuff in here. You'd be surprised at how just putting away clothes will pick up the place. ;)
this afternoon i went to the 4pm crossfit class. I decided to stay in it for another month instead of taking off the hot part of summer.  thing is, I've made better gains here than the last place and I don't want to lose the gains I've made by taking off time.  seriously just one week and I feel flabbed out again. ha  the guy I mentioned before showed up for the 5pm class. damn shirtless wonder. Anyway, on my way out I was refilling my water bottle at the water cooler and as I turned away from it he was standing there sort of waiting and I looked at his face to see if he'd look my way so i could say hello, but he pretty much decidedly kept looking away as to not say anything. ha! that prick!! ha ha...  either he's getting an unwelcome gay vibe from me or he's just the gym type of guy that only talks to the other big gym guys.  But when I walked in the door coming home, I decided that no, he is a shy little bird inside. and I'm going to be more direct and just go in for the hello next time and say what is your name etc etc... It doesn't have to mean anything, it's just the social type of human community norms we live in. I think some people forget how to talk face to face to people or even strangers. It's cool, I'll give them opportunity no worries.
tonight i watched a bit of netflix, Blown Away.... about a glass blowing contest. it's not very well edited or produced, more of a throw tegether with like half hour episodes, meanwhile they try to get us invested in the lives of the contestents with brief meaningless details. blah blah.... too bad they can't be like British Bake Off, less drama and more actual technique and art to what they;re doing. I watched 2 epis. and will watch some more of course.  watering the yard tonight and getting things done before bed. hope y'all are enjoying summer.  I should be in S and Bs pool this Saturday and we're going out to dinner Friday night to catch up.  THis weekend I'm sort of busy with a 2 day OSFA convention. but it's only Saturday night and then all day Sunday ( I didn't pay for any of the trainging course all day Saturday day.). and sadly no, that is not Oklahoma State Firefighters Association.  It's a florist thing. ;)


Anonymous said...

Loved the event in your post where you pulled together
"a stiff upper lip" British type attitude and went back
to say Hello to junior gym rat!!🧗🏼‍♂️

What were the results? Congrats regardless of results.


James Dwight Williamson said...

Some people are in love with themselves and of course shy or shun others because of their secrets or insecurities. The point of this cross fit is you are doing it for yourself. Hopefully as Hades hot as it is you have seen the desire to shave or trim your beard. If that’s what you want.
Enjoy summer it really is slipping away fast.

Greg said...

So glad you are back posting! Missed you.
Don‘t know how you pack so much into your summer, but more power to you!
Following you as you wrestle with writing the letter to your folks. Love your integrity.