Wednesday, January 10, 2018

quick fix......

only 2 days left of intercession.. whoah, a semester course in 9 days. plus I'm doing some 5 hour shifts in advising last week and this week. yesterday and last Tuesday, I taught 8 to 12:30, advised from 1 to 6, then did crossfit at 6:30. whoosh. same thing Wednesday last week and today, except no crossfit, I came home for a 7 o clock dinner and grade grade grade til bed time. ha
I'll teach again tomorrow and finish up Friday morning with them revising the last paper in class before turning in etc. work 1 to 6, hopefully crossfit after. I'm all about sticking to that.
I'll be very grateful for the 3 day weekend then back to spring semester next Tuesday. woot.
Spring is always exciting for me because if I can just work all the way to Spring break, what keeps me going is knowing I'll be back out in my yard soon. yes!
tough busy week, but I'm getting through it and getting it done. I have 12 excellent students putting great effort forth, and one student who has excuses excuses riding out a pregnancy and parenting title 9 thing that I'm really unhappy about. It has inspired me to be a very squeaky wheel this semester and force the college to get some clarity to the policy so that profs have some say and not just lose all to a student claiming this or that. very frustrating in a lot of ways.
Our dear friend Geoff and Dave moved away to Idaho. it will be just me and S and B until we build up some more friends. I hope to do something soon with a guy that used to cut me hair and reached out in friendship over the break. I'd blog more but can't too busy. I rewarded myself for all these extra hours with an online purchase last night. alas! but most of the extrra work pay will go to me saving up for a Canon SL2 camera, and pay off truck loan, and anything left over PLUMBING? :)
just so you knwo I'm still alive. cheers.