Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas 2018

what a great week off last week, this one too! I got a lot of work done last week, house picked up, cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, cooked, baked, tree up, and cards sent out.  Most of you have probably been doing a lot of the same.  I was successful in getting to work out each day last week, not this week though. ha.  I made a lasagna Wednesday and put in the fridge, and made a cake Friday.
Last Friday night I was able to meet up with S and B and  son at a local Mexican restaraunt we meet up at often for dinner, their friends from church S and K met us also.  I hadn't seen the son since last summer so it was fun to catch up and hear about his school year, new job, and see how he keeps growing at 16.  Saturday I stayed in all day getting the house ready for my folks and siblings. We have a dinner together each year, just us, before the big family get together for Christmas. I spent most of the morning cleaning out the room behind the kitchen where I have my upright piano and walk through to the laundry, also a back door.  That room gets filled with stuff and I'd been walking through a path of stuff to the laundry for some time with boxes stacked on piano and the bench in there. really neglected it since summer.  I put a lot of stacks of stuff out on the back porch to jsut throw out! ha. I had the cakes decorated and lasagna warmed up and ready by the time the family began to arrive.  we say around and ate and visited, all pleased.
Sunday, church and errands to grocery store, made another lasagna and cakes for a dinner Sunday night at my place with S and B and son.  another yummy meal and great social time. and hour after they left, my friends H and M from Austin stopped in for an hour and a half to visit and try some cake.  They were out by 10 and I was crashing into bed ZZZzzzzz. ha
Monday I spent the day cleaning dishes, running errands for last minute groceries and gift shopping,watching various Christmas movies on youtube, and getting gifts wrapped for family.  I went over to my folks' place by 4:30 and spent time with my lil sister and her family and my parents, then dinner, then gifts.
Christmas day! a long lazy morning for me and big breakfast! I had some yummy leftover lasagna for lunch, wrapped gifts, baked chocolate cookies, and went over to my older sister's by 5pm. all 41 of us were there by 6 for dinner, then gifts etc.. I think I was out the door by 8:20pm? ha back home and crash and Zzzzzzz.
I did NOT make it to crossfit yesterday and successfully stayed inside all day without going anywhere or getting out of the house all day! wore my new slippers and pajama pants (from my sisters) all day!  I took down the tree and boxed and organized all things which I'll continue to do today.  I also binge watched Great Interior Design Challenge on Netflix season one all day, finishing up the quarterfinals episodes this morning. ha  I'm looking forward to getting more things organized and more things thrown out in the house this weekend!  and definitely back to work outs today!!  I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and enjoy the break.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time, Dan. When do you go back to work, Roderick