Thursday, January 25, 2018

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

somebody hit an online sale last night and got some hats................hmmmm :)

hats on.........

end of January already?........

hello,  I'm getting through my second week of classes. I actually came home today from work with no papers to check or grade. ha.
That guy that was in my 9 days class during break spoke with the title 9 person and then she and my Dean approached me about accepting the late work before Friday 3pm. I said sure, just get the ordeal behind me! ha  I also told my boss that I'd be bringing it up and pursuing that more clarity on the pregnancy/parenting accommodations that students need.  It's always such a case by case bases, but there needs to be some way of getting clear expectations down and not let students take advantage.  That's the deal with all accommodations,  colleges are so willing to give them and make policies to avoid any law suit and all that, but where is the balance so that it's not just something anyone could get? etc blah
my new classes are all wonderful. there is a seriously wonderful and forthright student who was in my English 1 afternoon class last semester that took my English 2 class this semester, a HS student.  he's a FFA guy and speech debater and all around great kid. about 7 other students from that class repeated me for English 2 also. the other E2 classes are also full of earnest students from what I get so far. yes!
my two E1 classes are full and I'm still feeling them out, so far I can see I actually have mostly good writers.  There can sometimes be a real needier bunch coming in second semester taking an English 1 class, something about the group that they missed starting college in fall and taking the E1 class, OR that they may have taken it and failed and are repeating.  I know I also have a few coming from the English prep classes so there's that.  however i will say from what I've seen of their writing so far, they are solid writers mostly.  also they are mostly older students with certain goals!
i wore a sort of "power tie" and shirt to day, brick orange and loud tie. All because of a student who wouldn't stop visiting and talking Monday in class, and I was hoping not to deal with it today, in fact it all went down fine because he wasn't able to sit next to the girl he knew from the English prep class. whew! that girl btw is really big. poor thing came in late to class and all the back row chairs were taken and so how was she going to get down a row for an empty chair in the middle. I was like, find a chair you're comfortable in (passive aggressive I know but i really was trying to help) and told her to sit at the back table.  I have one more day of classes tomorrow and then weekend!
Last weekend I drove up to AR to visit my friend T who had a hysterectomy Thursday. Her parents came down for 2 weeks to stay with her. the good news was they did laperoscopy instead of incision and so she'll heal sooner.  she had tumors on her uterus and will be off work for a week. alas!
last week I went 5 days to Crossfit! this week might only be 4, I'm not sure if I can make Friday but I might try to get a 4:30 class in.  I have a technical problems Horticulture class all next weekend. Fri 6-10, Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5. whoosh!!!  I plan tomorrow Thursday night to get the house picked up and as much laundry done as possible.
Right now I need to get chocolate chip cookies out of the oven and try to keep focuses on the Jordan Peterson interview I have going on Youtube. ha. happy week all.