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asleep my love? dead my dove?......

I'm so impressed by this high school production. the leads are so dynamic. My mythology class was discussing Pyramus and Thisbe this last week and I came across this bit from Shakespeare's Midsummer's Nights' Dream.  It really cracked me up.  I like the two leads best, and a shout out to the clear voice of the Duke although he's not quite sure what to do with his hands. ha heart emoji

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lots of big weekend........

well the fall semester is off to a running start! a few weekends ago, after my first week of fall classes, I went back to AR on a Friday morning instead of to the office for office hours. Another great get-away! this time the trip was about staying and getting to visit with S and J, a married couple with 2 sons that I've stayed with for many years while visiting but not so much lately. The reason is that T had our friends staying from CO with their daughter who is going to our alma mater. They came to town to move her into the dorm. Friday I met up with T at her place and then we met the CO family S&S at the same sandwich place from the weekend before. for lunch. talked forever to them, and also ran into some other college friends who were in town from Thailand moving in their daughter. ha. After lunch T left with them and I went over to the college to visit a college friend who is an adjunt there.  I hadn't been in the buildings in so long, everything the same, what a great time and I found her office and we traded teaching English stories etc. later  I went over to S and J's to unload my stuff and go to dinner with them and younger son. to a pizza place,  Pieology. after that we went back to their place and visited quite a bit more. the older son who is also in college in town came home and we visited a bit more.
Saturday morning I visited a bit again with the family then packed up my truck and went over to T's to hang out a little bit, then straight up to the college. I helped move some things into the dorm room and met the girl's new roomate. after all this, I went over to my old dorm to check it out. ha all the updates and changes but same ole dorm! new bathroom with private stalls. ha, when I was there is a a two shower stall with a curtain that no one used because why bother shutting the curtain with 2 guys in there. ha I barely remember even being conscious of it or caring at the time if I'm honest.
anyway, I had a great time. I went back over to T's and she and I went to lunch at Barnette's a local classic standard lunch stop that used to be a drive in and now is closed in with inside seating.
that afternoon, the folks returned without daughter. they had said their goodbyes. this was around 3 and we all talked for a while, then at 4 we all took a nap! ha ha. we were all sort of beat from the weekend. at 5 we all woke up, got up, they packed up to go home to CO and I got ready to go back to OKC and we all left about the same time by 530 and I was home by just after 8pm, in time to mow the lawn before it got too dark.
Another week of teaching classes and then doing laundry and getting the house all cleaned up, bathroom, kitchen, and my bedroom mostly for T's visit.  We hadn't planned it very well, but last Spring we decided she'd visit labor day weekend so she could see the French artists exhibit at the museum downtown and this just happened to be the week after our friends weekend in AR. and I just happened to go up there the week before that etc... alas.
She arrived around 5:45 so I'd had time to come home from work and go to 4pm crossfit as usual and then clean up and be ready when she arrived. RIGHT away we left to see S and B for dinner at a local mexican place.  we all caught up and had a good chat.  Saturday morning we got out of the house by 930 and went to breakfast at a cafe in town, next to a vintage antique (junk) store, then by 1045 we were at the museum and going into the Mullen Collection from VA museum , French artists!! amazing amazing, just name any artist and they were there, Renoir, Manet, Monet, Bonnard, Matisse, Picasso, Degas, Seurat, Van Gogh, etc oh my!  we enjoyed every single bit of it.  Next we had lunch at this great new place called "the Collective" which is like an upgraded food court? ha not sure how to explain it but it's several food businesses with counters and one large dining room.  SO GOOD.
we walked around some trendy gift stores up and down Broadway and then came home that late afternoon. relaxed a bit before going over to a married couple Scott and katie, friends of S and B. we all had pizza dinner and then played Nertz til about 10pm. lots of fun and this way T got to hang with all my OKC friends.
I think I'm all caught up. but I have to say I've been re-reading this book I have and love "A Letter for the King"  it's a dutch book from the late 60's that's srecently been translated to English. I love it. not heavily descriptive writing but a great non stop action tale of a squire trying to deliver a letter etc etc.
Also I have to say someting about Sex Education on Netflix. anyone? I shunned it as a stupid sex content high school Netflix thing for quite a while, but then something got me interested and I thought I'd check one episode, and then sure enough I was binge watching the entire season one last weekend. ha.
summer is at an end, I hope everyone had a good one, bring on Fall!!

hey big guy....

big players....

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Summer's over........

so, Hamilton is OKC?... People kept asking if I loved it, and my reply was that I loved the story..... :).
Overall I did really like the production, I just wasn't happy with the performance overall in okc. As the singers deliver the storyline and sing in rap, I missed a lot of words which I think was do to their enunciation? it was pretty badly done.. BUt not Hamilton or Washington, they were well done and all the female characters etc.. just a lot of the in between back and forth with Hamilton and his cronies etc..I think it is because I'm used to hearing all the original production recordings online.
the staging and performance and setting overall was great. the ending, so unexpected and thought provoking, yes!  I loved the Washington character the most.  I'm not sure if it was the hunky Asian AMerican guy playing the role or jsut the role itself. but ah yeah.
that was a couple weeks ago. that Saturday i worked in Norman and then came back to OKC by 3pm or so to dash into the pool and S and B's and some friends.  They all had a wedding to go to that night so I was out and home by 4:30 or so.  A friend of all of ours, Robert, was getting married to his bf of many years from St Louis and B was doing the wedding. it was a small event with a much larger reception with tons of people. I wasn't interested in going and not really invited either way. ha
anyway. last week I thoroughly enjoyed having no class and nothing to grade, although the week was full of meetings, faculty meetings and division meetings etc daily. office hours and getting ready for the next slew of classes this fall semester.  Basically all the meetings were repeating the same line over and over: we're changing to all 8 week courses next year, like it or not, and btw we're changing to all online free textbook material, no more textbooks for your classes, like it or not. ;)
I went to crossfit all of last week of course!  Have I mentioned that I'm up to 181 pounds, an all time life high. woot woot. and still a 32 waist, so I'm very happy with the muscle gains from the new crossfit gym. paid for my 3rd month yesterday.  I also got a message on social media from my old crossift gym's owner, asking when i was coming back and how everyone was asking about me.  I need to respond in some nice kind vague manner that I'm not planning to return. In my usual non confrontational passive aggressive way, I want to 1) not let him know I've joined another crossfit gym, 2) be honest that I don't plan on coming back (to his gym anyway), and 3) not lie about why I'm not coming back...  I plan to keep it brief and short by saying I won't return, thanks for the last 2 years, and say hello to everyone there.  
Well, so anyway, I skipped out on all the Friday meetings last week and headed up to NW AR Thursday afternoon. in fact I left halfway through a 1pm meeting at 2pm and went home, grabbed my luggage and things, and hit the road.  I got there about an hour before a 7pm anniversary party. I checked into a hotel! ha... My friend was starting at a new school Friday morning and was afraid of being stressed out with company, and I didn't let on to her that I wasn't going to stay with my friend J or S and J, and instead just got a hotel in town which was actually very nice having a place to myself not to mention they had a great breakfast bar the next morning. anyway, overall it was an awkward evening.  The anniversary turned out to be all family only.  I found out later that I had been invited and mailed an invitation before the other sisters decided to make it jsut a family reunion instead of everyone else invited. But then it wasn't clear how to dis invite me or (I dont' knwo if their were others).... anyway. it was also very awkward because my good friend Ht. who I fell out with ten years ago during a trip to London, long story, gave me a very superficial hello when I struck up conversation and excused herself to get right back to her bf at the table.. blah blah ( they came in from London for the event). sigh.. we wer all part of a very tight group in college for a few years, and Ht and me hang out a few summers in town with friends all the time between our last 2 college years..... alas.  my romantic sentimental soul is learning that not all things last forever and although I've apologized for being the jerk i was in london ten years ago, I seem to have ended the friendship more or less, other than superficially.  It was my former college roomate's wife Hd. who is her sister who invited me, I'm actually much closer of a friend with her for many years of college and after blah blah so again awkward, but anyway. I had a good time. I brought a great vase of flowers for the parents and spoke to some relatives, and then when Hd. husband K got there, we spoke for a good 20 minutes or so before and caught up, a joy! and then I left as they were getting ready for group photos.
the next morning I checked out of the hotel after yummy breakfast, then got a haircut downtown at the city barber. my best favorite place since college!  Bill who is now retired has been replaced with a new favorite Rob.  after that, about 915, i made my way over to J's house. He took the day off and we'd planned to hang out all day and catch up. TO me, that meant me sit around his house, follow him around whatever he wanted to do, play with his kids, or watch them and just hang and chat with buddy J. but he planned otherwise. it was a family outing day with Dan ! ha we loaded up in their SUV and drove over to Bentonville to go indoor rock climbing/ ha. at first, I thought about how that wasn't the relaxing day I'd thought of.... but after we got going I actually really loved it. and plus guys really relate better doing things together, right?  his wife watched the kids climb a bit in the kids area while he and I watched each other attempt different climbs. and then we went back and forth with the kids to different areas trying climbs etc... a good time!  lunch at town square Bentonville, Oven and Tap, I think it's called.a pizza place.  J's 3 kids are so well raised and behaved. it was great eating out and then we went back for antoher hour of climbing. then back to town. 
I went to work out at the local crossfit there at 430. then over to T's by 6 showered up and dressed and T and I went to a college friend's bday party. it was just okay, like 7 people? half of them new to me so we all talked about how we knew the host and then what years we went to the college in town etc.. I left around 7:30 to hop downtown for a bit and see a married couple that was in town moving their son onto campus from Texarkana..... they'd seen a post I had on instagram and contacted me about being in town. a joy again! spent an hour with them while they ate dinner, then returned up the street to the party.  chatted a bit more with a few new guests, then the girls started getting rather chatty and it was late for me, 10pm or more... I got T's things together and got her out the door back home ha. we were turnign in by 11 zzz.
Saturday morning was a breeze. lazy morning. up and chatting, by 9am we went to a diner on the edge of town for a GREAT big breakfast, then over to a friend of T's who she'd wanted me to know better, BK and her 3 children.  the oldest son is about to move away to interlochen boarding school, it's a talent school, for his senior year. he'd jsut done a camp there with his french horn and was invited and given scholarship to return for school. so cool!  her other two kids were amazing and also smart and talented, so we spent a few hours talking away and also looking around their historical home. got back after 12 and then said, hey we need to get lunch now. ha, and went to a sub place in town.  piddled around a bit more then by 4ish i was loading up and leaving for home.  I stopped by K and Hd's house first to visit a bit more without the family event going on. got home Saturday night in time to mow the yard front and back. some of which was so overgrown i had to mow once at a high height and then again at a lower height. ughhhh.. ha ha
This week is all about back to classes! I've met all my students. 2 classes Monday/W. and 3 on T/th. The only catch is Monday morning the campus had no AC!!!! oh my land!  what a misery.... I went back this morning in shirt and tie as optimistic as ever it would be fixed but no... so I brought a short sleeve button up and wore that the rest of the day.  tomorrow I have shorts and shirt already laid out to wear, whether I find it's fixed or not. UGH!! again. ha
summer over, bring on  FALL! :)

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strike a pose...

one more class, almost done...

the last two weeks, I've been busy teaching a two week intersession course. about 3 weeks ago I had a birthday and spent most of it at the OSFA convention I blogged about earlier. Another year and still in good health, I'll take it! :)   Also btw, the paper I mentioned helping my friend with, he got a 95 and messaged me how it was the highest he'd ever had and a thank you. ha. hey, all I did was proofread, it was his thoughts in the paper.
anyway two weeks ago, the week after my birthday, I was at my foks' place fora birthday cake. my mom makes the best double chocolate pound cake. yum . and of course with my favorite ice cream Braums mint chocolate chip.  and my brother and sisters came over. 
then it was all about teaching every morning from 8-12. a class of 17 students. they are all wonderful, and mostly strong writers! all but one international student who I questions her language skills. she's off and on in writing papers so we'll see how it finishes out.  tomorrow they'll turn in the last paper and then done!  next week, no class, just welcome staff back week and meetings all week.  Although, I am leaving Thursday to get away to AR for the weekend.  There is a 50 anniversary thing Thursday night for a former roomate's parents and then Friday my buddy J is taking off all day so we can hang and catch up, then I'll go to the local crossfit, and that night a birthday party with my friend T etc.
Saturday morning is a brunch thing  with the anniversary parents, then I'm open to either come home or I might try to connect with a high school or former Honduran student that lives in the area. we'll see.
my semester begin the next week after that and then I'll return to AR to visit married couple who is bringing their daughter to the college to move in.  busy summer.
oh yeah, 2 weeks ago I went to dinner with the okc gang, S and B and a married couple friends of theirs from church, and then a girl that comes to their pool every weekend. Ned's restaurant in OKC and it was lots of fun, I had a wine, Konstantine Reisling that I thought was so good.
I spent my last week and weekend before the 2 week class started to clean out my storage shed in the back yard.  threw out a bunch of stuff and made room for the 24 windows I've collected so far for my greenhouse project next summer. something fun is I found my stash of slides from highschool slide shows at pep assmeblies.  ha!
well my friend Betty who died last Nov, I have her slide projector and screen (I used to set it up at her place and we'd look back at she and her husband's europe trip slides...) , so I got them out  and put the slides in, and in a very awkward technology way, I took some photos of the slides on the screen with my phone and posted them on FB. ha so that was fun to see comments and memories pop up from HS friends online.
I plan to do more work this weekend. although it's already full.  tomorrow night I'm going to see Hamilton here in OKC! and the Saturday night I"m working at a florist shop in Norman, just for the practice and fun I guess. busy summer. but I thought I'd get a post in this week. cheers all.

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summer fun.....

is it Thursday...

I showed up at the gym today and started reading the workout for Wednesday....oops. I suppose that's summer mindset for ya. success! :)

I had a great morning getting things done outside like mowing and watering, big breakfast, and watched some videos on youtube. right before lunch, I came inside and checked my messages and found one from this guy who met at crossfit a year ago while he was there for a 3 month trial, then he quite coming. ha anyway, he's an associate pastor at my church and has been taking grad school seminary classes and sends me his papers for proofreading. I enjoy doing it and helping him out.  Anyway, I forgot a week and a half ago, he sent me his 19 page final project paper and was needing it by Friday, tomorrow. ha! with all my travel and other stuff, I'd completely let it slip my mind. So I started reading it fast and had all my suggestions for the first 2/3 off within and hour, and then within less than an hour the rest of it... then lunch!  after lunch I started to get into my bedroom for some clean out!
While I was at the hotel last weekend, I thought about how nice the big empty room felt and why my room couldn't be like that! ( I actually was in a suite, a free upgrade even though I'd paid the same convention rate as my club members, so it was a nice big king bed and then a couch and table and etc...  I even posted a comment on facebook about how the King mattress was so wide that I felt like I was facing the wrong direction #singlelife..... sigh) anyway, so today I took everything off the dressers, many pictures and such off the walls.  everything off the floor, stacks of things out of the room, magazines, bookes, framed stuff... out out out.  I do have some things laying on one half of my (queen) bed that I'm going to go in a minute and put away. but otherwise it's nice a cleared out. ahhhh...  tomorrow I'll dust all and vaccuum and get more nitty gritty like maybe even change the bedsheets, gasp!   best-selling author and Psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson says something along the lines of cleaning up your room first as a beginning to get order into your life and toward your goals.  So, it's a start, eh?  Of course, my whole process is a deconstruct/reconstruct sort of thing, so everything I took out of the room is out here in the main room all over the tables and couches and floor, with all my clean laundry in stacks and piles in here and my unpacked clothes from last weekend yadda yadda....  I'll be doing the kichen next tomorrow, then this weekend tackle all the stuff in here. You'd be surprised at how just putting away clothes will pick up the place. ;)
this afternoon i went to the 4pm crossfit class. I decided to stay in it for another month instead of taking off the hot part of summer.  thing is, I've made better gains here than the last place and I don't want to lose the gains I've made by taking off time.  seriously just one week and I feel flabbed out again. ha  the guy I mentioned before showed up for the 5pm class. damn shirtless wonder. Anyway, on my way out I was refilling my water bottle at the water cooler and as I turned away from it he was standing there sort of waiting and I looked at his face to see if he'd look my way so i could say hello, but he pretty much decidedly kept looking away as to not say anything. ha! that prick!! ha ha...  either he's getting an unwelcome gay vibe from me or he's just the gym type of guy that only talks to the other big gym guys.  But when I walked in the door coming home, I decided that no, he is a shy little bird inside. and I'm going to be more direct and just go in for the hello next time and say what is your name etc etc... It doesn't have to mean anything, it's just the social type of human community norms we live in. I think some people forget how to talk face to face to people or even strangers. It's cool, I'll give them opportunity no worries.
tonight i watched a bit of netflix, Blown Away.... about a glass blowing contest. it's not very well edited or produced, more of a throw tegether with like half hour episodes, meanwhile they try to get us invested in the lives of the contestents with brief meaningless details. blah blah.... too bad they can't be like British Bake Off, less drama and more actual technique and art to what they;re doing. I watched 2 epis. and will watch some more of course.  watering the yard tonight and getting things done before bed. hope y'all are enjoying summer.  I should be in S and Bs pool this Saturday and we're going out to dinner Friday night to catch up.  THis weekend I'm sort of busy with a 2 day OSFA convention. but it's only Saturday night and then all day Sunday ( I didn't pay for any of the trainging course all day Saturday day.). and sadly no, that is not Oklahoma State Firefighters Association.  It's a florist thing. ;)

where's the beach..........

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

busy summer, not much progress

what a busy summer. I'm coming up for breath for a second, some room to breathe and take some time to blog a little bit. My summer classes are about over, just next week left. THere is one last paper due in my English 1 class and 2 unit assessment essays in my online humanities course.. blah blah. but nothing for the next 3 days! woot!! I've been teaching Mon and Wed morning classes this June and July. three weeks ago I was in AR and in Eureka Springs for a wedding, two weeks ago I went to Independence MO for a garden club regional meeting and garden tours. and then last Wednesday I flew to Madison WI for a garden club National meeting. I flew in Wednesday night late, arriving at 11:45 and then to the hotel after midnight. I had to be at the convention hotel to make a 9 am bus. I used Uber for the first time, ha! I got a ride to a cheaper hotel just south of Middleton, since I was only doing a quick overnight stay. and then I ubered to the convention hotel Thursday morning and stayed there the rest of the weekend. The funny thing is I got the same driver both times. A man named Mitchell who work on the ground crew and then picked up anyone wanting a ride on his way home from work. And then since he lived in Middleton, I guess he was up and found me the next morning wanting a quick ride. ANyway, I went a day early so that I could take part in the excursion tour to Taliesin near Madison. What a great experience to see the home, work space, and school of Frank Lloyd Wright. quite something! Thursday night everyone gathered for a plant auction. then we were all up for breakfast Friday by 6 or 630 and then on the busses by 7am for 4 garden tours. after arriving back to the hotel Friday afternoon, I got a free hotel shuttle back to the airport and rented a car for the rest of the weekend. It remained parked all day Saturday since we were on bus tours again, resting back in the hotel afterwards, and then a banquet and meeting Saturday. However, Sunday morning everyone was loading up to go back home and my flight didn't leave until 5pm, so I had planned to drive around visiting all the "open garden" tours in the area. that means gardens by people in the area but who weren't on the official convention tour. Anyway, I saw some very nice ones and took lots of pictures. Many of the ones I visited were on the NE side Windsor and De Forest. and I ate lunch at a wonderful Norse restaurant in DeForest. downtown for one more garden and then by 230 I was headed back to the airport to return my GMC Canyon pickup.
        I sat in the airport grading papers and left by 5 to Detroit, bought a quick sandwich for dinner at the airport and then next plane, then arrived in OKC at 9:45pm. ZZZZZzzz I was beat. the great thing is I got all my essays graded on the plane on the way home, success! While in MO a few weeks ago, one thing I saw in a garden was this greenhouse/garden shed made out of old wooden framed windows from old houses. It inspired me to try and do the same and I put my idea out on facebook. Sure enough, last weekend I received a link from one friend, and then from another friend.. people selling old windows. ha! one was from an old house in OKC for $25 each so I got 4 of those. then another one near Chickasha had some for $5 each.... I tried to message and arrange all that while in WI last weekend. So, Monday after class.. I made it to a house in OKC nice area by 12 and bought 4 15 paned windows. a start! went home for lunch and then start driving down south to Chickasha, but what turned out to be Verden OK west of Ch. there I got four 12-paned windows and four 8 paned windows... collecting my materials. Tuesday I was off work and graded online most of the day to catch up from time missed while out of town. This morning I was in class wrapping up instruction for the last paper coming in next week. this afternoon I work online a bit and then began cleaning up my room. While staying at the hotel last week, I wondered how I could get the clean empty hotel feel to my bedroom. ha! this means put things away and get rid of things and de-clutter etc etc etc.. I'm going to give it a go this week, for real. oh, and this afternoon I got a message from a long time high school friend who said she has a bunch of old windows in our home town on her property $10 each. So I may go by there tomorrow and see what I can find that will work. As a start, I'm getting windows that are in sets and same size, to help the puzzle pieces come together when I start on the actual project...
      I'm still going to crossfit... I quit the one I've been going to for almost 2 year on June 15th and I paid June 18th for a month at the new one. I really like the new one and see gains each week I've been. they have everything planned and programmed and it's a lot closer. The best way I can put it is "they treat you like an adult"... ;) . it's also only less than a mile away from my house. score! although I was paying $115 a month at the last place and the new one is $165 a month. but since I go 5 times a week, that's like $8 a day for a guided trained work out. I love it other than the hot weather and no AC in the gym which is like a crossfit thing. I have to say something about one of the guys that works out there and who I haven't met yet, if ever. he has that classic roman nose face? is it called that? have you ever seen the erotic cartoons of Julius? the artist pretty much draws every guy's the exact same face, very masculine heavy browed long nose oval faced type of guy? you'd have to see it, but anyway, this one guy at the new gym looks exactly like one of those guys. And I wasn't even looking or noticing but he has a short haired nice abs body with nice big round soft nipples ( all the guys take the shirts off at the gym apparently) swoon..... ha ha.
        I have not yet communicated in writing yet with my parents about being open honest and more authentic with them about my life and such. It was a goal after my last birthday, and I had this nicely planned idea of writing a letter and putting it in the mail Wednesday before I left on my trip so that I'd be out of town when they received it etc etc.. however, I never got it written. I tried to write it down some, but it's harder than I thought to so carefully put everything in words. BUt I'll get it done this summer definitely. It's getting ridiculous and I need to get it all out there before my folks get too old to benefit and be patient and understand it all... I'm guessing... ha. It's not like it's going to make any changes in my life or how I'm living but I think it will give them a better understanding of me, I don't want it to be some un asked mystery of how I live or what I'm doing etc..
         BTW, I had planned to quite the new crossfit and take a few weeks off during the heat of summer. UGH UGH UGH.. but I'm enjoying it so much and the progress, I'm kind of thinking of just sticking around and continuing it... I had planned to take time off and then decide which gym I wanted to go back to. But I've already decided I like the new ones steps above the other one!!! so I'll decide to morrow since that's when the next month is due. OH!! hope everyone is having a great summer.