Wednesday, October 31, 2018

october 31st

Another halloween completed tonight!  this is the 4th or so year that my block has done a safe street and block off the street at the intersection where my house is and then 5 blocks south of me.  the neighborhood association provides some candy, although most of us donate our own. Many families and kids come by from 6 - 8pm. Amy, my vet friend, has come over each year to sit on the porch with me and hand out candy. it's lots of fun. this year I had two big bags of chocolate candy ordered from Amazon, also 100 glowlight bracelets for $10.  I also found some gummy bear packets and lots of dum dum suckers.  I also got some pencils as a gag treat, and I bought some little debbie snack cakes also.  I also put some candy canes in there that are already in the stores. ha  lots of variety. the bracelets were the biggest hit though.
A picked up a pizza on the way over from work and man I'm feeling it now having 4 pieces, my half,  of the pizza. 
It's been a pretty busy fall as usual teaching up a storm. this semester I've been focusing on connecting more with students, and I think my goal of looking them in the eyes more is helping.  I'm not a good eye contact person, but being aware of it helps me put forth effort.  I just teach and will start at the back wall or wherever as if they are hanging on every word, and really I need to look at them and connect, and like I said I feel good about it this semester because I see them looking back at me more and staying tuned in.  I've already a handful of students come by my office this year, which is a good sign. albeit they have needs and concerns, but I fell good that they can trust me to come and talk to someone to about it.  one student having trouble with getting financial aid through veteran affairs and his father disability and him qualifying as a kid etc... and the other from saudi arabia and suffering from anxiety of his country making him come back home if he has low grades, and instead of focusing on studying he says he sits there staring and in fear for an hour not able to think of anythying other than having to go back home etc... i got him some help because he thought the math lab on campus couldn't help with engineering classes, but they have labs and tutors for the higher math classes also etc....
another student who is hard to read and doesn't put a lot into my class, he'll come by before class sometimes to sit in my office and finish something assigned so he can make sure he's doing it right and will sit at the chair across from my desk writing something while I just sit there doing whatever I was doing before he came in. ha  I'm interacting well with my colleagues as well.
I don't knwo if I blogged, and I think I did, about a disappointment last semester when another prof was given a coordinator position that I had hoped to get..someone newer than me ( and who I felt less qualified). well I got over it, especially after the lovely summer break.. well, it turns out he was hired into a director of student services position in another dept on campus and no longer in our division, SO.....  now I could maybe get the position. or not. but meanwhile me and the rest of the committee in charge of choosing a new textbook will have more say, and the other 3 of us all agree and are in agreement with the direction we want to go, which I think may have differed somewhat with the other guy who left.  sorry that might be confusing.  let's just say things are mellowing out.
Another thing is the horrible things the new Dean has done to our division and so we have sort of bonded about those changes as well.  not so much to our half of the division but the other half, pretty much pushing out the theatre prof and his classes that have been offered for YEARS and then changing the school newspaper to like 4 pages of worthless items, no longer covering any school news at all, what kind of school paper doesn't cover school news?!?!? sigh...
a couple of weeks ago my friend Betty was moved out of her home into a senior care, which is actually very close to my home just south.  it wasn't easy for her, but it was needed as she has had more and more memory issues and her health issues.  about 2.5 weeks ago her family took away her car keys, and then a week later she was moved out.  she had been prepared for it and for a few weeks even helped get out all her things and lay them on tables around the house as her son in law put prices on everything in the house or marked things for move/keep.  she was moved, and then just last weekend, they had the estate sale.  a bit sad , but for the best for all involved. it was tough for her daughter and son inlaw going over so often to help with meals and stuff daily.
I bought a few things, some out of sentimental value and things just to have. a mirror, a 1$ old blanket that I LOVE the colors on, and some framed wheelbarrow handles from a trip to Italy $5, and an old terra cotta rather large pot from the front garden with a big open mouth lion face on the front. sigh....  I've visited her already a few times.  it's a very nice new place of course and she has meals there downstairs with people each day, she's very better off.  she has some sort of cancer on her lungs that can't be treated since she's 91. so I dont' know how much longer she has.  I've been very brave in preparing myself for her end, but I've become very accustom to visiting and spending time with her, I'm not sure how I'll get along, I consider her a friend after all. all in due time.  It all started from obeying the old testament which is pretty much all about taking care of widows and orphans.  6 years ago when she was widowed, I felt my duty to begin giving her rides to our garden club meetings since her husband had always been the one to drive there at night.  She also got me in the habit of going to church every SUnday night at 6pm. as she'd always invite me and I knew she didn't like sitting alone. So I felt I should help and care and be a friend, and that time will have its end. ahh well.
no other new news here. I'm trying my best to save money and put everything into upkeep ofmy house, being responsible and not buying anything new from fancy online brand clothing companies! ;) boooo!  happy Halloween all