Tuesday, November 06, 2018


as usual this time of year, during the time change, I make an effort to begin morning swims again. which I've done this week.  I'm getting to bed an hour earlier and getting up earlier at 5am instead of 6.  This gives me time to swim laps and get home already dressed by 6 , time to read quietly, then make breakfast, and I'm more likely to get out of the door by 7am. which I've been slacking off recently.  I like to get to work at 7:30 am or before to set up the rooms like I want, chairs and tables. and then work in my office a bit if needed.  OR gives me time to get things done and get to class say 10 minutes early to greet students.  I'm trying to do this and continue crossfit at 4:30 each afternoon. and so far this week, 2 days in, I've been all right and not feeling completely finished after doing both.  the trick is getting all 8 hours of sleep! it's true.
I've been having a pretty good semester teaching only 5 classes.  usually I have 6, and I've even done seven, but the extra $$$ isn't worth all the extra grading.  I traded an online class I was going to teach for an intersession course during summer before the semester started.  I'll be teaching an intersession course during winter break as well and also getting extra hours in at advising, which I always enjoy.
I've been working on connecting with students more this semester. I'm specifically making effort to look students in the eyes while teaching. They're looking back and listening which is nice. I THINK I've built a good rapport and if I can just get them to keep coming to class, it will be an overall semester.  life of students does get in the way regardless alas...
other things I'm always doing this month is bringing outdoor tropical plants inside for the winter. a table of succulents, plants in pots, and soon the hibiscus.  I've also been eating an extra egg and an extra chicken tender with breakfast/dinner to get more protein. I've also been having an extra pbj sandwich and occasional bowl of cereal at night. but I'm going to reassess the extra calories and focus on more protein added overall. ha! I am up to an all time high of 182lbs. and still fitting fine into all my 32" waist work pants ha!

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j.lee said...

Hi buddy- is good to hear you write about your workout routine. Just curious how tall you are, since you shared your weight. Also, I'm in NYC now should you ever pass through the city again.