Friday, December 07, 2018

are you ready.....

I took this photo of an ad in my Men's Health magazine. I mean I consider it one of the least gay men's fitness magazines out there, but this ad, I mean come! ha

Dec weekend goes fast...

Monday of this week began with a bang of a day. I go up to work and finished up some grading in time to practice piano for about 40 minutes, a Tchaikovsky sheet music of Peter and the Wolf which sounds rather wintery, and then my 11am class, lunch, then my 1 pm class.. passed back their papers and they did presentations. then I stayed a couple hours after work instead of going home in time for crossfit. instead I had a little side job in the city at 615pm
went to a hotel where I'd been asked to be part of a market research group.  got there in time to sign in and eat the dinner provided, salad and sandwiches etc.. then 50 of us were ushered into a room with 2 tvs in front.  we all ha a remote device with a rotating knob in the middle that went from left to right.  When we were asked questions with answer 1 to 3, or 1 to 5, we'd turn the nob to answer, they capture the data and then we move to the next questions so many questions. then we listened to some radio ads, then watched tv ads. during the ads, we had the knob in the middle pointing up which was like a 50. and then during the ads we could move it as we watched as we enjoyed or did not enjoy the content. ha!  as we all left we received an envelope with $80 cash inside.  I was home by 8pm. not bad but long day. yup.
Tuesday I taught all day, 8am, 930am, class, office time then a division meeting at 12:30, then class at 1:30, after class I hung around the office taking care of things and then went home and cancelled going to Crossfit, another day missed, alas!  However, since I did do grocery shopping Sunday, and then not Monday either, Tuesday I HAD to stop by and buy food after work in place of working out, plus it meant I hadn't cooked up my chicken tenders for the week, so that was Tuesday night.
everything else went by smoothly this week, work and crossfit, both Wed and THursday, and then today I worked in the office all day and then left early for a dentist/hygienist appointment at 2pm.  I made there by two and lucky me, it was the anesthesiologist hottie dentist that filled in for my dentist the last time I got a crown.  oh man Dr. ZW! looking as good as ever, and came in to check my x rays and teeth before I had my cleaning.  I asked him if he'd travelled anywhere lately and then he asked me the same and I told him about my summer trip.  He said he'd been to Austin last summer and was there during gay pride weekend.  I thought that was interesting info. wow. not that it has to mean anything but damn what if.... ha
I had a great report, no cavities, only had plaque buildup mainly in front and not back, she was thrilled to have any easy clean late in the day.  although I will need a crown on an old filling eventually maybe next spring?
instead of going to work out ( I know 3 days i missed this week! ugh), I decided since already on the west side of town to go south and see my folks. mom had asked me over to join them for roast stew. yum!  It also gave me time to stop into Lowes ( NO ONE was there working today at 3pm i swear, could nto find a single person to help with anything. ha! saving 'em up for Saturday I guess).  I finally bought a new disposal to replace the one on the right side sink that I've been avoiding for a few years now, yes I've only been using the left side of my sink. the other one rusted out and I didn't want to replace it until I got the line to quit backing up into the sink. blah blah.
I also bought a set of front and back doorknobs. Another thing I've been putting off. for a few years now I've not been able to get the key in and out of the front and back door knobs, so I've had to use the bolt lock only with key.  This means I would bolt the back door and then leave through the front shutting the locked door behind me.  Well, anyway, the front door knob has been sticking altogether where it would only open if you turned in counter clockwise from inside, and then this week it won't open at all. SO yup time to replace.  I replaced only the bolts when I came back from overseas when my roomate moved out.  Now I'll have just one key for all 4 locks. yes!!! back to normal..
I'll also be replacing my kitchen faucet soon. My nephew, a policeman, has had an online business since he was in school, buying and selling online.  so he has a room of interesting items. he makes good money on it, finding deals in bulk on amazon, then reselling on ebay etc...  anyway so he might have a good deal on a kitchen faucet, if not I'll get another one at Lowes , of course.
Why all the home improvement suddenly, and not more shoes or jackets purchases?? well, my buddy in Austin H and M have said they want to stay over during Christmas vacation here in OKC. in the past I had my own home and they lived in a little one room condo, but now they have a very nice two story NEW home in Austin which I love btw, and so that motivated me to fix mine up a bit before they stay here with me. also I'm having my sibling and folks over for dinner this year ( we rotate sibling get together each year, this year it's my turn).
I'm home tonight listening to Christmas mashups with 21 pilots songs. looking forward to getting things done around the house tomorrow and going to the home tour with S and B tomorrow night. happy weekend all. :)

beautiful silver and gold....

Sunday, December 02, 2018

busy December, bring it................

my friend Betty died the Friday before Thanksgiving. I got a call that morning before going into work. Her daughter who'd been staying with her all that week informed me it was about 2 am.  I got another call Saturday about whether I'd be a pallbearer as they were making arrangements with the local funeral home ( I know the guy from my Sunday school class, great guy). went to church Sunday and then asked the guy in Sunday school about what if arrived late, he said it wouldn't be a problem. The funeral was to be that Tuesday before Thanksgiving.  Monday morning I got up early to go downtown to the flower market and by some flowers, then to work, then after work I had a stock club meeting out west in Yukon, then went to Crossfit at 5:30, then home. whew what a day. Tuesday then I was up dressed in black tie and teaching all morning, but than for my 1:30 afternoon class, I got them quickly prepared to do a self directed group project and then left by 2pm to rush over to the funeral home which began at 2, but I got there about 2:15 and went in after someone sang.  It was pretty short and sweet . All of Betty's family was sitting in front, 3 children and grandkids and many great grandkids.  I'd never met any off them other than the children and a few grandkids at the estate sale.  afterwards I spoke to 5 or 6 ladies there from the garden club. went back inside as the family was praying with the pastor, and then we were asked to come up front and load the coffin into the hearst.  Betty's g-kid Jon rode with me since the limo was full and other cars full etc.. we chatted quite a bit there and back. turns out he remembered me and where I lived from when I bought my 2000 Ford Ranger many years ago when he worked at the car dealership in town. ha
Wednesday I was off work but had to get out early to help a retired prof friend move her husband from bed into his wheelchair. which got me out of the house and running errands. I went back to the flower market for more flowers and then a few grocery stores.
Thursday was family at my sisters. I brought 2 cakes. a chocolate pound cake with sour cream and pudding in the recipe that i made from scratch in an angel food cake pan instead of bundt cake pan.  I added chocolate chips also.  I also made a plum/spice cake.  the recipe calls for 2 jars of plum baby food, but i couldn't find any so I used apple/blueberry instead. ha  it had a lemon glaze and I used regular bundt cake pan for that.  Everyone loved the chocolate cake the most. yum! I hope to make more for Christmas soon.  we were only 28 this year since my little sister and hubby and 4 kids dind't make it, and my brothers 2 daughters and spouses and kids didnt' make it etc.. Christmas will be ALL of us . whew!!
  had a very fun weekend and busy after Thanksgiving.  S and B had invited me to a THUNDER basketball downtown.  I told B on the phone when he invited me, please if you can find anyone else to give your 2 extra tickets too, do it!! ha ha, since I'm an indifferent fan and can be lazy on weekends wanting to stay home or not be out late. ;).  B said plan on going!!  well I find out Friday when I went over to their place, they'd also invited BB another single guy in town we've run into here and there. B was wanting to get us to hang out to gether and see if there is chemistry.  the game was fun and Thunder won.  Chemistry, I dunno. he does crossfit so we had that to talk about, but definitely friend chemistry.
So the funny thing is that B had a big surprise birthday party planned for S that Saturday night. Normally I go out one of the weekend nights with S and B , not both.  well, Saturday I ran some errands and then went over to S and B's to give S and card and gift. I'd planned it as to throw him off about that night (and it worked so well). I was like asking " What does B have planned for you two tonight? where will you go to dinner?" all very innocent and saying i was busy with papers and that's why I dropped by with the card etc...  later that night many of B's college friends that S is now a part of and then some of our friends from the pool and town were all in a room of 16 people at the 360 restaruant at the tower building in okc.  S was completely surprised when they got there. I brought some flowers, of course, and then Robert brought a cake etc...
last week went by nicely, last week of instruction with all final papers due this next week.  Which means I had no papers to grade this week, so I made a trip to AR to see my college buddies. I drove up Friday after going into the office a few hours that morning. made it into Tulsa about 12 and went to Trader Joes on Peoria, walked across the street to a friend's florist shop and talked shop a bit.  next went to Utica square to buy some olive green moleskin pants that I didn't buy the last time there. ha... However i didn't like them as much this time and really wasnt' sure what shirts I'd wear them with. found a great pair of work pants instead, dark grey. :)  next went to COST PLUS World Market and got gifts for J's kids and other stuff. back in car and drove over to Siloam Springs.  got there by 3:30 and stopped in at a friend's store that sells JOYN women's purses and such from India ( they were sort of missionaries there that started the company and then left them a self running business). I got about 5 things as Christmas gifts from their warehouse sale.  next made it to a crossfit gym I'd planned to work out at 4:30. after that over to my gf's place by 5:45 and showered and changed before 2 other college buds arrived by 6.  We had all planned to go on the local holiday home tour together.  was up late what with all the catching up to do and chit chat after the tour at T's place and the tornado warning that came up before they left home.
Saturday I was up and relaxing and chilling while T went to work at the cafe downtown. ran some errands , then lunch with J at 12, back to his place to chat with him and wife. back to T's booth at a handmade craft fair from 1-5pm. helped her in her booth a bit, and then at 4pm went home to change and arrived by 4:30 to help her in the booth and then we both left by 5:30 to watch the light up downtown event and parade. it was straight out of hallmark movie!! ha
woke up with a kink in my neck and had a headache to whole way home. couldn't wait to get in the tub when I arrived, also took an ALEVE, and feel much better now. going to crash and bomb and get this week of papers turned in over with!! :)  Happy holidays to all. hopefully I'll get my tree up and Christmas going on by next weekend.