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Spring Break '18

I left early morning last Friday to drive down to Texas for a quick spring break getaway. I got out of the house by 6:30 which is earlier than when I usually leave the house for work at 7am every morning. My goal was to shop at a nursery in Dallas and then continue down to Austin by 1pm for lunch.  I made it the nursery by 10am, North Haven Nursery, and shopped their selection of plants and then had a quick scrambled eggs and bacon as brunch. I texted H in Austin who was off all day and he said they had lunch plans at 1:30 and could I make it by then. whoosh. 10:30 am already so I got back on the highway headed south.
North Haven Gardens btw is a really nice garden center. It's hidden in a nice community north of North Park Mall near highway 75, but you get there from Hillcrest turning east on North Haven drive which is north of Royal ln. I bought three  $20 Helleborus lentin rose varieties. they sell established plants which really take off in my garden.  the little hidden cafe there in the back wasn't as glorious as it has been in the past. I think they had a new cook than previous years. If I'd had more time in Dallas I would have brought a few Swatch watches to take to the mall. the Swatch store there replaces batteries for free, and I would have probably bought a new one just as a treat. ;)
I sped on down the highway 80 or so most of the way, just before Austin there was a two lane construction back up at one point, but eventually it cleared up. One of the things that drove me a little crazy was everyone trying to get to Austin in the left lane. at times there were 3 lanes and everyone was in the left lane???  I couldn't' figure it out why they wouldn't get over if someone was trying to pass (Texas law).  at times people would just go over to the far right lane to get ahead.(me included, I'm a safe driver though I promise).  I called my bud H about not getting to his place by 1:30 and wanted to meet him at the place instead.  that worked! they were running a bit behind also.  I exited 183 to cross town over to Burnett Rd and then to Anderson to Madame Mames, an Asian food restaurant near where H's husband Marc works, the Kind Clinic.  It was 4 of us, including their friend Lindsay from recovery group.  had a good lunch then H took Marc back to work and I met him back at his place on South lamar just south of Barton Springs Road.
H has lived in a condo there or about 12 years. It' s one room studio condo and has they've been feeling it living there since dating and getting married, too small for two people.  The entire street there on Lamar has been taken up with huge high rise condos and the traffic is crazy so they are ready to move and with what they can get on the condo put into a new house.  the only thing is they want to stay near downtown and are looking in south Austin or east of downtown austin. houses are crazy prices for small homes there!!!
well, anyway, that night we met Eric, H's friend from recovery group, ate a Tex-Mex dinner at Maudie's Too and saw a movie "THe Death of Stalin."  A clever smart film. must see!!!  my facebook review read "I saw The Death of Stalin last night. It's a smart film; a drama/comedy that is not so much parody but more brilliant dramatization of the ridiculousness of those left in power after the fall of a dictatorship and a telling commentary on the power of using suspicion to sway the public's mind. well cast!"
Eric was about 10 years younger, tall huge shoulders and legs, in shape all around, tight t shirt and basic good looks. His chicago accent threw me off a bit. he makes gobs of money doing IT work travelling from city to city each year and flying home to Austin on weekends. although now with a bf in Boston he'll fly there as home base. he was very kind and super hot. we all had a great time although it was H and E that did most the talking as they new each other from a recovery group.
Saturday morning we were in the park by 7:30.  H wanted me to see the sun come up as we walked through the park. it's a conservancy group funded park that he got a new job working at in charge of seeing an improvement project go through and raising more funds. he is super excited.  (the new job, thus the new house). we walked all over spoke and talked about plans. we rushed back to his place so he could leave for a 9;30 meeting. I hung out with Marc until he left for a family even in south Austin for the night. then when H returned at 11:30 we drove to a few nurseries and then lunch at Southside Flying Pizza on Congrees, a fave of mine, and then went back to the park for another trail walk through and discussion on the board and the plan and discussing everything, his new job, our lives, our past, etc wonderful times for real.
Saturday night we walked across the street and had dinner with E again at a food truck. sat around talking more and more about E moving away from Austin and how the meeting went that morning. eventually back at H's place and watched some funny youtube videos and crashed.  H has a new dog puppy Toy Fox Terrier that I cuddled up with all weekend. they also have an older dog same breed who has trouble getting around. You have to lift that off the floor and onto the bed and back.  they both like to get under the covers and sleep since H keeps the AC kicked on at night.
Sunday morning breakfast! H went out and ran some errands. the rest of the day we drove around looking at open houses and condos for sale in the area he was looking for. we stopped at a candy store on Congress and shopped a bit at Stag Mens cothing - lots of fun. Marc returned by 5:30. H put a lasagna in the oven and while it cooked we went to a store called Fit in north Austin. it was a very cool Japanese import store with everything half off! score! ha ha
Monday they all went to work and I took a nice long shower and then hit the road after I packed up all my plants and bags. drove home through Fort Worth and stopped in Ardmore at a nursery.  arriving home I unpacked, fed the fish, and watered outside for a while.
I've been spending spring break off time binge watching Extraordinary Homes on netflix. finished them last night. very great!!! lot's of fun seeing unbelievably gorgeous houses, not getting depressed at how a lot of them were vacation homes for rich people I can only imagine how they really live. ha! I also watched Lord of the RIngs on netflix, and will maybe rent the other two flims on amazon for my spring break marathon movie watching. missed crossfit on Monday night, but went Tues and Wed and plan to go tonight and tomorrow.  This weekend I will see Road Movie, a documentary film made up of film clips from Russian dash cam vidoes! I hope it wont' be too violent or show actual death from accidents. I also hope it won't show too much violence of people fighting, but at least they are just clips and such. real life in Russia!?
I got a lot done inside yesterday. I'm cleaning up my house and organizing things once and for all around here with my days off. Cleaing for me always begins with putting clothes away!! so everything had to be picked up from this front room, laundry baskets, stacks of things on floor, things I'd unpacked, things left on the chair that I chose not to pack for Austin etc... and then in my room all the stuff laying on chairs and my bed, put away put away.  all the shoes off the floor in here, and then the pile of shoes by the closet, all back in their boxes and shelves put away! the project ended with me emptying out my sock drawer and organizing each pair on the bed and putting back in the two dresser drawers I use for socks. I used 3 little trays/boxes for organizing which helped. all colored cotton socks in one, all wool or think winter socks in back. all black socks in one, and all dress socks in another. and then the top layer of one drawer was for all my footie socks for the gym. etc
today I plan to get kitchen and kitchen counter cleared and put away stuff or throw away stuff. I also hope to get all the Christmas boxes stacked up on my couch put back in the attic. step by step, progress! ha happy spring break!