Thursday, March 08, 2018

another week...

I've been getting to bed by 9pm all week in prep for losing an hour this weekend.  I have been to crossfit all four days so far this week and plan to go tomorrow Friday.  so far so good. I'm doing better on my power cleans and tonight we practiced with overhead squats and I am going deep on my squat and basically learning to keep my arms locked and active holding the bar up.
my classes went well this week. the students are great in my English 2 classes. the English 1 classes are okay, I'm losing a few here and there that quit coming but i dunno.
the President of the school sent out their new goals today, one of them was to become a Hispanic Certified Institution which will allow the school to apply for title V grant money. schools are all so poor now in OK apparently they'll try anything.  not that it's not a good cause, we do have a large community on that side of the city.  another goal was closing the acheivement gap. the thing is I have at least 5 or more latino students in all my classes doing quite well, and I have one or two AFrican American students in each class, where is their institution and title V grant money?  I dunno anything about it, but we try to close that gap!
I'm so excited Spring will be coming and this time of year the nights are lighter later, especially after this weekend which means I can play in the yard again after work. the reason I love it so much this time of year and is taking advantage of all the outside work I can get done before mosquitos return. ha
I wasn't going to teach a summer class but I went ahead and asked for one. the thing is I have a birthday coming the end of July this year and am hoping/considering a trip to England. there is a Tottingham Park Flower show the weekend of my birthday that I thought would be a perfect way to celebrate it. ;)  there is also an exhibit of Tolkien letters and drawings at Oxford college.  Other than that I hope to go find other gardens to tour and maybe try a jaunt to Paris or Iceland? we'll see....
The thing is i noticed something happening to the ceiling in the hallway/stairwell to the basement/crawl space under the house and I think it means a roof repair may be in order. home ownership! it's all going to work out.
the reason I considered teaching is the weekend I want to travel is before the last week of class.  Well, students always turn in the last paper that week and then come back the last week of classes for a final in class written essay.  SO!!! I plan to just miss that last week and I will either have them come and get a sub to sit with them while they do it and turn in. OR I will have them all turn it in online and just ask the days off.  I have a new boss this year so it's all new to him and I sort of asked him and seemed pretty relaxed about it, so I'll wait and see what happens.  either way I'm planning it to happen!
After next week is my spring break so I am getting some ideas lined up, probably a drive through Dallas and on to Austin to see my buds down there H and M.  the live in a little condo right off Lamar north of the alamo theatre and considering selling the place for a home. I told them i couldnt' BEAR to not be so CLOSE to everything when visiting though!!! ha ha.  he bought like 15 ?? or so years ago and will get a GREAT return on it to put into a house. but still... also they want to get out of it because it's a one room studio apartment basically.  The place was apartnents that turned into condos and where the "poolhouse clubhouse" room was or whatever, they turned that into a studio and he's lived there ever since. the location!!!!! though. sigh.
well I've been watching lots of David Rubin report videos on youtube lately, also Eric weinstien, and this week Yaron Brooks. he's a capitalist from the Ayn Rand institute. I'm learning all sort of ideas from these things.
btw as an educator, I don't want to be armed with a gun. I keep politics off of this blog more or less, but I'll put it out there that I'm against the assumption that the only way to protect students from shooters in to arm teachers. it's so ridiculous I can't even imagine, we don've even get paid enough in OK to begin with! ha I'm not complaining . I love what I do and make enough for one man to live fine absolutely. the whole teacher pay thing is more of an equality issue I guess since OK is lowest among states. well enough of that.  (I don't plan to walk out on teacher walk out day either btw, I'd rather be teaching)
anything else going on in the life of Dan? I hope to start morning swims after Spring break.  I'm spending less on plants this year since last year was the big regional garden tour coming by but this year nope. I will buy some plants while in TX srping break of course. I'm desperately trying to get caught up on grading papers and things at school so that I eventually have some free office hours to just clean up and organize my office. it's been a mess for over a year since I rearranged my desk and piled stuff here and there. UGH!!! I'm going to get a handle on that SOON! I already have an idea of some shower curtains I saw at dollar store that I will use as a sort of wall paper behind my wall of shelves behind my desk ( they are the kind with bracket into the wall, so  cheap shower curtain I can cut holes where the brackets are and press against the wall etc etc..)
I wasn't able to see S and B last week so it's been 3 weekends without them!!!! I mean these are my buds I see at least once for dinner every weekend. whoah! I plan to go over there for some pizza tomorrow so we can catch up. they have a million things going on also of course. busy time of year getting ready for spring and summer. yay! hapy march everyone.