Saturday, December 29, 2018

one stop shopping..........

my black dress shoe choices are limited, I've been wearing the same pair to work forever, a very comfortable pair of black leather Doc Marten shoes I bought at a DM store in London back in 2008.  Another pair of Doc M shoes are black with a square toe that I've had just as long from an online purchase but I hardly wear them since the big square toe is dated, but in a pinch I will wear them to work if I'm feeling apathetic enough about the day.  Otherwise, about a year ago I bought a nice pair of black calf suede shoes, Norse Proects X Doc Martens -they're great but not for wearing every week as they lend themselves to cold and/or wet weather.  All this to say, I impulse bought a pair of black shoes yesterday night while thumbing through Instagram before bed and coming across a 40% off sales price sale! How can one resist.  What makes it easy, is knowing a brand's size fits and knowing that I've been in need of a black work shoe, although it was a bit spur of the moment.
I got a Cole Haan black leather shoe with a brown sole.  I'm not sure about the brown sole with a black shoe, but it looks dressy enough and I have black shoe days when I'm not wearing only black slacks, and so I think these will be a great option in the closet.

Another ad that kept popping up was Park and Ronen, and I followed their link of swimwear on sale up to 80% etc... and found these 6" Catalonia Stretch Swim Shorts, however I wanted the blue and they were out of blue.  Also, although I'm a 32" waist, I'm not sure about the 'slim fit'. ha  But I'd like to think I could pull it off what with all the leg work we do in crossfit and the glutes I've noticed growing bigger and harder, perhaps I could wear them well. keeps advertising overpriced outdoor gear on my feeds, but they'd have to have some serious markdowns going to get my interest.  this Laundromat Sweater would easily work into my wardrobe though, the blue, green, or brown... :)

I have to really refrain myself from buying stuff from a quick Insta ad. half the time the stuff is in CHina and you wait 2 months to see anything.  Also I only trust using paypal with those from China places, not my real info or credit info. I always google any new brand name coming up on an ad, and if it's something from China, I lose interest. I'm still waiting on some interesting stickers and pen sets that I orderd early December. someone's getting a late Christmas gift. ha

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James Dwight Williamson said...

You lost me at 32 inch waist and bigger harder glutes lol! Go Dan , Happy New Year and belated Merry Christmas. Yesterday was my birthday. I like the swim trunks .