Friday, September 21, 2018

awe..... Paris!

throwback to past Daninokc... where are they now? ;)

rest of the story, the delay....

back to last summer....
I got to the airport on time with my two bags filled and backpack. the plan was to check in one bag on the way home and then take my carry on and backpack as personal item on the plane... the flight was delayed and we were told to wait til 2:40 for an update... then 40 minutes later, then another 40 minutes etc etc. something about a part needed to be replaced and they could not locate one... finally by 5:30 they cancelled the flight. during the delay, I do have to say that British airways had very nice service serving us "snacks" twice and bottled water.  so when they finally cancelled our flight, we were told to go down to baggage claim to get our luggage back.  I did some shopping therapy at a duty free Ted Baker store ughh..then finally made it back to baggage claim which was a bit confusing finding it from the airport side and the tunnels to information and services etc.. blah blah. anyway about an hour later, everyone on my flight, same people we'd been seeing each other all day, were in a very long line at a counter that hardly moved, as people in line were getting flight info and no one was getting any info on luggage. some ours appeared on the belts and others' did not.. waiting, walking back and forth to the conveyor belts then back to the line getting to know people also who were lost wondering what to do and waiting for luggage blah blah.. by 8pm we were all sorted out with luggage and lined up again out by 830 to get on a bus where they were taking all of us from the flight to a hotel about 20 minutes away???  which seemed like in the middle of nowhere, we were like driving by homes and apartements and convenience stores and then suddenly a hotel. were we still in london? 
we got there right about 9 as everyone sat down in the restaurant for a meal before it closed at 10 (we were promised a free meal voucher etc). My flight that should have been from London to Charlotte and then to OKC  had been reticketed Monday from Gatwick instead of Heathrow, flying to Orlando, then Charlotte, and then OKC by 10:30PM .  whoah!!  well I furiously sent emails home to work because I was supposed to start teaching a 2 week intercession course Monday morning.  I emailed the class and used words like " Class has been restricted to online Monday" instead of  saying "cancelled" ha.  I had them do some reading assignments and writing assignments about goals, and said we'd meet Tuesday morning at 8am sharp etc.. also emailed the secretary to put a not eon the door for those who don't check emails etc.  while at the hotel that night. I called a number we'd all been given to contact about our flight. A very nice lady was able to find much better tickets from Heathrow the next morning on Monday. yes!  I got up early enough to get a cab back to the airport ( the day before the airlines had said there'd be a shuttle bus back to the airport but nah, that was dreaming).  I was able to get a new ticket to Chicago and then from Chicago to OKC. home by 4:30.
while arriving in Chicago, I remembered suddenly I hadn't yet turned in my grades for the summer class I'd taught before my trip. so while waiting and walking through customs in Chicago, I had my kindle out, paying Boingo for internet and accessing my college site and getting grades and dates submitted whew! I mean come on. ha ( the thing is I'd had trouble through out my trip accessing the school site because of protections they have, although they were able to open my hotel IP address in London)
I got home and CRASHED, woke up and made it to class by 8am. intersession course! after the 8-12 class, I worked in advising from 12:30 to 5:30 and got home by 6. get this, my friend A needed help moving her dad's stuff out of the assisted living he'd been at before dying the week before and which had to be done by the 31st end of month. ssssso I met her at 6:30 north of town to help move with my truck.  two trips back and forth to her place with the furniture. home by 9? and dead beat jet lagged tired. whoah,  man that whole first week back teaching and advising in the afternoon is a blank now that I think about being so jetlagged for a few days.  worth it!! loved my trip so much!!

Friday tonight, rain all day, I love the rain! i have a horticulture course at OSU/OKC all weekend tonight from 6-10, Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5 so busy weekend.  When I came home from work today, I checked the sump pump downstairs under the house where the water heater is because it gets clogged up sometimes, well it was plugged in but not working at all, not turning in at all. it went kaput!!  so I went ahead and left for crossfit wondering how could I do crossfit 4:30 to 5:30 and then class at 6 and get a new sump pump.  well I left crossfit at 5 early before the WOD. and came home and changed, went to Lowes for a new sump pump, ( was not happy at all with the minimal help from shelf stocking Heather! ha) and then Taco bell and then class.
I came home tonight to switch out the pump but I couldn't get the pipe out of the old one and broke it trying, so NO PUMP tonight, but the water is not too much like a cm. and it's not raining so. In the morning I will go at 7:30 and get a new pipe to install the new pump with, then just go to class a bit late.
Happy Weekend everyone, that feeling when you pay off your credit card to zero on payday Friday lunch and be dinner you're charging up another $121 for the house. ha home ownership! ahh yeah! as Silas Nacita would say Count Your Blessings! :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018