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Christmas break........

Hello from my first day off work Christmas break! ahhhh, what a nice day it's been!  first, about the weekend before last... Last Saturday I went over to S and B's to go over to Miller neighborhood for the holiday home tour.  It lacked this year, and I told S and B that I was fine not going next year. ha. although of course I'll go because the couple in charge are good friends of ours here in OKC so we go to support their neighborhood group ( the home tour is a fundraiser).  The reason it was so lacking is that 3 of the houses were airbnb houses so weren't really lived in or decorated for Christmas.  the other houses were cute though and all done up with decorations.  I guess I was all home toured out from the weekend before, I mean, how can you top a live nativity sing with a donkey, goat, and children dressed up and seeing carols in the backyard. (not the goat or donkey ;)  ).
all last week was about finishing up classes and getting final grades in. some students turning in that last missing paper etc.. giving my farewells and all that.
What happens is on Mon and Tues the students come in for the last class and do a final in class writing assignment.  The the Wed and Thurs classes are for students who want to turn something in or make up something.  Attendance is optional so no one came this semester on those days. ha I had a deck of card ready in case anyone did.  after each classes I finalized grades and turned in reports and submitted the final averages with a letter grade. 
One student from Tue/ thurs morning class emailed me suddenly Thursday afternoon. She asked if she could send me all her essay 3 stuff since she missed so many classes due to a friend committing suicide.  I told her that she could but that the attendance policy would mean she would fail anyway even if she pulled the grade up to a D.  I was pretty miffed that she'd never mentioned it before, never turned in any work from that essay or the 200 point essay itself and missed 9 classes during the semester.  She had emailed Nov 11th about missing a week of classes due to a friend's death, but other than that never mentioned a work about needing more time on the paper or other.  her grade was low all semester and the absences sporadic through out, anyway I told her to speak to the division office or do a grade appeal in the spring. 
Friday morning I made lemon and white chocolate chip scones and brought them to my dentist office.  they were so please, and I wished them a Merry Christmas and left. grocery store, then back home to prepare Christmas flowers and other decorations for S and B's Christmas party.
I got an email Friday ( which I stayed home Friday since all my work was turned in) from the Dean of the division saying she had spoken to him and for me to explain etc etc etc.. anyway short ending is I emailed them both back about the attendance and late work policy and that she'd likely fail. I did offer an olive branch for her to go ahead and turn in her essay 3 for me to review etc.  ( I plan to go ahead and change her F to a D if she turned it in, but I'm fine with her sweating it out about passing since she had such a poor attendance record (9 out of 31 classes is almost a third of them). It was an awkward situation to begin with since I knew her mom in high school and her mom had messaged me about having her earlier this year. wah wah. 
The weekend was fun, I worked Friday night on decorations. Saturday morning got up and made a chocolate pound cake ( see the sour cream chocolate pound cake recipe on ).
The party was from 3pm to 9pm, so I went over that by 12:30.  I had to finish constructing a few things, first of all little bottles with flowers in them stacked inside a much larger vase with a platter sitting on top with a big arrangement. then I went to work on tree branches which set into the middle of another very large vase full of pine cones.  The branches had lit up cones hanging on tis and other shiny objects. lots of fun. before the party started I got some of the SAMS food into the oven to set out.
I kep the table stocked through out the night, made an ice run, eventually opened a bottle of proseco someone had brought and relaxed. ha! it was great. I mingled only slightly with people in the kitchen.  I loved speaking to two of B's college friends since they both work at a college . also I spoke to a few people i'd met at their pool last summer.S's parents came and I told them how I loved them since I loved Scott so much and what a great job they had done, he was the kindest guy I know and so nice and wonderful and etc.. I also spoke to the guy that I went to the Thunder game with weeks ago with S and B.  there was a small group of gay guys there, but I lost interest in any of them once I heard a drug reference and saw the old one reference a bottle of pills in his coat jacket at one point. sigh. many other people came and went throughout, neighbors, friends, church friends, work friends, college friends etc.. lot sof marriedc couple mainly. a lot of great fun nice people over all. I was over there til after 11pm whew
Sunday I was up and in church keeping myself from nodding off mostly ha.  lazy sSunday pickup up the place. I got stared emptying all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen last night. then continued this morning getting stuff thrown away and organized way better in there.  next will be the bathroom and this main room.  family is coming over this weekend Saturday night and I think my Austin buddies will be staying Sunday night maybe Monday night also. ... :)
I ran errands today to the post office and OSUOKC college to apply for graduation, then to the grocery store since I didn't go yesterday.  crossfit all week at 430 is all I got on my calendar to be this week. woo hoo. get Christmas break started!

holidays at home.............