Thursday, April 05, 2018

glute time!....

Rump Day! #Gluteness Gracious🍑 The gluteal muscles are one of the most powerful💪 muscle groups in the body. They include the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Or if you would like to be less fancy… your butt is powerful. Glutes are important for more than just booty pics! They allow your legs to move, so kind of a big deal. 🤷‍♀️ They are also a huge source of support for the musculoskeletal system. . . Are you able to isolate and contract✴️ your glute muscles? This means being able to activate the glute muscle without activating anything else. Not sure? Touch yourself🤚. Feel the glutes, feel the quads, feel the hamstrings. Or ask a friend to feel them while you do it.🤪 . . If this is difficult, turn the feet out↔️ and tuck your butt under (posterior pelvic tilt). This will make it easier to fire 🔥them. If you are still struggling, lay down on the floor and place your hands under your butt- squeeze the muscles, slap them a little🧐 (yes seriously), help your mind connect to them. You may start with very tiny contractions and this is okay. . . The glute also helps rotate🔄 the knee outward and prevent knee valgus (collapse). Think about trying to use the glute to drive the knee out. ↔️ The movement will originate from the glute, not simply forcing the knees out. Apply that glute pop 🍭you practiced above to this movement. Practice this while lunging like @moveushirtlessdude demonstrates while also maintaining that good foot👣 position with a nice grip ✊of the arch. . . -💻Written by Katie Goss @moveukatie . . 🌀Want more help from us? The MoveU online program allow us to help people all over the world. Interested in MoveU merchandise? or simply click the link in the bio.🌀 . . #MoveU #ComeBackStronger #Glute #Strength

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Sunday, April 01, 2018

show me.........

early garden...

I've decide to share some photos of my actual hobby of growing plants around my house, since I mention it from time to time. 

spring weekends getting better......

Another thing I binge watched over spring break was a show called Shelbourne Hotel on Amazon Prime. it is a great series and easily watched and enjoyed.  It's a grand historical hotel in Dublin. the show is a behind the scenes look at the prep and service that goes into VIP guests, rooms, and events. I was charmed by everyone in it.  I began watching the second season but it wasn't quite the same without JD the guest services manager. he's a cutie and I've since found him on social media, he's married and no longer works there apparently.  the hotel manager is still there in season 2 and aparently gay from what I could glean from finding him on social media. ha
 I had the best nice long weeken dlast weekend just doing yard work and enjoying the mild spring weather we had in OKC. I also got a lot done inside the house, laundry and the kitchen. I'm getting closer to feeling straightened up at my house with things put away.  After April 15th will be even better because that is Oklahoma City's last freeze date traditionally. This means I can put outdoor all my plants that overwinter indoors. Having more room here inside around my table and the windows always gets me going with straightening up. My goal is to have the place guest ready soon and get S and B over for dinner or the neighbors or family, somebody!! ha to make it worth it etc..
last week at school went really well, standard, getting through lessons and preparing for the papers they write the second half of the semester. I got completely caught up with grading all work, online class, late papers turned in. wow, nothing to grade this weekend, what freedom! ha  I'm going to have some time this week to play piano a bit between classes like I used to , yay!  Friday while up on campus for office hours, I made my rounds of the classrooms my dept uses in the building to check tables, chairs, computers etc and turn in repairs etc.  I also took everything off my shelves in the office and began getting it all organized. I'm pretty much ditching everything I'll ever use again in class and keeping the stuff I actually have been using the last couple of semesters.  after 5 years there, I had stacks of papers accumulated from student sway back and stuff I used to teach etc etc..
I left work by 3:30 and still had stacks of papers left on my floor, but I'll continue the clean up this week. woot woot. after work I went to a nursery on south of town for cocoa nut hulls , 3 bags for mulch on my garden. they smell so great too, just like chocolate! next went to visit my sister and then home to walk around the yard.
Friday night, crossfit at 6:30 for strength training. this time it was power clean snatch, which means pulling the bar up from the floor and over your head, catching it in sort of squat position. I'm getting better and better at this.  the instructor on Friday nights only is an army veteran who used to be a drill sargent,  he's very built african american, maybe part asian? super fine defined body, probably 10 years younger than me, bit of hair loss on top and hint of moustache, always wears camo workout short flimsy etc.. anyway he's very encouraging and critiques us all.  my routine now has been to go eat at potbelly's for a sandwich once we get out at 7:30 which is what I did. saturday was fun in the yard time all day, planting some seeds of flowers I pollenated carefully last summer.  by 5:30 I was over at S and B's, and we caught up and then went to dinner together and then walked around the mall some.  we usually check out Banana Republic and I continued a conversation about learning Spanish with a guy that works there that we all spoke to a month ago while in the same store. ha  I alwasy get a few pieces of chocolate from the Godiva store next door too. mmm and of course we went in and out of Pottery Barn.  
Today I was up early, having my usual nice big breakfast, church at 9, then home to make cookies to bring to my sister's, went over there by 12:30 where we had our big family get together. my little sister and family weren't there nor was my brother and family for whatever reason. good weekend!
Happy Resurrection Sunday to anyone reading!